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Leo Career Horoscope 2020

According to the Career Horoscope 2020, for the Leo Zodiac, the new year will prove to be your year. This year you are going to be full of excitement and enthusiasm, on the basis that you can maintain your dominance over your opponents. There is tremendous potential for job-seekers in their stature, rank, and salary. For those who want to start something new, this year can also be expected to be very successful. Especially in the fields of Iron, Electricity, Communication, and Technology, you can earn good profits.


From the beginning of the year, you will get the honor and prestige. In fact, the lord of your zodiac, Sun will be in the 5th house, sitting with Mercury and this is creating beneficial results. Though Jupiter, Saturn, and Ketu will be present in the 5th house as well, creating some slight ups and downs, this year is expected to be in progress for you. The presence of Saturn and Ketu in the 5th house may increase ideological differences with your father or senior personals. To achieve success and prosperity, keep a good relationship with your father and seniors as far as possible.

For the students, this year can also be said to be good and full of achievements. This year, you can be successful in getting admission in your preferred course at an institute of your choice.


Due to the transition of Saturn in your 6th house, rivals can challenge you. But due to their presence in their own zodiac, they will also be able to give you appropriate answers to these challenges. Near the end of the first quarter of the year, you will easily overcome any challenge and find success in competitions, an increase in honor and prestige. Overall, at this time you will be very fortunate. Jupiter and Saturn will create favorable circumstances for you so that you can succeed in achieving great things.


In the middle of the month of May, Saturn and Jupiter will become retrograde, which will bring positive results for you. Take this time with a little patience and take precautions in the work. On June 30, Jupiter will return to the 5th house in the retrograde state and this will increase your ability to plan and save future dreams.


The time of September is very important and will bring good luck to you. Especially in the case of career changes. Due to the movement of planets at this time will change your life. With the progression of Jupiter and Saturn, where you will have the potential of immense success, Rahu will also be able to change the amount of prosperity and work capacity at your work front. At this time the expectations of Seniors can also increase from you. Rahu will motivate you to compete with every challenge.


Overall, the career horoscope 2020 is expected to be a successful and progressive year for the Leos.

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