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Virgo Finance Horoscope 2017

This is a year of relative financial stability for you, Virgo, which is how you prefer things. On February 6, with Jupiter retrograde in Virgo, you may experience a small financial setback. Most likely, it will be due to something overlooked. Don't over analyze and chastise yourself for making a mistake, just make the necessary adjustments and move on. Your finances will return to normal quickly.

Toward the end of the year, December 4, with Mercury retrograde in Sagittarius, someone you trust will offer you interesting financial advice. This will make you nervous, because the suggestion will force you out of your “money comfort zone”. It may be an investment that you feel is very risky. Take this advice, as it is sound and coming from a loving place. You will be rewarded with financial gain by the end of the year, as the Universe recognizes you have taken a chance that you might have previously declined.

You will triumph in 2017, Virgo!  You will see self-improvement in many ways, and you will have many opportunities to reflect on the ways you can support the friends and family who lovingly surround you.  Be wise of your overly critical nature and be more relaxed in your quest for perfection, and you can expect 2017 to bring you great joy and happiness! 

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