Love in The Stars for You, This Valentine’s Day 2024

Wed, Jan 31, 2024
Team Astroyogi
  By Team Astroyogi
Wed, Jan 31, 2024
Team Astroyogi
  By Team Astroyogi
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Love in The Stars for You, This Valentine’s Day 2024

Once you are in love, romance starts filling in the aisles of your thought space and soon all of your thoughts are drenched in romance and everything seems to be sweet and rosy. The realization of falling in love is celebrated by everyone out there. 

Then comes the chase, when you need to express the love inside and find out if they feel the same for you. This chase is intoxicating and blissful as described by many artists, but if we don’t get the anticipated answer, then the mind can go haywire. Rejection is hard to handle for even the toughest one if your love is deep-felt. 

Therefore, we bring to you the guidance of our expert astrologers about what your ruling planets have to say about your love life and how you should go about it. This Valentine’s Day, we have for you suggestions based on the prominent personality traits of each zodiac sign that can help you find your ideal life partner.  

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Aries in Love: You are truly passionate and fiery when it comes to love. Your focus is only on the love of your life, as romance encompasses your entire existence. At times you become hot-headed when things don't go your way. 

The Aries man, in particular, is a true lover; he will wine and dine the love of his life, and romance her in a way that is incomparable.  However, if you cross swords with him, or are not ladylike enough for him, you better know that he will give you a hard time. 

All Aries, in general, expect a lot from their partner, but the Aries woman will settle down to her partner's habits a lot more easily than the Aries man. Ideal life partners for them are Librans, Aries, or Sagittarians. 

If you are in love with an Aries, the best way to keep them interested is to maintain a little distance as this space makes them coming back for more. If you are too available then it isn't going to be as exciting for them. Since Aries are equally passionate and giving as you, there must exist a point of view that isn't quite your own.

Taurus in Love:  The Taurean lover is usually laid back when it comes to romance, and their approach tends to be casual when they first meet someone. However, if that certain someone ignites a spark, then they proactively sit up and take notice!  Suddenly comes out the champagne bottle, the smart dressing style, and dinner for two at the best place in town. So you see it entirely depends on who you are.  

Once in love, a Taurus is hooked forever and does not even care to look back.  Taureans are large-hearted and extremely generous with both their time and money, exhibiting a great sense of humor. Family is really important for the Taurus man, so if you want to make a place in his heart, you might as well start with his family! 

Taureans are an ideal match to fellow Taurus, Aquarius, Virgos and at times Capricorns. The Taurus man seems all rough at the edges, but is equally soft on the inside and will do anything for the love of his life. The Taurus woman is made of sterner stuff and will work hard to win her love.  

If you are in love with a Taurus, don't tolerate the laid back and casual approach; insist that you are to be treated with respect. But at the same time, treat them like they are the best thing that ever happened to you. 

Taureans! Get off the couch, look your best and woo your partner if you want someone special in your life.

Gemini in Love: The Gemini lover is simply in love with love. You love the rush that romance gives you.  Anyone who is romantically involved with you will encounter a fun to be with, sexy yet subtle and interesting person in their midst. However, the adrenalin rush is often over for you sooner rather than later. 

You must wait before committing to a long-term relationship because you may find yourself in a situation you hadn't quite anticipated. As a result, you can often be a heartbreaker until you finally decide to settle down. You are a notorious flirt and the person who loves you needs to be someone who stands by you through thick and thin.

You might often see yourself patiently waiting on the sidelines. There is an insecure side of you that very few perceive, as you often don't feel that someone could truly be in love with you.  Once you find that person, you are bound to be hooked. 

Gemini men are known for their ability to flirt, but the Gemini woman is also all charms. Librans, Aquarians, and Aries would be an ideal partner for you.  If you are in love with a Gemini, you just need to be patient; they will notice you when the party is over and turn to you for their emotional needs.

Being a Gemini you need to recognize and separate the real jewels from the stones.

Cancer in Love: Cancerians are simple people, both in their heads and in their hearts. Do not mistake them for not being intelligent. They aren't the sort to make witty remarks and flirt to get attention from someone they are in love with. 

Although you fall in love easily, you find it ever so hard to express yourself.  As a result, you often find that someone special, walk away from your life. You are attracted most to people who are confident, strong and successful.

Once you do find love, your partner can be sure of loyalty, love, and devotion. You will go to great lengths to show your partner how caring you can really be. It may not be flashy, but it will be the real thing. 

Your home and family are important to you, and you will always look for someone who shares your values in life. Cancerian women tend to be much more confident and self-assured in their relationships as compared to Cancerian men. You will be happiest with other Cancerians, Scorpios or Pisces as a partner. 

If you are in love with a Cancerian, you can look forward to a long term relationship, one that will be warm and fulfilling. 

Cancerians! You need to spice up your approach a wee bit and go beyond movies and dinner on a date. You can do it… just try! 

Leo in Love: Leo! You are the life of the party! You ooze warmth, passion, and fun all at the same time. Your outgoing personality makes you reach out to others very easily and befriend them. That in turn, makes it easy for you to meet people, towards whom you may develop a romantic inclination. 

Once in love, you will roll out the red carpet for the love of your life and go to extraordinary lengths to make them feel super special. For you, love is right out of a romantic novel. Red wine, candlelight dinners, and soft whispering is what love is all about for you. You will find ideal partners with other Leos, Aries as well as Sagittarians. You will keep your partner on his or her toes, quite literally. 

It is hard to get your own way through both Leo men and women with their super-sized ego. If you are in love with a Leo, you can look forward to some absolutely laid back and fascinating romantic moments. There will be absolutely no compromise, but you need to reciprocate equally.
Leos! As wonderful as you are, you need to be a little less demanding of your partner, as everything cannot always go your way.

Virgo in Love: Virgo, you are a classy person and have absolutely high standards when it comes to love. You expect to give and get only the very best. You are a little Victorian in your approach and don't much approve of anything that is too loud or crass in any way. 

Your style of courtship is long poetic emails, beautiful flowers with dinner at a quiet and elegant place for two. Nothing flashy but very tasteful! While it isn't in your nature to be very public in your affection, once in love, a walk on the road holding hands is something very special for you, and there is nothing casual about it.

You are best paired with a Taurus, Capricorn, or fellow Virgo. You have a perfectionist streak in you, that will make it difficult for your partner to always keep pace with your style of doing things and your high standards are not easy to meet. 

If you are in love with a Virgo, don't try and compete; you just cannot win. It’s best that you surrender yourself and let them make all the plans which will ensure there is no disappointment in your romantic evenings together. 

As Virgos, even though you are perfect at everything you do, it would help immensely if you lowered your standards for the love of your life and had a little more fun.

Libra in Love: Libra is one of the most emotional of signs, even though the outward appearance is of being easy-going and relaxed. Librans are in love with the very idea of love. No wonder Librans make good conversations and have an inimitable way of making someone feel as though no one is quite as special as you. 

Librans tend to be very elegant and classy people, and whatever they do is usually done with a lot of style. They love a little fun and flirting mixed together. Once in love, however, they dive into the depths of it. 

Endless phone calls, emails, and SMS messages will not satiate their need for romance. They love to be wooed with romantic candlelight dinners and as they love to entertain, they will cook an exotic gourmet meal just for you. 

Your trouble is that you try too hard to please. Though it is usually appreciated, it can backfire once in a while. Librans are ideally matched with Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius. In some cases with Aries too, only if they can withstand the pressure. 

If you are in love with a Libran, then you can expect a lot of attention and love totally showered on you on a daily basis. If you are a little reserved, it may prove to be a little too much to handle.

Librans! Step back at times and evaluate if you truly love the person or just the idea of love. Wait for the right person.

Scorpio in Love: Scorpio is passion come alive. Scorpio has a zen and frenzy to their relationship that very few can match in sheer intensity. You are completely charming and can sweep almost anyone off their feet simply with your eyes. 

You come on very strong for someone on a casual date. But once you are in love with someone, then nothing is ever too much for you. Your involvement is total and complete. Your love life will be nothing short of exciting. You do however tend to be jealous even if there is no reason to be, and this can be a cause for friction. The water signs understand you best, and you are ideally matched to a Cancer, Pisces or fellow Scorpio partner. 

If you are in love with a Scorpio you are in for some fireworks! Be prepared to match the pace and amazing passion that is displayed on a day-to-day basis in your relationship. 

Scorpios! You need to reserve all that intensity for that special someone, not just anyone whom you might meet. Try trusting a little more and let go of your tendency to be jealous.

Sagittarius in Love: Sagittarius is fun in a box! They love to enjoy life and do whatever they feel like. Every day is one big adventure, and it needs to be different than the other. If you want to be the center of the universe for a Sagittarius, you must have a spirit of adventure and a complete zest for life.  

Romance will not be roses and candlelight dinner, it will be trekking in the mountains, paragliding, horse riding or going off to an exotic destination. You love excitement, and can't ever get enough of it and once you have a partner who shares that level of energy then you are completely on a high!

Sagittarius does not do all the typical things associated with romance, and therefore partners may tend to see them as someone who lacks warmth. An ideal partner for you is a fellow Sagittarian, Aries as well as Leo. 

If you are in love with a Sagittarian, then be prepared for a complete roller coaster ride—one that you will absolutely love. At the same time, don't be disappointed if you don't get emails and SMS throughout the day.  

Sagittarius! It is important for you to mellow down just a little bit and make your partner feel special by doing little things for them.

Capricorn in Love: Behind the calm and sensible exterior of the Capricorn, is a diehard romantic. They will do everything and more to prove to you how special you are in their eyes. It may not be the things that you look forward to, like a walk on the beach, but you can be sure if you have a parent that needs to be visited, or a pet that is under the weather, your Capricorn partner will be more than enthusiastic in making sure you meet your responsibilities and will help to shoulder some of them on your behalf as well. 

Capricorns look at life as it is, and embrace it. They do whatever needs doing, and they do it well.  For the love of their life, they may need to juggle many aspects of their life, but they will do it with a smile. Family is the center of the universe for a Capricorn. Ideal partners are Taurus, Scorpio, and Virgo, someone who can best match their down to earth view of life.

If you are in love with a Capricorn, be prepared to spend time with their family. It is the best way to show them your love. More than any other quality, they value respect and care in their partner. Capricorns! It would be nice if just once in a while, you would leave the world behind, and think only of yourself and your partner, and have some fun for a change.

Aquarius in Love:  Aquarians are a complete mystery. One minute you think you understand them, and the very next minute, they do something which will completely confuse you. Aquarians value their personal space and don't ever do anything just to please someone else. It has to make sense to them. It is this very mysterious quality that is their charm. 

They also love to travel and explore and meet new people. Aquarians don't allow just anybody into their space; the person needs to be very special in their eyes. Once in love, they can be very devoted to their partner.  Aquarians are best suited to be with Gemini and Libra, as well as other Aquarians. 

If you are in love with an Aquarian, be prepared to be constantly surprised, if not shocked. Do not expect the usual romance trappings; expect something completely crazy and unusual. You need to just accept your partner as their personality unravels. 

Aquarians! If you can come out of your zone once in a while and have the heart to talk with your partner, it will help your relationship bond to be very beautiful.

Pisces in Love: On the surface, it will seem as though a Piscean is attracted only to someone’s good looks, which isn't quite true. While looks, good grooming and how you speak is always a good place to start with a Pisces, eventually you need to be intelligent and caring too if you really want a relationship that transforms into love. For flirting, of course, just good-looking is enough. 

A Pisces has high standards and insists that these be met in the partner of their choice. Once in love, they are highly romantic, sensitive, and gentle and stop at nothing to make their partner feel like they are indeed 'the one'. 

You will delight your partner with loving emails and romantic SMS throughout the day. You sometimes show signs of insecurity and will, therefore, show signs of jealousy, often unnecessarily. Ideal partners for a Pisces are Scorpio, Cancer, and fellow Pisceans.  

If you are in love with a Pisces, be sensitive to their feelings; they are much more vulnerable than they care to show. Once you win them over, they are yours for life. 

Pisceans! Don't read meanings where none are intended.  Sometimes you need to simply accept things at face value.

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