Your Weekly Horoscope for 18th - 24th December

Mon, Dec 18, 2017
Team Astroyogi
  By Team Astroyogi
Mon, Dec 18, 2017
Team Astroyogi
  By Team Astroyogi
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Your Weekly Horoscope for 18th - 24th December

Expert astrologers of Astroyogi give out the weekly horoscope predictions for all 12 zodiac signs. Read on…


The sun in Sagittarius brings you luck. Ruled by Jupiter, Sagittarius is certainly a very lucky planet indeed. You will also be drawn towards more spiritual matters and pursuits and may feel more of a need to experiment with yoga, meditation and religion. How you approach this desire will depend on your own religious affiliations. At work, people notice your fire and energy and are impressed by it. This may bode well for you in future! Mercury continues in Sagittarius which can lead to some disappointment if things do not turn out in a completely idealistic fashion. Venus remains in Scorpio until the 19th before moving into Sagittarius which brings you success in all that you do. Marriage may be on the cards for you and you will find yourself more drawn to religion or practices that embrace and enhance the spirit.


With the sun in Sagittarius, you will not feel as confident as you usually do. There may be a lull in your usually sunny nature. It’s best if you can focus on your career and do the little things necessary to perk yourself up. Although stubborn, you really do value the small things in life such as the feel of the sun on your face on a warm day or seeing the flowers grow in Spring. As such, recharging your energy is not so difficult. On the 20th December, Venus moves into Sagittarius, and you are encouraged to prioritise your health. Don’t hesitate to go to the doctor, eat well, keep hydrated and get lots of sleep. You may feel lazy and unmotivated so try to incorporate light exercise and eat little and often to regulate your energy. Remember health is wealth so keep it at the forefront of your mind


As the sun moves into your opposite sign of Sagittarius, your partners career will be benefited which has a knock-on effect when it comes to your own contentment. You bounce back with supreme confidence and self-assurance and your professional and romantic life will feel good with no storm clouds in sight. Mercury in Sagittarius can make you bluntly honest and you may say things that you regret so if things get heated, take some time to yourself and cool down. A lifelong lesson for restless Gemini natives is to learn the art of patience. Venus moves from Scorpio to Sagittarius on the 20th December, and you may welcome a new member to your family. There is also the likelihood of monetary gains coming your way! As there is a lot of energy in your opposite sign of Sagittarius, you can learn a lot about focusing your sights on humanitarian endeavours and thinking of humanity as a whole rather than on your own circle.


With the sun in Sagittarius, you will feel a strong sense of relief wash over you. Whether you have been stressed about a project, goal, hobby or spurt of bad luck, things now feel good. Chances are this stress would have emerged as a result of your professional life, but things are looking good now and you have a clearer idea of where you want to be. In love, things feel harmonious and pleasant in ways that you did not expect. You soothe your partner with your lovely, empathetic energy. It is very nurturing and nourishing for others but make sure you keep some for yourself. On the 20th, Venus moves from Scorpio to Sagittarius and you are advised to keep a tab on your health. You may gain weight if you over-indulge or slip when it comes to exercise. As Cancer natives can easily see food as reward and happiness, try to exercise a little self-restraint.


With the sun in Sagittarius, it is easy for you to complete what you have started. Do you find that starting a project is easy but finding the momentum to complete it can be challenging? It’s like writing the first chapter of a book and sagging as you get to the middle where the action happens. You’ve got the right energy to see things through and this is tremendously rewarding for you as you get to finalise projects that mean a lot to you. As Venus moves from Scorpio to Sagittarius on the 20th, you find it easy to focus on work especially if you are ambitious and have lofty goals in mind. There are plenty of new job opportunities for you and your relationships feel fun, fresh and rewarding in ways that keep your interest piqued. Remember to share your warmth with others, this is one of your greatest traits. You have a way of making others feel enveloped and loved.


This is a time of great social activity for you and you will be highly active. You’ll be having fun and enjoying life to the hilt although you may feel confused about more serious life decisions. You should only make big decisions after consulting with someone with experience or understanding. Love is also fun and full, and you enjoy it immensely. With Mercury in Sagittarius, there may be something that you need to get off your chest. If you can find an outlet for such energy, all the better. Artistic pursuits suit Libra natives well. On the 20th, Venus moves into Sagittarius garnering you love from young siblings and relatives. You will want to socialise, something that you are naturally good at and positive energy surrounds you. As like attracts like, positive people will be drawn to you in turn. Your financial condition remains stable.


With the sun in Sagittarius, you are in a financially strong position and with this comes freedom. Your bond with family and friends intensifies and improves. You may put family conflicts and clashes to bed. This is a time for forgiveness, letting go and moving on. You are magnetic, and people are drawn to you of their own accord. You do not need to seek others out. They come to you readily and with great enthusiasm. You are in love with life and your health is buoyant. You feel powerful. Your health will be fortified if you follow the regime you have set in place. Are you being consistent with this? On the 20th, Venus moves into Sagittarius and your innovative ideas may bring you money and give you good reason to celebrate. Never stop learning or growing.


With the sun in your own sign of Sagittarius, you are peppered with positive thoughts. Absolutely nothing can bring you down. You see the glass as half full. You’ve managed to restore a sense of hope and faith in your abilities and life’s purpose and this has fortified you immensely. Your family life is harmonious, and there is the opportunity to travel if so desired. People continue to be amazed by just how warm and enthusiastic you are. This energy is very contagious, and people are drawn to you. You inspire, uplift and motivate others. People may look to you for encouragement and leadership. Luck is at your side in almost every situation. On the 20th, Venus moves into Sagittarius which is another good phase in your life. This is a good time to pursue your education at a deeper level. Have you always wanted to study a particular subject? Maybe now is the time.


Your will-power is weaker than it usually is which might be distressing for you as you pride yourself on your ability to resist – you see yourself as stronger than that. With the sun in Sagittarius, your confidence level may be lower, and you may feel unsure of yourself. Remind yourself of all of your amazing qualities. You know there are a great many of them! If you feel tense, anxious or depressed, ensure that you communicate with those close to you, go for a swim or have a massage. Light exercise is also therapeutic and beneficial. Venus moves into Sagittarius on the 20th December and you will achieve a lot at work with the assistance of others. This is a placement of team work and will broaden your horizons. Money will come thick and fast, but it may be difficult to save.


With the sun in Sagittarius, your confidence level rises to new heights which inspires you to get going and to do things that you may have put off. If only we could bottle confidence and drink it as and when needed! During this period, you will see growth professionally and financially. Things are progressing perfectly. Your wider social circle will value and appreciate what you bring to the table. Success in wider society is almost guaranteed. On the 20th December, Venus moves into Sagittarius bringing with it many professional benefits. You may purchase something for your home or make a property-related gain. This is a wonderful time to venture into something new and different, it’s also a great time for those of you who work in the media. Don’t be afraid to consult your bucket list and do something wild! 

Can things get any better than they are right now? You may have to pinch yourself. With the sun in Sagittarius, you are benefitting from a great deal of luck which is manifesting in absolutely every area of your life. If you need a change, now is the time to pursue it. Keep an open mind and follow your gut instincts. It’s all fun and games too as there’s lots of people around and lots of activities going on that you can immerse yourself in. You want to be present and active in all that is going on and you may have the energy to keep going. On the 20th, Venus moves into Sagittarius and you will receive a piece of favourable professional advice. It’s important that you try to balance your personal and professional life’s. Perfect balance may not be possible, but you can come close! 

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