Your Weekly Horoscope – April 30th to May 06th 2018

Mon, Apr 30, 2018
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Mon, Apr 30, 2018
Team Astroyogi
  By Team Astroyogi
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Your Weekly Horoscope – April 30th to May 06th 2018

Your weekly horoscope (30th April to 6th May, 2018) analysis can provide insights on the crucial planetary movements and its impact on your life. Consult Astroyogi’s expert astrologers online for an in-depth and personalised horoscope analysis.

As we move into the month of May, you continue to feel buoyed by positivity. The sun remains in Aries and you feel invigorated and ultimately very Aries in your behaviour, thoughts and emotions. You long to take action and jump into experiences headfirst. With the sun’s influence at its peak, people will be roused by your ‘go get it’ attitude and you may serve as a source of inspiration. With Mercury remaining in Pisces, you may clash slightly with your romantic partner. The solution is to be assertive and direct. Avoid the temptation to be passive-aggressive or reclusive. Venus remains in pleasure-seeking Taurus and you enjoy good health and happiness. If single, romance may become an engrossing distraction.

With the sun in Aries, you are blessed with powers of innovation and are much more creative than usual. This creativity will be unleashed upon your home, a place that you really want to stamp your mark upon. As a homely sign, it is vital to your well-being that your home be a castle for you, a place where you can relax and unwind from the demands of the outside world. You will bring some of this unique thinking into the workplace where it will be received well. With Mercury in Pisces, your love life is sweet, mellow and harmonious and the two of you will sync perfectly well. Venus remains in Taurus this week which promotes a loving, caring edge to relationships.

At work, you shine, thanks to the continuing impact of the sun in Aries. Your mind blossoms with brilliant ideas and you are able to present these ideas in a witty and engaging way. Half of the battle is the sell and Gemini, you could sell sand to a man in the desert. There is a joyousness of spirit which follows you right now which intoxicates others and makes your life exciting. With Mercury in Pisces, you continue to enjoy good luck which enables you to ‘skate by’ with ease. During this time, you will get more by doing less. With Venus in sensual Taurus, you enjoy a pleasing love life. Your partner could be described as your rock. Your own interest in spiritual matters begins to skyrocket.

This is a lucky time for Cancer natives and you can certainly feel it. If you have been suffering with health issues, your health stabilises and begins to improve. Financially, you are also doing well. At work, things may be busy and stressful, but you perform well and clear all hurdles so there is no need for anxiety. With Mercury in Pisces, you may withdraw socially. There is a desire to be in a fantasy or dream world of your own making and home becomes a refuge for you. Ensure that you are honest with others in order to avoid conflict. Venus in Taurus ensures that your partner is supportive and a font of positive energy. Ensure that you call on this should you need strength.

The future worries us all. Who hasn’t looked forward in time and worried themselves with ‘what if?’ This is a very natural part of being human. These anxieties may be at the forefront of your mind. Try to quiet and calm your mind with meditation and yoga. The spiritual realm is healing for your fiery soul. At work, you excel and in your personal life, you are the star, the lion, leader and most talked about person, so get out there and give them something to talk about! With Venus in Taurus, a new love may emerge from a circle of friends. If you are not looking for love, you will enjoy an army of new, fun friendships. In terms of business, you are filled with great ideas that you can start working on and that give you freedom and independence.

Virgo, your tendency to repress how you feel can sometimes cost you. Try to practice going after you want in a direct but kind way. Misunderstandings may be triggered between yourself and your partner, but you can work around this by being truthful but gentle. At work, you may be distractible. Learning to focus your ingenious mind is important and meditation may help. Hopefully, you have been incorporating new methods for managing stress. Although there are usual methods that we might recommend such as yoga, meditation and exercise, you are free to think outside of the box and implement your own ways of feeling well. All that matters is that you apply these methods consistently.

With the sun in Aries, you enjoy a love life that is better than average. Love is very important to you Libra and you seek a partner who is romantic, intelligent, artistic, cultured. In fact, you may be waiting for the ‘perfect’ person. Aries may make you a little more down to earth and also far more assertive in going after what (and who) you want. With Mercury in Pisces, you enjoy great health and finances. If creatively inclined, you will produce gorgeous work whether for profit or for fun. Venus in Taurus suggests parenthood or a significant move forward in your love life. Your partner is supportive of all that you do, so ensure that you are true to yourself.

If you’ve been going through trying times, your luck is set to change. If you’ve struggled for work, job offers will come in. If you’ve been unwell, you will feel better. The only area where you should exercise some caution is in your love life, as you may be keen to rush towards a relationship before you truly know the person. You may find that you feel very stressed this week. You might have allowed volatile thoughts or emotions to run away with you. This is a good time to reach out and seek advice or you can self-sooth with stress management techniques that appeal to you. With Venus in Taurus, there is much love between mother’s and children.

A combination of luck and hard work keep you in good stead. You believe in luck and this fortifies it even more. Your personal life is prosperous, and you enjoy spending time with family and loved ones. You bring a sense of fun and frivolity and people can’t help but smile when they are around you. You are also especially romantic, and if in a relationship, will enjoy expressing gratitude and spoiling them in adorable ways. With Venus in Taurus, you will partake in many short, successful trips although you may be more susceptible to changes in climate. You are immensely supportive of younger siblings and cousins in all their endeavours.

Capricorn, you tend to be heavily conscious of time, which on the one hand makes you extra efficient but on the other hand, can cause you to worry. We need to make a friend of time, rather than perceive time as an enemy out to get us. Remember that life has a natural order and we form part of that. The world beyond awaits. It is vital that you take care of your own health. Your desire to achieve can mean that you put healthy eating, sleep and other areas of importance on the backburner. Try to ensure that you avoid conflicts with relatives as your temper is easily aroused. You are known for keeping a cool head, so ensure that you don’t lose it! With Venus in Taurus, your life is essentially harmonious and beautiful. Appreciate it.

At the moment, you have a strong desire to be in nature. Nature is healing for us all, but especially for air signs who tend to live in their minds. Nature has a way of grounding you in the physical realm and can be of tremendous comfort. If coupled up, you want to explore the world with your lover, as you should, as this is a good bonding exercise. With Mercury in Pisces, you may make a profit in terms of cash or jewellery. Your communication skills serve you well, especially if you are a student. Following a good diet and exercise regime keeps you fit and strong and if you don’t have one in place already, you may want to think about starting. The women in your life mean a lot to you right now and can help you in all ways. Just seek them out.

The sun in Aries is urging you not to be lazy, but will you head the call? There is much that needs to be done, started and completed, and the only way to achieve is to begin. Take a baby step if you must but do start. This is a very lucky time for marriage but also an indecisive time. Therefore, be cautious when it comes to the big decisions in life. You may easily be drawn in many directions. You have an urge to go overseas and may feel melancholic in your personal life. It’s possible that you are feeling nostalgic and missing something or someone from the past. Ultimately your attitude this week is laidback, but life is calling you to take action.

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