Your Weekly Horoscope – 27th December to 2nd January 2022

Mon, Dec 27, 2021
Team Astroyogi
  By Team Astroyogi
Mon, Dec 27, 2021
Team Astroyogi
  By Team Astroyogi
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Your Weekly Horoscope – 27th December to 2nd January 2022

Your weekly horoscope (26th December to 2nd January 2022) analysis can provide insights on the crucial planetary movements and their impact on your life. 

Stay tuned to Astroyogi’s expert astrologers for horoscope analysis.


The fourth week of December will be a rewarding one for a native Aries. You will receive positive vibes at the reception and at the workplace. You will also achieve solving all types of monetary issues, which can assist you get over stress and anxiety. 

It is a superb time for indulging yourself in social services. Get in-tuned with an NGO and begin participating in active movements to assist the needy. 

Romances seem to be a bit off the pace for the time being. So attempt to avoid serious conversations together with your partner as of now. 

Personal health is probably going to enhance with time. Colleagues at work can envy your success, so stay alert of their actions. 

You will work upon your family bondings by planning a visit this weekend. It will assist you build strong connections together with your relations while also relaxing amidst the hectic work. Read More



The penultimate week of December will inaugurate a period of emotional turmoil for a native Taurus. Finances will seem to be complex, but attempt to solve the minor issues. Concentrate on your seniors at work, alternatively you're likely to miss essential discussions. 

Avoid domestic feud for the time being, and think before you speak to your elders. Be very careful with your choice of words, alternatively you will find yourself hurting other people’s emotions. 

Attempt to stay positive amidst the negativity around you. This too shall pass, and new beginnings await you within the future. 

Avoid making hasty decisions, because it can be a disaster afterward. Take excellent care of your elders’ health, and don't ignore minor health problems. Have a positive outlook towards life in these uncertain times, and things will surely recover with time.  Read More



The fourth week of December will inaugurate a period of exuberance for a native Gemini. You will get the vigor and determination to finish all pending tasks also as start something new. 

You will be ready to live up to your expectations which can, in turn, motivate you to prosper within the future. An active conversation together with your near and dear ones will enable you to find out crucial life lessons. 

The week indicates some serious discussions about your marital life, and if you're able to start a new life, then choose it. A cheerful ambience at work will assist you get things done before you expected. You will also receive acclamations from your colleagues and seniors at work. 

Take excellent care of the health conditions of your elders, especially your father. It is an excellent time to take a position in sound sources, as they're bound to bring fortune in every way. Read More

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For a native Cancer, it is not an ideal time concerning financial issues. Attempt to solve them as soon as you will to avoid further complexities within the future. It might help if you struggled a bit to usher in financial stability in life. 

Don’t let the complications ruin your psychological state. attempt to stay positive regardless of what. The center of the week will inaugurate a reversal in fortune, as your personal and business life will seem to urge better. 

Seniors and colleagues will praise your diligence, and you're likely to urge a promotion or salary hike. You will realize strong connections together with your relations, which can assist you create special bonds with all of them. 

Your partner will support you in every endeavour and assist you prosper in life. Be grateful for all that you simply have in life, and march ahead for a far better future. Read More



The stars are in your favour in the week, but you will face issues regarding your spiritual well-being. Your lack of interest in theology might open new areas of interest for you. Travel is probably going to occur, so you will expect short, exciting trips to form your way soon.

You will also inherit property or invest in some form. Specific incidents that occur in the week can jolt your business life. People may falsely accuse you of grave offences, so attempt to stay alert. Seniors are likely to support you, so don’t get hassled unnecessarily. 

Your work will continue during a usual manner, but you would like to place an additional effort into smoothing things out. 

The end of the week will be a harmonious time for you. You will expect an excellent deal of monetary stability, which can cause you to consider investing in profitable schemes. During this phase, expect your romantic life to blossom. It is an auspicious time for marriage, so confirm you've got your plans ready. Read More



The fourth week of December is going to be an excellent one for a native Virgo. You will achieve new heights of success in your business life, bringing in exciting opportunities for you within the future. 

Exhibit your care and concern for your family in the week, and allow them to know what they mean to you. You will make new friends in the week and establish strong connections with them. 

Personal health is probably going to suffer a bit, especially associated with your digestion problems. Don't ignore minor health issues and consult an ideal physician. 

Your relationship together with your partner will suffer a jolt, as you're likely to misunderstand one another. Try to not react harshly, as you will regret it afterward. 

You will choose a solo trip this weekend which can assist you to relax amidst the hectic work schedules and mental turmoil.  Read More



The almost-end of December will be a satisfying one for a native Libra. It is an excellent time to reforge the family bonds, especially together with your siblings. You will plan a get-together together with your entire family this weekend. 

The environment at your workplace is going to be relaxing enough to finish all pending work. Try to not make hasty decisions in the week, because it can have dire consequences within the future. 

You've got to work hard, and now's the time for a few acclamations. Seniors are going to be impressed by your work. 

Sexual love is going to be smooth, and you will get ample time to spend together with your partner during the week. Some financial instability will hover around you, so attempt to take care regarding your expenses in the week. 

Overall, it is an excellent time to resolve conflicts together with your near and dear ones and establish a healthy relationship again. Read More



The penultimate week of December won't be smooth for a native Scorpio. You will face issues at your workplace which will affect your psychological state in a significant way. Domestic feud also will take a toll on you, so attempt to maintain proper mental soundness as of now. 

Attempt to avoid disagreements and heated discussions at work and reception. Higher officials could seem dissatisfied with your job but don’t lose hope. Continue working determinedly and can in order that you will prove your worth. 

Don’t let occasional failures decide your future, and motivate yourself with positive thoughts. 

Your partner is going to be a source of relief for you during this tough time, so be grateful for having him or her in your life. Personal health is probably going to suffer, so stay conscious of your physical health. 

Don’t lose hope, and remember that this too shall pass. Give things a while to urge better, and every one is going to be well again. 



A strong sense of unrest will prevail in the week for a native Sagittarius. You will face financial issues that you simply must resolve to avoid further complications within the future. 

Learn to handle occasional mood wings, especially at your workplace. Twiddling your thumbs and awaiting things to urge better with time will help. 

It might help if you made constructive choices for your personal and business life to take care of a stable career ahead. 

Avoid heated discussions together with your parents, and respect their presence in your life, guarding you against complicated life struggles. 

Your relationship with your partner is probably going to deteriorate in the week. It is recommended that you simply avoid arguments with him or her at the present. 

The weekend will seem to be more of a respite, with family reunions creating an active environment for you to form things better. You would like to know that things won't work as and the way you would like, but situations do recover with time. Read More



The fourth week of December is going to be successful in establishing a good more favourable economic condition for you. All of your debts are likely to be cleared, and you will also consider making substantial investments. 

Marriage is on the cards; if you're in a serious relationship for quite a while, it is time to plan your next big step. 

You will also have best professionally, thereby earning accolades at your work. Luck and diligence will favour you for a few exciting results. 

Travel for work is probably going to occur, and you will be ready to visit a famous place. So, prepare to spend some quality time alone while you travel for work. 

It is a superb time for completing professional targets, and you're likely to be promoted. Personal life also seems to urge better, as you are trying to achieve maintaining warm and cordial relations with elders, especially your father. Read More



The fourth week of December seems to be a superb time for Aquarius natives. Both your personal and business life will prosper, and this may assist you maintain a relaxed and healthy psychological state. 

It is an ideal time for you to host financial gains and profits from various investments. On the opposite hand, minor health issues will worry you a bit, so take care. 

It is a superb time for political leaders, with multiple opportunities coming your way. You will claim a shocking victory over your opponents during this phase. Luck will favour you as you start various critical work processes, and you're bound to succeed. 

If you're into marketing and sales, expect to satisfy your targets and reap some great benefits. sexual love seems to prosper now, as you commence on this beautiful journey with tons of hope and enthusiasm. Read More


It will be a rewarding week for a native Pisces. You will get recommended for brand spanking new and exciting projects at work. It is a superb time to take a position during a profitable source of income. 

Give proper attention to your health, and don't ignore minor health issues. The center of the week indicates travel, mostly associated with work. Disagreements together with your partner can cause unfavourable circumstances, so stay alert. 

A surprise awaits you this weekend, and It will most likely be from a stranger. Attempt to awaken your spiritual thoughts and concepts in the week, because it can assist you in soul-searching. You will get to self-realize tons. 

The latter part of the week can bring some bad news associated with the health of a foreign relative of yours. 

More or less, the week is going to be a satisfying one, where you will get to prove your self-worth at work. You will also achieve mental peace and tranquillity with a positive effect on your life.  Read More 

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