Nag Panchami 2023: Why Are Snakes Worshiped on This Occasion?

Wed, Jun 01, 2022
Team Astroyogi
  By Team Astroyogi
Wed, Jun 01, 2022
Team Astroyogi
  By Team Astroyogi
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Nag Panchami 2023: Why Are Snakes Worshiped on This Occasion?

Nag Panchami is one of the crucial days observed by the devotees. On this occasion, snakes are revered like Gods and are worshiped by people all over India. Are you curious to know more about this occasion? If so, check out this article right away.

Celebrated in the devotion of the twelve Nag Devtas, the occasion of Nag Panchami is noteworthy for the devotees. This day is for the worship of the serpent Gods, and many Hindu devotees observe it throughout India. In India, snakes are considered holy; thus, they hold immense importance.

Let’s read to discover more about this occasion.

Nag Panchami Date And Time: When is Nag Panchami in 2023?

Curious to know when is Nag Panchami and when it is celebrated? If so, you will be glad to know that Nag Panchami is observed on Shukla Paksha Panchami or the fifth day in the Shravan month. Typically, the occasion of Nag Panchami is observed two days after Hariyali Teej. According to the Gregorian calendar, Nag Panchami falls in July or August. This Hindu festival is celebrated in India, Nepal, and other parts of the world among devout Hindus, especially by married women.

Given below are the dates and timings.

  • Nag Panchami Date 2023- 21st August 2023 (Monday)
  • Puja Muhurat - 06:05 AM to 08:38 AM (IST)
  • Panchami Tithi (Starts)- 12:21 AM (IST), 21st August 2023
  • Panchami Tithi (Ends)- 02:00 AM (IST), 22nd August 2023

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What Is The Significance of Nag Panchami? Know Here! 

The month of Shravan is considered a holy month of festivities in India. The festivities in this month begin with Hariyali Teej, followed by the revered festival of Nag Panchami. Nag Panchami is a prominent Hindu festival celebrated in reverence of the serpent Gods or the Nag Devtas.

On the occasion of Nag Panchami, devotees make offerings to the idols of Nag Devtas. They also perform Puja and make offerings to snakes as it is believed that the Puja and the offerings will reach the serpent Gods. It is a common belief that praying to Nag Devtas with complete devotion during this festival will bring health and wealth to the devotee and their family. According to Garuda Purana, worshiping snakes on this auspicious occasion brings good luck, fate, and prosperity to the devotees. This is why people worship real snakes as the representatives of the serpent Gods on this day. As per Vedic astrology, the Nag Devta or the Serpent God is the resident Lord of Panchami Tithi.

Even though numerous serpent Gods are revered, the following twelve are worshiped during the Nag Panchami Puja.

  1. Ananta

  2. Vasuki

  3. Shesha

  4. Padma

  5. Kambala

  6. Karkotaka

  7. Ashvatara

  8. Dhritarashtra

  9. Shankhapala

  10. Kaliya

  11. Takshaka

  12. Pingala

Snakes or Nagas have occupied an important position in Hindu religious rites and mythology. Multiple stories of snakes have been narrated and highlighted in various mythological texts and Hindu scriptures such as Skanda Purana, Narada Purana, Mahabharata, and Ramayana. Snakes are often associated with divine deities such as Lord Shiva and Lord Krishna. Lord Krishna is believed to have defeated the snake Kaliya, which the evil king Kansa had sent. Snakes are closely associated with Lord Shiva. The snake that famously adorns Lord Shiva’s neck is Vasuki. According to Hindu mythology, the entire world rests on the head of the Sheshnag.

What Is Kaal Sarp Dosha And How It Is Related to Nag Panchami?

You might be surprised to know that Nag Panchami holds massive importance in Vedic astrology. Nag Panchami holds significance for natives who have the Kaal Sarp Dosha in their horoscope, as this occasion is considered apt to get rid of the Kaal Sarp Dosha. If someone is suffering from Kaal Sarp Dosha, they will face hurdles in their path to progress. They might find that even after putting in hard work, they won’t achieve success. The Dosha can cause havoc in one’s life.

According to Vedic astrology, when all the planets in the horoscope come in between malefic Rahu and Ketu, Kaal Sarp Dosha is formed. Anyone suffering from this Dosha can use this occasion to do special Pujas, prayers, or rituals to appease the Snake God. One can pacify the negative effects of Kaal Sarp Dosha by doing the Nag Panchami Puja, as it is the most pious day to please the Serpent God.

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Nag Panchami Rituals That You Should Know About

Here are the rituals associated with this occasion.

  • On this occasion, the devotees should get up early in the morning, preferably before the Sun rises. After a bath, the house and the place of worship should be purified by sprinkling water from the River Ganga. Married women celebrate the occasion.

  • Pictures or idols of Lord Shiva and Nag Devta are placed. The devotees should take a Sankalp to do the Puja with sincerity and for the fast. If the Puja is performed in a temple, there is no need for images as temples have their own idols or images.

  • Offer turmeric, Roli (red vermilion), flowers, rice, fruits, incense sticks, etc., to the Snake God and worship him. Then, you must mix raw milk, ghee, and sugar, offer it to the deity, and then do the Puja with all the rituals. Mantras should also be chanted, and devotees should pray for the welfare of their families to the Nag Devta.

  • Do Aarti of the Snake deity and read the story behind Nag Panchami.

  • Once the Puja is conducted, and all the rituals are performed, the devotee can break their fast in the evening by consuming Kheer or Prasad offered to the divine deities.

  • Many devotees also offer milk to the snakes. A lot of people also go to the temples to offer milk to the Snake God or bathe the idols and images with milk. Milk is the most common offering, and some of this milk is also brought back by the devotees as Prasad.

  • On this occasion, people should not make fried food items. People should consume fruits and light vegetarian food.

  • Devotees commonly believe that snakes are closely associated with Lord Shiva. The devotees worship the snakes on Lord Shiva’s neck on this occasion. They pray to the divine deity to protect them and their families from serpents. As per Hindu mythology, worshiping Lord Shiva with Nag Devta can eliminate all troubles and hardships in a person’s life.

How Is Nag Panchami Celebrated?

Nag Panchami is celebrated all over India. However, this occasion has acquired greater importance in certain parts of India.

Below are some of the ways this occasion is celebrated.

  • Shirale in Maharashtra is famous for its traditions observed during Nag Panchami. On this day, snakes are dug out and fed milk and rats. The snakes are kept in containers and earthen pots, and then they are worshiped and fed.

  • In some places, swings are tied to trees for the ladies on this occasion.

  • It is believed that the farmers should not till the land on this day so that they can save the snakes from any harm.

  • Idols of snakes are worshiped with milk and flowers on this day. Many people also worship ant hills as it is believed that snakes reside there. Devotees usually chant prayers and sing songs in praise of the Snake God.

  • Nag Panchami is also a famous festival in Nepal. People put pictures of Nagas or snakes above the doors to ward off all evil. People place food items like milk and honey in fields for the snakes or Nagas. Many people also roam the streets wearing demon masks.

Even though the rituals of Nag Panchami differ from one place to another, the reverence in the hearts of the devotees is the same everywhere. This is why devotees observe this pious festival with faith, hope, and zeal.

Do you want to know more about Nag Panchami 2023? Astroyogi astrologers can offer you proper guidance and advice.

Astroyogi wishes you a Happy Nag Panchami!

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