Weekly Horoscope 25 to 31 December 2023

Mon, Dec 25, 2023
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Mon, Dec 25, 2023
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  By Acharya Ved
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Weekly Horoscope 25 to 31 December 2023

It's the last week of December 2023, as well as the last week of the year. We all hope for a happy ending, don't we? So, what does the cosmos have in store for you this week? With Astroyogi's weekly horoscope prediction, let us find out.

According to the weekly astrology prediction, this week, the planet of love, Venus, will be in Scorpio, and people may feel a stronger yearning for connection and a more passionate, intense form of love. Furthermore, Mars' transit through Sagittarius may inspire a sense of adventure and exploration. In addition, people's lives can be dramatically changed by the retrogressing planet Mercury.

In general, this week's energy will have more high points and a few low points. Would you like to know what chances or obstacles the week might hold for your sign? Read your weekly horoscope for precise guidance and astrological tips to help you achieve growth, prosperity, and harmony in your life.

Aries Weekly Horoscope

Dear Aries, the last week of Year 2023 will be expanding your belief system, a good time for the students and spirituality. This week, you will have a hydrant interest in philosophy and research human emotions and the subconscious. 

The students in the fields of history, science, technology, and psychology will excel during this week and will receive a piece of positive news for their education. 

This week will be the time for expanding your horizons and discovering more about yourself. There will be an urge to seek the meaning of life and learn more about different cultures and religions. 

At your workplace, the environment will be very decent, and your career will be stable. Your superiors will be happy with your dedication to the work. There might be some opportunities from abroad that will attract your interest. You will be inspired to push yourself through the boundaries and go further to get them. A short travel is also indicated in the chart this week. 

There may be distance and some argumentation in the relationship with the father. There will be harmony and tranquility in every other area of the house. The life in marriage will be happy and highly helpful. The entire week will be filled with energy and enthusiasm. Read here aries horoscope 2024


  • Avoid having milk at night. 
  • Chant Shani Beej Mantra every evening.

Taurus Weekly Horoscope 

Dear Taurus, the last week of Year 2023 will mark transformation, investments, and joint financial matters. During this week, you will be spending more time with yourself, not in solitude but more time giving to your thoughts and reflecting on life, and it will seem more serious and emotional. 

Your emotions can swing between extremes; you may hold a lot in and act secretive. This is a time when you will desire actual change in yourself and your life and will be willing to be free from anything that makes you feel out of control of your life.

On the professional front, your superiors and bosses will be against your perspective of work. Being on the same page will be difficult for you. Avoid getting involved in any kind of argument with your enemies, as you might get subdued. Competitors will try to ruin your work and reputation at the office, so be prepared. Complete your targets and projects in secrecy. 

When it comes to your financial matters, investments will yield good returns. You will be able to invest more, but you are advised to avoid risky and impulsive investments. 

In your personal life, relations with your in-laws will be strained, and you may not have the support of your spouse. Your weekly astrology prediction indicates some heated arguments this week. Read here Taurus horoscope 2024


  • Always keep some peacock feathers with you.
  • Feed stray dogs every day.  

Gemini Weekly Horoscope

Dear Gemini, your weekly astrology prediction for this week indicates an impact on marital life, business, and personality. This week, you will have a greater desire to share your ideas and thoughts with others. You will want to explore life through another person’s perspective and be more open to balancing and harmonizing yourself internally. 

At your workspace, you will be very compromising and, at the same time, diplomatic this week. You will meet people in authority. You will like to be noticed and appreciated but might not get the desired result. It is advisable that you avoid attention-seeking behavior.

If you run a business, there can be a disconnect with the business partners. You will not be able to align your business strategies and future projection targets with them. There will also be differences in viewpoint about branding. It is important to let go of the ego and make the decisions that are better for the business. 

In your personal life, you may experience marital discord. There will be misunderstandings and ego clashes between the couple, which can increase the communication gap. If you are single this week, you might meet a potential love partner while on a trip. The person you meet will be self-motivated and will help you in your career growth.  

This week, the level of enthusiasm will be a bit low. Take extra care and attention to your diet. Read here Gemini horoscope 2024


  • Start offering water to the Sun God (Surya Dev) daily in the morning.
  • Recite Hanuman Chalisa daily in the morning.

Do you want to know what your destiny will be this week? Don't worry; you can get your first Astroyogi consultation for free right away, and our expert astrologers will show you the way.

Cancer Weekly Horoscope 

Dear Cancer friends, the last week of Year 2023 will bring career growth, optimism in life, and organized work schedules. During this week, you will be paying more attention to your well-being, personal appearance, and daily routine. 

You will try to be more efficient at work and develop leadership skills. The coworkers and subordinates will cooperate, and your superiors and higher authority will appreciate your efforts and commitment to the work. 

This week might be a good time to ask for a pay raise. You will be able to overcome all the hurdles and obstacles in your work with optimism; just try not to be very stubborn. You will also have increased importance on your own well-being, which could result from some issues that have come into your life due to hectic work routines. This week will also be a good week to build up a skill that can differentiate you from your competitors. 

There can be some expenses this week, which might seem unnecessary after a point in time. There will be enthusiasm and energy in the body throughout the week.

Personal relations with the spouse and partner will be peaceful and loving. There will be comfort and harmony. You might also take a short trip with your spouse. Read here Cancer horoscope 2024


  • Feed green grass to cows daily in the morning.
  • Recite Aditya Hridya Stotram daily in the morning. 

Leo Weekly Horoscope

Dear Leos, this week of December will mark heightened creativity, a delightful personal life, and meeting old friends. During this transit, you will radiate fun-loving energy and a playful mood. As a result, you will attract other pleasure seekers who share your interests and like-minded individuals. 

You will plan to reconnect with old friends and have a good time with them. You might also benefit from a friend in your career. A new business deal can be closed by you with the help of a friend. This week, you should also find time for your old hobbies or start a new one. 

In your professional life, your superiors at work will be happy with your work, and you may face appreciation and thorough support. Your enemies and competitors will have the lower hand and will not be able to create obstacles in your path and your reputation. Financially, investments will also be on your mind this week. You might meet people who can help you with investments and stock market tips.

This week, you will not focus on work much but rather on relaxation. You will be more friendly and outgoing, and you will come across as a fun-loving person. You may be a little more dramatic with your behavior, but you will be just living life to the fullest right now this week. 

In your personal life, there will be bliss, affection, and intimacy throughout the week. There will be opportunities to explore new dimensions of the relationship. Good times with children are also indicated in the chartRead here Leo horoscope 2024


  • Wear light-colored clothes such as white, baby pink, light yellow, etc.
  • Recite Sri Suktam every morning.

Virgo Weekly Horoscope 

Dear Virgo, the last week of Year 2023 will be about personal development, spending time with family, and focusing on your living standards. This week, you will try to take some time out for personal development. You will reflect on how the past events and the year have brought major changes in your life and how their thoughts and behavior have also been impacted. 

You will want to understand yourself more and in a better way by delving into your own psychic and subconscious thoughts. When it comes to work life, you will experience some career advancement, and finally, the result of all the hard work and efforts will begin to be seen. The office environment will be very positive without any toxic environment. 

On the personal front, you will spend time with friends and family at home. Dinner parties and social get-togethers will be the major focus. You will also desire to make your home and living standards more comfortable and might think of redecorating or renovating the house. 

Regarding financial matters, you might also invest in real estate or think of buying a bigger home. The relationship with the mother can be a bit argumentative. You might have some disagreements, which can result in heated arguments, but the home environment will be very harmoniousRead here Virgo horoscope 2024 


  • Always keep a red or yellow colored cloth with you.
  • Feed jaggery to cows daily in the morning.  

Libra Weekly Horoscope

Dear Libra, the last week of Year 2023 will be seen with hard work, enhanced communication skills, and fun time with siblings. During this week, you will find yourself expressing more creatively in front of others. 

At the workplace, your conversational skills will help you crack business deals and complete all the targets and projects. Your charm and confident words will help you attract everyone's admiration in the office, and they will surely be impressed by your strategies and diplomacy. 

This week, you will have extra energy needed for perseverance despite all the challenges and hurdles. If you cannot have a conversation with someone either in your professional life or your personal life, then this week will be the perfect time to initiate the conversation and end all the issues smoothly. 

Additionally, in your personal life, there will be peace and understanding. You will be able to connect with your partner in a better way and understand their thoughts and expectations from the relationship. 

The major focus will be on the fun activities and trips with your siblings. You will be more social with them, and all the worries about your life and work will be gone. You will be very cheerful this weekRead here Libra horoscope 2024


  • Drink water from a copper glass.
  • Take the blessing of Lord Hanuman before leaving for work. 

Scorpio Weekly Horoscope 

Dear Scorpio, your weekly horoscope prediction reveals that this week, you will focus more on your finances, investments, and marital life. This week, you will become more concerned about your material possessions, investment holdings, and financial stability. 

You will focus on increasing your financial stability, finding an alternative or passive source of income, and having a good financial future. Professionally, you will be more grounded and practical this week with your work. The workload will increase, and you might have to take some time out to relax. It is advisable that you don't start anything new this week and instantly continue to work on the projects and targets you have already started.

You will start thinking more seriously about your investments. Investments made in the past will lead to good returns, and you might book profits for buying something valuable. 

The married life of Scorpio natives might have some issues due to a short-tempered attitude and uncontrollable speech. Due to work pressure, things might get worse. It is important to deal with every issue politely and calmly and always think twice before speaking anything to your spouse or love partner. 

It is not a good week for travel, so try to avoid any travel plans. Lack of concentration will be there because of too much disturbance aroundRead here Scorpio horoscope 2024


  • Add a pinch of turmeric to your bath water daily in the morning.
  • Donate yellow clothes and food items like Chana Dal to needy people.

Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope 

Dear Sagittarius, the last week of December 2023, will be seen with a sense of individuality, an outburst of energy, and embarking on new adventures. During this week, you will be full of energy and confidence and will be thinking about starting new things in life. 

Your focus will also be on personal appearance, growth, and grooming sessions, which would be something new for you this week with a nutritionally well-balanced diet. With more confidence and self-esteem, you will be able to pursue your life goals and will be more extroverted. 

At the workplace, you will be the center of attraction and emerge as a leader. Leadership tasks might be assigned to you. Promotion is also indicated in the chart this week if it has been long due. You will be able to attract all the colleagues and even the superiors towards you and your work. 

Furthermore, you will want more attention than usual and desire to be in the spotlight constantly. Do not let self-centredness be the reason for the people to hate you. Always have a down-to-earth and humble nature for your subordinates. 

Your personal life might require extra attention. You need to address the issue and solve everything with a positive conversation. Those who are single can meet a potential partner this week, or even a word about marriage can be there. Read here Sagittarius horoscope 2024


  • Drink a glass of water with sugar mixed in it. Do this before stepping out of your home for some important work.
  • Add some drops of rose water to your bath water daily in the morning. 

Capricorn Weekly Horoscope 

Dear Capricorn, this week of December 2023 will bring unnecessary expenses, deep introspection, and spirituality. During this week, you will feel the need for inner exploration and solitude.

The Capricorn weekly horoscope indicates that you will focus on self-reflection, meditation, and dealing with your toxic thoughts and behavioral patterns. You will take the way of spirituality and astrology to deal with all the negative things in your lives and transform them into positive ones. The path of spirituality and deep introspection will provide solutions for all your problems and will give you valuable insights into your personal progression. 

Regarding the career, this will be a fair and steady week. Nothing significant is predicted for this week. Your enemies will be unable to damage your reputation or your job. You may receive an opportunity from overseas, but it won't come around very quickly.

In your personal life, you might face some issues with intimacy. It is required to be calm, let the inner aggression be aside, and understand your spouse or partner's emotional and physical needs in the relationship. 

When it comes to finances, there will be a lot of expenses; some will be necessary for your growth, and some will be unnecessary. It is required to have a tight hand and maintain a proper budget. Read here Capricorn horoscope 2024


  • Start reciting Hanuman Chalisa daily in the morning.
  • Feed pigeons daily in the morning. 

Aquarius Weekly Horoscope

Dear Aquarians, this week in December 2023 will have an impact on the social circle, networking, and financial opportunities. This week, you will have a good time in your social and friend circle. 

It will be an excellent week to meet new people. By joining groups or clubs and getting to know like-minded people, you will consciously be able to achieve a lot in your life. You can even venture out to engage in exciting and cultural pursuits. This week will be a big one for networking. 

Regarding work, coming up with creative and novel solutions to all the obstacles will make you well-known among your coworkers. There's a great chance you'll encounter new, powerful people at work who could be crucial to your professional development. There will be new opportunities for financial stability. A pay increase or a good bonus is also shown in the chart. 

It's interesting to note that this week, you will have a humanitarian approach to life and will want to help others around you. Your personal life will be filled with joy and compassion. You will spend treasured moments with your spouse or partner and family. You could even take a short trip with your family or partnerRead here Aquarius horoscope 2024


  • Offer water and milk to Shivling daily in the morning. 
  • Start performing Surya Namaskar in the morning. 

Pisces Weekly Horoscope 

Dear Pisces, the last week of December 2023 brings sudden career advancement, ambitious approaches, and professional recognition. During this week, your work and career will become a central focus of life. 

You will be stepping up at work and taking on more responsibilities. With such commitment and dedication towards the work, you will be in the eyes of your bosses and superiors. They will consider you reliable and might give you bigger projects in the weeks ahead.

Your personal life will be filled with pure bliss. With an understanding partner, you can focus on your new ventures and your work thoroughly. The home environment will be supportive and peaceful. Conversation with your mother will soothe you and will help you to be balanced in life. 

Regarding money matters, investment in real estate or real estate stocks is indicated in the chart as per the Pisces weekly horoscope chartRead here Pisces horoscope 2024


  • Eat cardamom (Elaichi) as the first thing in the morning. 
  • Take the blessing of your parents or older members of your family before going for important work.

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