Impact of Venus Transiting in Virgo on 11th August 2021

Fri, Aug 06, 2021
Team Astroyogi
  By Team Astroyogi
Fri, Aug 06, 2021
Team Astroyogi
  By Team Astroyogi
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Impact of Venus Transiting in Virgo on 11th August 2021

Venus, the most passionate and romantic planet, is transiting in Virgo on the 11th of August 2021. Venus's position tells us about the person’s preferences, likes and dislikes, relationship skills, beauty, and charm in voice and face. By looking at Venus's position in the chart, the romantic compatibility can be checked. Venus is Daitya Guru, which has Mritsanjeevini Vidhya through that he can alive the dead. Therefore, beneath all the allure and sparkle of materialistic promise, Venus is actually about deep spirituality.

Venus is transiting to his debilitated sign Virgo from Leo on 11th August 2021, and it will be there until 6th September 2021. Virgos are calculative and has an analytical mind. They are often referred to as perfectionists. Venus loses its natural, soft signification of pure love and beauty and finds unnecessary fault in how these attributes are expressed. The person feels dissatisfaction about the significance of Venus. Effects of transit depending upon the placement of the planet on the natal chart. 

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Let us Analyze the Impact of Venus Transit on Different Ascendants. 

Impact of Venus Transit in Virgo on Aries Sign 

Venus is the 2nd house lord and 7th house lord for Aries ascendant and transiting through your 6th house, So the Value system may be affected. You could be involved in unethical activity. You may tend to find fault in a partner, your dominance can irritate your partner, and they may act like the enemy. This may affect your love life. You will be very social, friendly, and non-competent with your co-workers, and they will support you in revert. Your wrong food habit can affect your health, so be mindful while eating and focus on healthy food habits. It is suitable for financial gain, but excessive spending may lead you to trouble, and you may have to take a loan. Spiritual life remains underdeveloped. 


Impact of Venus Transit in Virgo on Taurus Sign 

For Taurus Ascendant, Venus is the Lagna lord and the 6th house lord and transits to your 5th house. You will not be satisfied with your appearance and will make constant efforts to improve it. Lack of diplomacy can create a fight with a romantic partner, and there is a possibility of a setback in romance. Due to a lack of morality, you will focus on excessive pleasure. You would like to enjoy life with your friends and will involve in creative work and entertainment. You need to be careful while spending money on speculative ventures. You may invest money in the wrong place. If you want to excel in academics, you need to focus on your studies.


Impact of Venus Transit in Virgo on Gemini Sign 

Venus is the 5th house lord and 12th house lord for Gemini ascendant and transiting to your 4th house. Fear of Isolation gives trouble; you will feel aloof even living with family. Every member would like to live in their comfort zone, and the feeling of togetherness will not be there. You will focus on attaining materialistic gain. If you are planning to purchase a vehicle, kindly avoid it, as you might buy an improper or faulty product. You would like to spend money on the beautification of your house. Buying a costly item can drain your savings, so be mindful while spending your money. It may not be a good time for a romantic relationship; you may face setbacks. It is a good time for Meditation and spiritual development.  


Impact of Venus Transit in Virgo on Cancer Sign 

For Cancer ascendant, Venus is the 4th house lord and 11th house lord and transiting to your 3rd house. You may face a lack of comforts and convenience. You may want to get happiness and peace by fulfilling materialistic desires, which leads to inner dissatisfaction. You need to be very communicative in your workplace to convince your clients. Money will not come easily, and you need to make lots of effort to get it. A short Journey is possible. You may have a problematic relationship with your mother and siblings and would have a feeling that others don’t give importance to your choices and feelings. You would like to maintain social relationships. You will enjoy a romantic life during this period with your partner. You need to take care of your mother’s health during this period.


Impact of Venus Transit in Virgo on Leo Sign 

Venus is the 3rd house lord and 10th house lord for Leo ascendant and transiting to your 2nd house. One has to work hard to earn even a modest amount of money. Here the person may be too materialistic in their approach towards life. The value system takes a back seat, and you will try unethical means to accumulate wealth and enjoy pleasure. Your hard work may not be appreciated. The possibility of Humiliation by a lady boss is on the cards. Business professionals face customer dissatisfaction, but your polite behavior will help them to sort out the difficulties. Read all the conditions and terms before investing money for the long term, chance to invest in an unproductive plan. It is a good time for a love relationship.  


Impact of Venus Transit in Virgo on Virgo Sign 

For Virgo ascendant, Venus is the 2nd house lord and 9th house lord and transiting to your 1st house. You will feel insecure about your appearance and personality. You will invest lots of money and effort to improve your looks. You would like to buy beauty products and dresses to look perfect, even though you cannot meet your expectations. Low self-confidence is the root cause of all these problems, so try to be confident. You need to balance earning and expenditure. Due to increased expenses, you will be unable to accumulate money, and your calculative nature creates direct about that. For Mental peace, you need to focus on a spiritual path. Your judgmental nature can lead to arguments with your love partner. 


Impact of Venus Transit in Virgo on Libra Sign 

For Libra ascendant, Venus is the Lagna lord and 8th house lord and transits to your 12th house. You may face ups and downs in health. Take excellent care of yourself. You may face medical expenses during this period. Your lustfulness increases, but you would feel less warmth in the relationship. You may plan to travel abroad, or you could make a professional trip. You will enjoy doing meditation and spiritual practices. You should try to invest money wisely. Excessive greed can bring you loss. You may buy precious stones. Sudden expenses can empty your bank balance.


Impact of Venus Transit in Virgo on Scorpio Sign 

For Scorpio ascendant, Venus is the 12th house lord and 7th house lord and transits to your 11th house. You may face an inability to make a social circle. Your selfishness towards materialistic comfort can destroy your image in your friend circle, and people find you mean. To Maintain your social status, you will spend money on social gatherings. Most awaited large deals or contracts may have some technical and financial glitches. But with your negotiation power, you can convince people. Differences with your partner may get resolved, and you would have better tuning now. Avoid long-term investment; it may not provide expected gains. Your laziness can create trouble to finish your work on time. 


Impact of Venus Transit in Virgo on Sagittarius Sign 

For Sagittarius ascendant, Venus is the 11th house lord and 6th house lord and transiting to your 10th house. It is a favorable transit for you. Female office colleagues may provide you a good chance to excel in your professional life. Your competitive attitude will drive you to be on top of the game. Your financial position will be strong. If you are preparing for a tough exam or interview, you may attain success in that. If you follow a set regime, it will be beneficial for you to finish your work with perfection and within the timeline. Your family may feel neglected, and you may not fulfill promises. 


Impact of Venus Transit in Virgo on Capricorn Sign 

Venus is the 10th house lord and 5th house lord for Capricorn ascendant and transiting to your 9th house. Your critical nature and false pride can create trouble for you. You won’t like to follow your boss’s instructions, which may lead to conflict with them. You may think about changing jobs. But, be cautious as this may not be the perfect time to make a switch. If it is necessary, you may have to choose a low profile job earlier. Students may find it challenging to focus on their studies. Their mind will be diverted, and they may be indulged in love and romance. However, it is a favorable transit for a relationship. There is a lot of emphasis on materialistic achievement. Parental money gain is also possible during this transit.


Impact of Venus Transit in Virgo on Aquarius Sign 

For Aquarius ascendant, Venus is the 9th house lord and 4th house lord and transiting to your 8th house. You may face difficulty in domestic life. Lack of contentment may provide sleepless nights, overindulgence in sensual pleasure can distract you from work. It is not favorable to invest money in a property; you may buy disputed property, so check all documents before investing. Try to avoid any auspicious work during this transit. Your luck may not favor, so avoid risk-taking investment. Take very good care of your father’s health; he may face difficulties.


Impact of Venus Transit in Virgo on Pisces Sign 

For Pisces ascendant, Venus is the 8th house lord and 3rd house lord and transiting to your 7th house. You will face problems in a love relationship and married life. Your lustful nature creates an issue in partnership. You may have stress due to that. It is better to discuss the problem openly with your partner. You need to put more effort into getting professional success. You may face difficulty in maintaining good relations with your in-laws. So, try to maintain a respectful distance. A Lady could create a dispute in professional life, so try to maintain some distance. Yoga and meditation will be helpful for you to avoid awkward situations. 

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