Venus Transit in Taurus on 4th May 2021

Mon, May 03, 2021
Team Astroyogi
  By Team Astroyogi
Mon, May 03, 2021
Team Astroyogi
  By Team Astroyogi
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Venus Transit in Taurus on 4th May 2021

Venus would enter Taurus on 4th May 2021. Venus naturally owns Taurus to enter its own sign and stay there for almost a month. Rahu is currently placed in Taurus, and it would get conjunct with Venus, thereby diluting its effects partially. 

Venus signifies the female gender, love, emotions, wealth, ambience, good food, income, marriage, savings, gold jewelry, spouse, etc., in Astrology, and these attributes would get affected variably. 


Let us try to understand the effects of this transit on various Moon signs


Venus would transit to the 2nd house, and it is likely to deliver good results. Your savings would rise, and they would be valuable to your investment portfolio. Your overall income pattern is also likely to be smooth. Your speaking and negotiation skills are also likely to improve and work your way. There can be some memorable moments with your family, especially with your spouse so keep your spirits high. Avoid hate in your speech and rather maintain silence to evade any awkward situation. Maintain a roundup in your long-term investments like PF, gratuity, bonds, etc. Get expert guidance on various aspects of life by the best Astrologer Aacharya Aaditya.



Venus would transit to Lagna/First house, and it is likely to deliver mixed results. Keep your thoughts under check and stay realistic. You are likely to have many opportunities for enjoyment but watch out for excesses. Female gender can cause disturbances in your life, so better maintain a filter on who is staying and who is leaving from your life. Avoid taking any unplanned and uncalled-for loans; otherwise, it can disturb your financial position. You are likely to maintain a handsome/pretty, and cheerful disposition during this time. Money flow would be steady but avoid being a spendthrift.



Venus would transit to the 12th house, and it is likely to deliver good results. There would be total enjoyment heading your way, and you would be enjoying influential people’s company and enjoying feasts. The same period would be good for having fresh literary pursuits also. Stay away from infatuation and stay realistic about life situations. Your educational pursuits can take you abroad, and it is likely to be very beneficial for you. It would be advisable to delay capital expenditure, and in case of compulsory capital expenditure, you should go for a thorough investigation and complete documentation check. It would be ideal to stay away from speculative activities.



Venus would transit to the 11th house, and it is likely to deliver good results. Your name and fame would rise, and so would your level of income. Just remember not to follow any shortcuts to success. Both work and family atmosphere would be conducive. There can be a success in property-related matters, but you need to act very diplomatically to take things in your favor. Stay polite with people in authority, and there can likely be parting off rewards. Your children can bring happiness to your life, so stay tuned with them. Your Mother is likely to have a good time so stick around her also to enjoy the moments. Stay away from all activities that yield a quick buck.



Venus would transit to the 10th house, and it is likely to deliver good results. Your superiors would be acting in your favor, and you should try to present yourself in front of them to gain accolades. Both work and domestic life would be rewarding. There would be new connections and friendships coming your way. Your ability to influence would improve, and you should utilize this in gaining an edge in your work over competitors. The monetary flow would be very even, and everything due to you would be heading effortlessly in your direction. If there have been disturbances in your love life/married life, it would be a favorable time to reconcile your spouse/love interest differences.



Venus would transit to the 9th house, and it is likely to deliver good results. Long-distance journeys can turn very fruitful, so plan wisely. Your spiritual side may be awakened, so appreciate and participate in this new side. You are likely to turn artistic, and your versatility can deliver wonderful results so let it unveil. Work would be smooth, and income levels would be steady. There can be some happy occasion(s) at home, so stay tuned with your family to honor it. You may also develop a charitable disposition, and it would be very fulfilling for you to help others. Calculated proximity with the female gender would be very rewarding.



Venus would transit to the 8th house, and it is likely to deliver mixed results. You may get driven towards activities that you are not known for, and they are likely to harm your reputation, so kindly avoid any such incidences. A good word from your spouse can turn the fortune in your favor so keep her happy. It is advisable not to touch your long-term sources of finance unless absolutely necessary. Maintain a healthy distance from bad character people otherwise;, only harm would come your way. Likewise, stay away from windfall gains like intraday trading and speculation.



Venus would transit to the 7th house, and it is likely to deliver mixed results. Remorse and distress can disturb you, and you should handle them by ignoring them. Avoid discord with your spouse as there are chances for it. There can be some unwanted confusion/dilemma related to some prominent expenditure, and it is advisable to delay it for the future. Your clientele can create problems at work, so deal very diplomatically with them. You would be able to put limited logic to your actions, especially at work, so stick to the routine job only. Any disturbances in the income pattern should be dealt with ease. 

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Venus would transit to the 6th house, and it is likely to deliver mixed results. Your competence level would be challenged at work, and you should take it positively. Results may not attune with your efforts, but it would be worth it. Keep a watch on your overall physical health pattern. Ongoing loans and debts can lay heavy upon you, so better plan your financial equation. Avoid topping up your loans to pay off current debts. There can be enemies in disguise, especially the ones near you, so better take care. Financial matters may not be very encouraging, so better delay them. Work can be encouraging, but rewards may accrue in the near future.



Venus would transit to the 5th house, and it is likely to deliver positive results. Work would be very smooth and very rewarding in nature. New knowledge and skills may be heading your way, so do not miss the opportunity. Your understanding of your work is likely to improve, and your superiors are likely to acknowledge it. Money-related matters would be smooth. You are likely to spend on leisure and good food and ensure that your family is a part of it. Spending some time on spiritual literature can be a very rewarding activity. There can be a favorable change in the location of work.



Venus would transit to the 4th house, and it is likely to deliver good results. It would be a good time to buy a new vehicle if you have been planning to buy one. The family environment is likely to be very conducive, and there would be cohesion among the family members. Both of your parents are likely to have a good time, and you should also participate in it. Work would also be smooth, and it can be a good time to perform well. Ask your superiors for a choice favor. Your overall luck factor would be good, and there would be little gaps in your actions and desired results.



Venus would transit to 3rd house, and it is likely to deliver mixed results. Avoid being rash in life; otherwise, it can deliver severe repercussions. Do not indulge in any immoral activity; otherwise, your stealth would be compromised. If you have nothing to do, it is better to sit idle rather than do something odd. You would be energetic and equally versatile in your approach to life events. Just try to pick the right direction, and there are chances for wonderful results. Work-related travel turns rewarding in nature. 


Best of Luck

Aacharya Aaditya

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