Venus Transit in Pisces 2024: A Ticket to Love & Luxury for Some Lucky Ones!

Fri, Mar 29, 2024
Jyotish Siddhartha
  By Jyotish Siddhartha
Fri, Mar 29, 2024
Team Astroyogi
  By Jyotish Siddhartha
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Venus Transit in Pisces 2024: A Ticket to Love & Luxury for Some Lucky Ones!

The Venus transit in Pisces will bring many major transformations in your life. Let's get into it. 

Venus Transit in Pisces Date And Time: Get to Know Here! 

  • Venus transit in Pisces date- 31st March 2024 (Sunday)
  • Venus transit in Pisces time- 04:54 PM (IST)

Venus will enter Pisces on 31st March, and it will spend about 23 days in every sign. This transit through Pisces will have a different impact on different zodiac signs since the Pisces sign has a distinct placement for each Moon sign. 

It needs to be understood that the effects of Venus transit are also influenced by the strength of Venus in one's natal chart and whether one is going through the Mahadasha, Antardasha, or Pratyantardasha of Venus. Maharishi Parashara, in the Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra, indicates that Venus transiting in the 6th, 7th, and 10th houses will give mediocre results. 

General Impact of The Venus Transit in Pisces 2024

As Venus transits in Pisces, a distinct influence will likely permeate various aspects of your life. The nuanced experiences during this transit will depend on the intricacies of one's natal chart and the specific celestial alignments at play. 

A romantic and dreamy ambiance may be created, aligning with Pisces' innate idealism. Relationships will likely adopt a more compassionate tone, fostering a space where individuals may enjoy expressing their emotions and forging soulful connections.

As a water sign, Pisces's heightened sensitivity will likely become more pronounced during Venus's transit. Individuals may become more attuned to their emotions and empathetic towards others, creating an environment conducive to understanding and building a connection. This phase will likely encourage creative expression, given Pisces's affiliation with the arts. 

Venus transit in Pisces will likely inspire individuals to engage in imaginative and inspired pursuits, spanning music, visual arts, writing, and various creative endeavors.

Spiritual dimensions will likely gain prominence during this transit, leveraging Pisces' inherent connection to spirituality. There will be an increased awareness of the spiritual aspects of life, fostering a desire for more meaningful connections in relationships. 

Acts of kindness, generosity, and a willingness to make sacrifices for the well-being of others are likely to be highlighted, as this echoes Pisces's selfless and compassionate nature.

What Will The Effects of Venus Transit in Pisces Be on Your Life? 

Here are the Venus transit effects on zodiac signs and the remedies one should follow to enjoy this transit to the fullest. 


For Aries natives, the Venus transit in Pisces will pass through the 12th house. It will likely invoke an atmosphere of romance, creativity, and celebration. 

You may plan trips for invigoration and will likely spend more than usual on your wishes to enjoy this period to the fullest. The chances of increments and promotions are going to be stronger as well. 

Remedy: Involve yourself in self-care activities that promote rejuvenation, such as aromatherapy or spending quality time in nature. This will be essential for your overall well-being. 


For Taurus natives, the Venus transit 2024 will happen through the 11th house. Therefore, many wishes related to your workplace may be fulfilled during this period. 

There is a strong chance of an increment. Your respect and reputation in your social circle will also increase. 

Remedy: Donate oil on Saturdays.


Venus will transit through the 10th house for Gemini natives. Thus, this will be an average period for you. 

Due to the Venus transit impact on horoscope, you are expected to be careful about affairs related to authorities and the Government. There may be unnecessary trips and niggling arguments with your relatives and dear ones. Therefore, you are advised to remain calm during this period. 

Remedy: Avoid consuming wine and non-vegetarian food.


Venus will transit through the 9th house for Cancer natives. When Venus transits in Pisces, it may invoke an engrossment in religious affairs and travels. 

Furthermore, you may spend time with your family by going on outings. There may be expenses as you might buy a property you had long planned for. Overall, this will be a good time for Cancerians. 

Remedy: Maintain a journal to jot down thoughts and ideas. This can help organize your thoughts during this transit.


The Venus transit in Pisces for Leo natives will happen in the 8th house. The good news is that this transit will be excellent for you. 

The natives who have been suffering in their relationships and workplaces for about one and a half months may suddenly find themselves at ease. Due to the Venus transit effects, there may be a sudden increase in wealth and luxury, and the natives may live a lavish life during this period. There may also be some great surprises from the in-laws' side. 

Remedy: Start a daily gratitude practice by reflecting on things you're thankful for. 


Venus transit 2024 will occur in the 7th house for Virgo natives. Thus, you are advised to remain calm regarding all matters related to your spouse, colleagues, friends, and acquaintances. 

During this period, you may witness more effort with fewer results, making you feel frustrated. So, try to stay calm. 

Do you have any queries about your professional or personal life? Just consult with the astrologers at Astroyogi. 

Remedy: Give due regard and respect to the women around you.


This Venus transit will happen in the 6th house for Libra natives. According to the Venus transit predictions, you may face troubles at work and with the women in your life. So, be careful.

Furthermore, you are advised to monitor your expenses during this period. You may have to travel unnecessarily, and your marital life may be disturbed. 

Remedy: Do some charity work by donating to the people in need. 


This Venus transit will be through the 5th house for the Scorpio natives. Thus, it will be a great period for dating, creativity, and spending time with children. 

Due to the positive Venus transit results, you may be engrossed in art, beauty, poetry, luxury, romance, and creativity. It will be a wonderful time for invigoration.  

Remedy: Learn new skills or pursue creative and intellectual interests. 

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This Venus transit will happen in the 4th house for Sagittarius natives. It will most likely rekindle an atmosphere of love, romance, luxury, and comfort at home. 

Due to the Venus transit in Pisces 2024, you may find yourself being far more peaceful than usual. You will have plans to purchase a new property or spend on comfort or home décor. 

Remedy: Use perfumes, deodorants, and room fresheners every day.


The Venus transit in Pisces will happen through the 3rd house for Capricorn natives. You will likely have wonderful and enjoyable short trips during this time. 

When Venus transits in Pisces, you may find yourself closer to feminine energy. Your communication and presentation skills will put you in the limelight during this period. This will also be a great period to socialize. 

Remedy: Gift articles of luxury to the women around you.


Venus transit in Pisces will happen through the 2nd house for Aquarius natives. This transit will improve your financial condition. 

You will cherish great dishes and cuisines during this period. Due to the Venus transit impact on horoscope, your love for your family may be greater than usual. 

Remedy: Donate potatoes, curd and butter.


The Venus transit in Pisces will happen through the 1st house for Pisces natives. Due to the Venus transit effects, you will likely feel rejuvenated during this period. 

Your capability to be romantic, loving, warm, and diplomatic will likely suddenly increase. Your personality will be liked by everyone around you. This will be a great period for businesses, those expecting a child, and those waiting to get married. 

Remedy: Engage in acts of kindness such as volunteering or donating to those in need. This can increase your happiness and give you a new sense of purpose.

Remember, these are generalized predictions of the Venus transit effects on zodiac signs. Do you wish to learn more about the effects of this Venus transit on your life? It's time to connect with Jyotish Siddharth on Astroyogi.

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