Venus Transit in 2023: Venusian Luck is Favoring 90% of Zodiac Signs!

Thu, Mar 09, 2023
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Thu, Mar 09, 2023
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Venus Transit in 2023: Venusian Luck is Favoring 90% of Zodiac Signs!

Venus, the planet of romance and luxury, moving to the Aries sign, has some exciting news for the world of luxury and money, but what about love life and other matters? Find in-depth details and tips ahead to make this period favorable.

The Venus transit in Aries will occur on 12th March 2023, a Sunday, at approximately 8:20 AM (IST).

Venus, the planet of luxuries, love, material happiness, and prosperity, is transiting from its exaltation sign Pisces to the fiery Aries. Additionally, it will be in conjunction with Rahu, creating a powerful combination for its significance to be felt strongly and aggressively. It might cause people to work less hard in various facets of life. With Venus's alignment with Saturn, there will be a precise balance in accomplishing many things in a fundamentally correct manner.

Furthermore, Rahu's conjunction with Venus may cause some secretive tendencies to emerge. This could add a sense of aggression and make it appear on the side where a native might benefit with little effort. The private and romantic lives of many natives may also have a secret element.

Venus also represents currency, and we can see an element of value addition in currencies, crypto, and many electronic currencies that will gain popularity. The elements of luxury will be trending upward, and sales of luxury electronic equipment will also increase demand and sales. This will also be a beneficial time for the sale of luxury goods, as the industry will experience an upward trend.

Now let's take a look in detail at what will be the effects of the Venus transit 2023 for all zodiac signs.

Are you interested in learning how planetary transits can affect your life? Astroyogi astrologers can give you in-depth insights!

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Depending on their horoscope, the Venus transit in Aries will have varying effects on all 12 zodiac signs. Find out how below.

Effect of Venus Transit in Aries on Aries

The effect of the Venus transit on you, dear Ariens, will be very beneficial. As Venus is the giver of wealth and personal happiness, you will experience phenomenal gains in matters related to romantic happiness and completion. It can be a fruitful time in matters related to increasing gains in income too. You will experience a good time getting recognized for your efforts in your personal life. The presence of Rahu with Venus adds to an element of uncertainty and mystification, but this will eventually lead to getting you multiple results by application of efforts unknowingly and without much-calculated efforts. 

Remedy - Chant Lakshmi Chalisa and offer roses to Goddess Lakshmi on Friday morning.

Effect of Venus Transit in Aries on Taurus

Dear Taureans, as Venus is the natural lord of your sign, it promises strength and an optimistic time. However, Venus is transiting in your 12th House, which is unfavorable for this transit. As a result, you may engage in excessive spending, particularly on luxury goods, appliances, gadgets, and international travel. You may use your emotional thinking more than logical thinking, which may be the root cause of overspending. You may also face some losses because of medical expenses, so take a medical consultation initially to avoid an expense later.

Remedy - Chant the Kanakdhara Stotram regularly, and offer rose perfume and petals to Goddess Lakshmi throughout the month.

Effect of Venus Transit in Aries on Gemini 

Dear Geminis, Venus is friendly to your sign, and since the transit is taking place in Venus's favorable 11th House (House of gains), you will experience abundant gains in matters of romance. It may also cause you to have a lot of tendencies to go overboard due to aggressive thinking in personal life matters. However, the sudden awareness of your own principled rightness will counteract it and prevent you from losing balance. This is a favorable time to get high gains in personal life and romance-related matters, as your mindset and thinking system will be very much inclined toward it. You will also get gains in acquiring new luxury goods and electronic gadgets and also you will gain by using them. This is also a good time for financial gains. Moreover, a friendship will eventually develop into a romantic relationship.

Remedy - Chant Vishnu Sahasranama.

Effect of Venus Transit in Aries on Cancer

Dear Cancerians, you will experience a very abundant time at your professional end. There will be great professional success and comfort at work. Strong, principally correct thinking will get you unexpected and sudden success on the professional front. This will be a  stable time in your romantic and personal life. There will be an element of luck involved. This is a time for comfortable earning from parallel sources of income. Avoid aggressive thinking and approach in important areas.

Remedy - Drink milk, water, and white fluids in a silver glass, and add 2 to 3 drops of rose water in it for added benefits.

Effect of Venus Transit in Aries on Leo

Luck becomes an essential factor in romantic, financial, and love-related matters. Dear Leos, you can expect short travels and a relaxing time during this transit, professional stability also will experience the factor of luck and happiness from it. Be prepared for a good personal life, especially favors from management and decision-making authority. The mindset will be one of seeking precision-oriented thinking and attracting a lot of public recognition and success-oriented time.

Remedy - Donate and apply white sandalwood paste on your forehead, starting from a Friday in Abhijit Muhurat.

Effect of Venus Transit in Aries on Virgo 

Dear Virgos, be prepared for unexpected romantic success. Yes, you will be lucky and successful in romance-related matters. This will be through your balanced and pleasant communication. It’s a favorable time to invest in financial and parallel currencies. The mindset will be value-oriented, and the gain of wealth and auspiciousness is on the charts, mainly because of a wisdom-oriented mindset and the use of accumulated knowledge.

Remedy - Mix rosewater and rose perfume in bathing water and take a bath with it, especially on Friday evenings after sunset. 

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Effect of Venus Transit in Aries on Libra 

Dear Libras, it's a time when an element of happiness and satisfaction in the relationship can be expected. There can be an element of discreteness and suddenness involved due to your over-romantic tendencies and personal preferences where you might not want to share things with your partner. Maintain balance; as an airy personality conjoined with a fiery Venus, you may become overactive in attracting intense personal life happiness. The element of micromanagement may get you a mindset that might detach you from unwanted areas and make you focus more on personal and romantic matters. Luck may favor you while being aggressive and grant domestic comforts from the home and family end.

Remedy - Chant Ganesh and Gauri Mantra with Ganesh Chalisa on Mondays and apply white sandalwood paste on your naval area.

Effect of Venus Transit in Aries on Scorpio

Dear Scorpios, be more careful about the challenge-taking tendency in the romantic life area. Natives may experience a turbulent time. A partner from a foreign country can bring romance or love-life benefits. Due to a component of a deeply ingrained communication mindset, there may be an element of effort involved in obtaining happiness from the domestic front. Try to resist the temptation to overspend on luxury items and gadgets. Be careful to cut back on unnecessary spending to change your mood; otherwise, you might indulge in excessive spending to get over the feelings brought on by emotional challenges.

Remedy - Chant Ganesh and Vishnu Sahasranama and offer rose perfume and rose petals to goddess Lakshmi. For added benefits, keep 7 pieces of Kamal Gatta (dried lotus bead) in a red cloth in your safe.

Effect of Venus Transit in Aries on Sagittarius

Dear Sagittarians, while this will be a good time for your romantic life, due to your creative and mildly aggressive mindset and a time of wishful thinking in your personal life, there may be some challenges due to your strong mindset. Avoid being overly aggressive in your interpersonal or professional interactions, as this could result in unneeded arguments and conflicts as well as an unfavorable conflicting period. Stay calm and go with the flow.

Remedy - Light a pure Ghee Deepak in front of Goddess Lakshmi on Monday, Thursday, and Friday and chant the Lakshmi Mantra and Gayatri Mantra.

Effect of Venus Transit in Aries on Capricorn

A clean and comfortable time at the professional end for you, dear Capricorn natives. Your clear mindset will be instrumental in achieving comfort and accomplishments at the workplace. There will be a stable monetary flow too. A favorable time to finalize a home or a car. A luxurious and relaxing period of happiness at home will occur. Please don’t be over-aggressive in making multiple decisions at once, as this may cause a state of uneasiness in making good gains. However, you might need to make some efforts to use your knowledge and wisdom with your management and decision-makers at the workplace. 

Remedy - Read Hanuman Chalisa regularly and offer red vermillion to Lord Hanuman on a Tuesday evening.

Effect of Venus Transit in Aries on Aquarius

Dear Aquarians, it will be a time to explore the newer aspect of your romantic life area. In romantic matters, you can expect an increase in communication and expression. You will achieve a sense of clarity in the above. Your aggressive and professional-oriented mindset promises a gain. It will be a very favorable time to gain in professional matters. This time will also offer a monetary gain from the foreign land areas due to your correct and precisely inclined decisions for business growth using proper analytics.

Remedy - Offer rose perfume, rose petals, and white sandalwood in a Devi temple on a Friday Morning.

Effect of Venus Transit in Aries on Pisces

Dear Pisceans, you will need to be more particular about matters related to romance, finance, and comforts. Your challenge-taking tendency may lead to a favorable time during this transit. You may use your verbal communication to get a gain in financial and romantic matters. There are discreet romantic times expected when you may want to hide things. You will be required to balance domestic and romantic matters to get happiness, harmony, and a pleasant time from it. A friendly association with a person from a different country has the potential to develop into a romantic relationship. A mindset oriented to precise communication will be there. Use it well to increase your finances, and don’t underestimate your logical conclusions in money-related matters.

Remedy - Offer rose petals and sweets to Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Ganesha in a temple on Friday morning.
Note: These are generalized predictions. Call or chat with Astroyogi astrologer Astro Roli if you'd like a personalized prediction for you or a loved one for the Venus transit in 2023.

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