The Venus Transit From Taurus To Gemini On 26th July And Its Impact On Your Destiny

Wed, Jul 26, 2017
Team Astroyogi
  By Team Astroyogi
Wed, Jul 26, 2017
Team Astroyogi
  By Team Astroyogi
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The Venus Transit From Taurus To Gemini On 26th July And Its Impact On Your Destiny

Venus is the significator of financial gain and general happiness. So a Venus transit is observed with great attentiveness by Vedic Astrologers to study the impact it would bring on different zodiac natives. Venus will transit from Taurus to Gemini on the 26th of July. Read on to learn about the impact of this transit on the 12 signs. Please note that these predictions are based upon Moon signs.

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The transit will happen in your third house which is a favorable positioning for Venus. A new energy and enthusiasm will be kindled inside you due to this transit which would make you proactive at work place. If you were feeling enslaved by your lazy habits for some time, this transit will break you free. You may have to stay away from your beloved family for a while during this tenure. You will reap the fruits of your hard work during this time period.


Venus- the lord of your sign is transiting into Gemini from your sign. But, since Venus will be positioned in your second house after the transit, it is likely to bring monetary gains for you. If some funds were stuck for long, you would finally get your hands on them. This significant transit will also reduce the hurdles and obstacles that you have been facing for some time. You would also have an edge over enemies and competition. You may be worried about the health of your friends or relatives during this tenure and there are chances of an increased expenditure on medical bills. You may have to undertake frequent errands as part of work.


 Venus is transiting from its own sign- Taurus to your sign. You would be feeling fit as a fiddle during this time period. Those who have been away from their families will finally get the chance to spend some time with them. This is a very favorable time period as far as your romantic life is concerned. Singles may find a romantic prospect during this tenure. Couples who had minor disagreements and arguments will sort out their issues. Children would bring good news and happiness for you and you may consider refurbishing your home or furniture during this time period.


 The transit will place Venus in your twelfth house. If you have been enjoying some gains without putting in much of your efforts, you might have to work a bit harder for sustaining these gains after the transit. Since the key significator of luxuries and comfort- Venus is positioned in your 12th house you would have a hectic work schedule and the overall stress level may increase. So you need to take good care of your health and not get carried away by work. You might consider investing in properties or buying a new vehicle during this time period.


The transit will bring Venus to your ‘Labh Ghar’ which is the eleventh house of your birth chart. You will get the desired results from your hard work during this time period. You would get rid of the arbitrary delay in things to happen, after this transit. Since Venus is placed in your eleventh house you would be benefited from any kind of partnership business or alliances. You may have minor disagreements with your better half, so it is better to keep a cool head and maintain the peace at home.


 Venus will be transiting into the ‘Karmabhav’ from ‘Bhagyasthan’ for Libra natives. Due to this if you were stuck in some tasks you will be able to sort out this issue with the help of a friend or colleague. Your hard work would be noticed and appreciated by higher officials at work place. You may have a tendency to spend on frivolous items and gadgets but you should stick to your budget to achieve your financial goals. You may suffer from some minor ailments during this time period so please take care of your health.


Venus is the lord of your sign and the transit is happening in your ninth house which would prove to be beneficial for you. If you have been feeling lethargic lately, you will regain your strength and vigor during this time period. Minor ailments which have been troubling you for a while will be driven away by this auspicious transit. Someone very close to you might ask for a help during this tenure. Don’t hesitate or contemplate about it you will only feel good if you help them.


 Since the transit brings Venus into your eighth house you might feel a bit unhappy about your circumstances. Scorpio natives may have to stay away from their family and they might be worried about their family’s health and safety during this time. You should not overspend on your travels as there are chances of you draining a lot of your hard earned money on unnecessary trips. This is not the best time for you, so you are advised not to take any risks and to be determined in your efforts. 


The Venus transit will happen in your seventh house. If there is a disagreement with your better half or any legal case which you would like to get over with. This is the best time for compromise talk as there are high chances of it being fruitful. You should seriously consider the advice and suggestions given by the elderly as it can be very helpful. You may find some opportunities for extra income. Beware of those who are acting very kind and friendly with you at the workplace as they may have some hidden agenda in mind.


The transit will place Venus in your sixth house. A friend of you might disclose some of your plans to your enemy in exchange for some goodies. So you are advised to be a bit cautious and secretive during this time period. Your love interest may use you as an emotional dumping ground, so you are advised to move on if a relationship is not heading where you want it to. You may feel the constant threat of enemies or competitors. Parents may be concerned about their children during this time period. You should keep a track of your expenses as you may tend to overspend during this tenure.


The transit of Venus into the fifth house of Aquarius would bring luck for the unmarried natives who are looking out for romantic prospects. You may finally find love in the most unlikely place. If there is some friction between married couples, then a mutual friend may intervene to sort out things and it could be fruitful. If you have had a lackluster attitude towards work or learning lately. It is time to shake off the lazy attitude and work hard because this is a crucial time period for your future success.


The transit of Venus into your fourth house would make a ‘Prabal Raj Yog’. You may be bestowed with a new designation or responsibility during this time period. Those who are into politics will enjoy a favorable time. There are chances of meeting and spending time with an old friend of yours who have been out of touch for long. You might have to leave on frequent errands during this time period which would be fruitful.

Consult our expert astrologers online to learn more about the impact of this transit on your future.

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