Are BIG Career Changes Coming Your Way in January? Tarot Cards Reveal!

Thu, Dec 28, 2023
Tarot Sonia
  By Tarot Sonia
Thu, Dec 28, 2023
Team Astroyogi
  By Tarot Sonia
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Are BIG Career Changes Coming Your Way in January? Tarot Cards Reveal!

January marks the beginning of a new year. This year becomes even more special as we enter a Leap Year with 29 days in February. Hence, as per the monthly Tarot reading, you can expect more positivity and excellence. 

The year 2024 is denoted by the Number 8, which is for Saturn. Therefore, this year will be all about rewarding the right doings. January is Number 1, and Number 1 is for the Sun, which is believed to come with extra energy and power, as indicated by the Tarot reading for January.  

What Does The Tarot Card Say for January Month?

Now, as per the Tarot prediction for January 2024, let's find out what this particular month has in store for all the 12 zodiacs. Read on!

Tarot Aries Horoscope

Overview - Being in denial might not help in running your business, and you need to face your problems head-on. Your family life will be comfortable, and you will do well in your career. Keep your love life in check, as there might be some unpleasant surprises.  

  • Love Relationship (Tarot Card - The Death)

The Tarot reading for January indicates that major changes are bound to happen in your relationship. You and your partner have not been on the same page for a long time; now is when you may make a meaningful decision. Focus on taking it slow!

  • Career (Tarot Card - Six of Wands)

Everyone will have their eyes on you! People will be impressed with your work performance and how you achieve your targets and goals before the deadline. You will have success in your career assignments and projects. 

  • Family (Tarot Card - Queen of Cups)

The family life will be excellent in January for all the Ariens. All the family members will be loving and caring towards each other. They will nurture the family bond, as the Tarot prediction for January 2024 indicates. There will be unconditional love and understanding among all the family members. 

  • Business (Tarot Card - Two of Swords)

The Tarot card says there might be a few tricky situations you need to face and difficult decisions you might have to take in your business for the long-term benefit. The Tarot card suggests that you should not be in denial mode and should not ignore any financial problems; instead, face them head-on in order to resolve them quickly. 

Remedy -  Burn sage daily in your living space to clear the energies.  

Tarot Taurus Horoscope

Overview - Your career will welcome you with new golden opportunities, as indicated by the Tarot monthly reading. If you have a business, it will need your urgent attention. You are advised not to bring office work and stress back home. Your love relationship will have a mysterious element. 

  • Love Relationship (Tarot Card - Seven of Cups)

In your love relationship, you will have mystery and manipulation. There might be infidelity involved as well. It might be a temporary relationship that might not last long; however, it may provide some intimacy and passion, so be prepared to avoid getting hurt.  

  • Career (Tarot Card - Ace of Cups)

According to the Tarot monthly horoscope for January 2024, new opportunities will knock on your door in January. Many of you will get a new contract or assignment you have been looking forward to for a long time. Those of you who have been looking for a new job will come across a golden opportunity. 

  • Family (Tarot Card - Two of Pentacles)

In your family life, you might be bringing home the stress from your work, making it challenging to balance your work and family life properly. This might cause a concern or a fight with your spouse and family. Try to manage the work stress, leave your work at your office, and do not bring it back home. Your home is the place for your loved ones. 

  • Business (Tarot Card - The Devil)

The Tarot card recommends looking deeply into business matters and taking charge. It seems like you have been taking things for granted for a long time, and hence, many things have gone out of hand and need your intervention. Get more engaged and proactive now.  

Remedy - Practice Laughter therapy every morning. 

Tarot Gemini Horoscope 

Overview -  A successful career and new business opportunities will mark the month of January for you. In your personal relationships, you will move away from the toxicity, as indicated by the Tarot reading for January. Additionally, there will be big celebrations in your family life. 

  • Love Relationship (Tarot Card - Eight of Cups)

The Tarot card indicates that you will finally move on and exit the toxic relationship that was not serving you the right purpose. Some serious soul-searching within yourself will empower you to move on completely and never look back. Remember to go with the flow! 

  • Career (Tarot Card - The Empress)

Geminis in the fashion and beauty industry will do very well, as will all the Geminis working from home. As per the Tarot January month prediction, there will be success and fame in your career, and you will be happy. 

  • Family (Tarot Card - The World)

There might be changes in the family, with some of you getting married or engaged or a newborn coming into the family. There will be happiness and positivity throughout the month with a new member coming into the family. 

  • Business (Tarot Card - Wheel of Fortune) 

This is the time to touch new horizons in your business, dear Geminis. You will touch the sky with your success, and multiple new opportunities will knock on your door. Some of you might start a new business, and others may come up with a unique idea to attain higher profits. 

Do you want to know if your new business venture will flourish or not? The Astroyogi astrologers have the answers. Call or chat with them today!

Remedy - Yoga and Meditation will be your best friends this month. 

Tarot Cancer Horoscope

Overview -  Business-related travel is shown on the cards. However, your career might create unwanted stress, as per the Tarot monthly horoscope. Your love relationship might need a more serious and sensual spark. You will become stronger and more assertive in your family life. 

  • Love Relationship (Tarot Card - Eight of Wands)

The Tarot card indicates that you and your partner will feel bored and out of compatibility with each other. It will be as if you are too much into each other and need some space. So, it's time to start things afresh and re-ignite some passion in your life, making your relationship more romantic.  

  • Career (Tarot Card - Four of Swords)

Do not stress out or overburden yourself, as you might get burned out in the process with exhaustion, as indicated by the Tarot prediction for January 2024. Instead, be relaxed and take it easy. All will be well at work, and you must prioritize your mental peace.  

  • Family (Tarot Card - Queen of Swords)

Your family situation wants you to be more assertive and forceful right now. You would often need to put your foot down and explain things to the other family members for their own benefit so that all of you can enjoy a good family life in the long run. The other family members surely will understand your point if you back it up with logic and reasoning. 

  • Business (Tarot Card - Six of Swords)

Your finances will improve in business; if any financial gap still exists, you will handle it well this month, according to the Tarot prediction for January 2024. You can also travel due to business, which will significantly benefit your business. 

Remedy - Do Chakra balancing Meditation at least twice every week. 

Tarot Leo Horoscope  

Overview - Goals and ambitions at work and creative and innovative solutions in business will mark the month of January for you. Jealousy and possessiveness are to be avoided. Additionally, a harmonious family life is shown on the cards. 

  • Love Relationship (Tarot Card - Four of Pentacles)

Both you and your partner need to be reasonable, as there might be situations involving jealousy and possessiveness, as per the monthly Tarot reading. Remember, these are not healthy for any love relationship. You are advised to try to look at things with more maturity and understanding, leaving no room for any insecurities.   

  • Career (Tarot Card - Two of Wands)

Leos will have harmonious and balanced relationships with their teams in the professional domain and be successful simultaneously. They will have many goals and ambitions with a zeal to achieve all of them. 

  • Family (Tarot Card - Knight of Cups)

Your family life will be peaceful and harmonious, with lots of love and care among all the family members, as per the Tarot prediction for January 2024. Everyone will always care for each other and extend their full support. Your home will truly turn into a haven. 

  • Business (Tarot Card - The Moon)

Though temporary, certain challenges in your business might require you to introspect and look within yourself for their resolution. The Tarot card also recommends that you will need to involve more innovativeness and creative solutions and ideas to solve your day-to-day problems.

Remedy-  Chant Solar Plexus Chakra Mantra, "Ram."

Tarot Virgo Horoscope 

Overview - Open communication in January will strengthen your emotions and bonding in your love relationship and family life. Your professional life will have cooperation from all around. When it comes to your business, you will achieve big financial gains, according to the Tarot reading for January. 

  • Love Relationship (Tarot Card - Page of Pentacles)

The Tarot card suggests you are lucky in romance as you will have a strong sense of togetherness and belonging with your partner. You and your partner will be loyal and faithful to each other. The good news is that romance and love are awaiting you this month. 

  • Career (Tarot Card - The Hierophant)

Immense teamwork is shown in the Tarot cards, which will surely bring massive success in your professional life. Cooperation and collaboration are on the cards. Almost every colleague will be the key to achieving all the deadlines and milestones at work, as indicated by the Tarot January month prediction. 

  • Family (Tarot Card - Five of Swords)

There might be some conflicts and heated arguments within your family; however, with patience and open communication, you can resolve these and successfully bring them to a meaningful conclusion.  

  • Business (Tarot Card - The Magician)  

You will achieve success in business in January. You will put in a lot of hard work that will reap results this month. All your desires and business ambitions will be manifested, and you will lead by example with significant financial gains. 

Remedy - Burn Palo Santo at your house every evening to bring more positivity. 

Tarot Libra Horoscope

Overview - The good news of a newborn's arrival or a confirmation of a pregnancy and the nurturing of a committed, long-term relationship will mark your personal life this month. When it comes to career and work, you will be dedicated and committed to your business, as indicated by the Tarot monthly reading. This will offer you great results. 

  • Love Relationship (Tarot Card - Seven of Pentacles)

The Tarot card indicates a long-term relationship that can either start now or the existing one can become a long-term one. Your love relationship will be blessed with long-term commitment, depth, understanding, and maturity. 

  • Career (Tarot Card - Eight of Pentacles)

Dedication and commitment will mark your professional life this month. According to the Tarot prediction for January 2024, your hard work will be appreciated. Some of you might start a new job if you want a job change. Many will become self-employed, as many people will quit their regular jobs that they were planning to leave for a long time. 

  • Family (Tarot Card - Page of Swords)

There might be good news of a newborn baby being welcomed into the family or the confirmation of a pregnancy. There can be some emotional conflict at home; therefore, you are advised not to get too anxious. It would help if you stayed calm in such situations. 

  • Business (Tarot Card - Ten of Cups)

The synergy with the staff will be excellent, with a free flow of business ideas. January will be when all your hard work starts paying off, and you will get favorable results. This will make you happy. Your business will reach a point of stability and will be well-established in your domain. 

Remedy- Do Root Chakra Mantra chanting "Lam." 

Tarot Scorpio Horoscope 

Overview - According to the Tarot monthly horoscope, financial success in business will be possible in January. Professional conflicts getting resolved with your tact in your professional life is what January will be all about. In your love relationship, you will have lots of passion. You will have support and understanding when it comes to your family life. 

  • Love Relationship (Tarot Card - Strength)

A strong and passionate relationship is shown by the Tarot card. You will finally gather your inner strength to bring in the required positive changes in yourself and your love relationship to make it more profound and romantic.  

  • Career (Tarot Card - King of Cups)

Some professional conflicts may arise at work, but you will handle them with tact and wisdom, setting the right example for everyone around you. You will also be blessed to get meaningful business insights from your seniors and upper management. This will add more success to your work. 

  • Family (Tarot Card - The Lovers)

The family environment will be excellent this month, with lots of understanding between all the family members, as per the Tarot prediction for January 2024. Also, there is a possibility of some health problems, which will get better soon with the love and support of your loving family. 

  • Business (Tarot Card - King of Pentacles)

Financial gains, business success, and name and fame will mark your January. You will be pretty successful in whatever you do. You will achieve all your business targets this month.  

Remedy - Wear a Lava crystal for protection. This crystal comes from the molten lava from the Mother Earth's crust. 

Tarot Sagittarius Horoscope 

Overview - Big-time business expansion and networking are shown on the cards. When it comes to your professional life, you will get new assignments. Your family life will be full of positivity and new hopes.  

  • Love Relationship (Tarot Card - Four of Cups)

This is when you will be alone, thinking about past thoughts and relationships and maybe even regretting some of those decisions. However, this is just a temporary phase, so the Tarot card advises you not to overthink about the past; instead, you must move on for the good. 

  • Career (Tarot Card - Ace of Swords)

This month, a new job or a job change for those looking for another job is inevitable. Many new professional opportunities are coming your way. The energies have changed with the changing times, and your career looks quite promising right now, as indicated by the Tarot January month predictions. 

  • Family (Tarot Card - The Star)

The Tarot card shows hope and lots of positivity within your family. If some family members are having a cold war or avoiding each other, that will get sorted out this month. Overall, peace and good healing will prevail within the family, as per the monthly Tarot reading.  

  • Business (Tarot Card - Four of Wands)

Increase your influence by focusing on meaningful networking so that you can connect with more people associated with business who will help you grow your business in business development, sales, and marketing. With a little effort, more and more like-minded people will join hands professionally, leading to a much bigger success for all. 

Remedy- Wear Lapis Lazuli crystal for increasing and intensifying your vibrations. 

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Tarot Capricorn Horoscope  

Overview - Romantic proposals in your personal life are possible. Setting the right priorities in your personal life is a significant requirement this month. Excellent business success is on the cards this month. 

  • Love Relationship (Tarot Card - Page of Cups)

The Tarot card indicates some romantic proposals and weddings. This is the time for new beginnings in terms of relationships. Many of you will get love proposals, or you will propose to your beloved and certainly attain positive results. 

  • Career (Tarot Card - Five of Swords)

Some conflicts and clashing situations will arise at work this month which may cause stress, anxiety, and tension, as per the Tarot monthly horoscope. So the Tarot card advises you to be prepared, keep calm and composed in all situations, and not react.

  • Family (Tarot Card - The Chariot)

There might be some challenges or obstacles in your family life this month. However, what will be truly required is that all the family members set the right priorities together and work accordingly so that everyone is happy at the end of the day. It's important that no one feels neglected or taken for granted. 

  • Business (Tarot Card - The Emperor)

In business, you will get significant projects this month, as per the Tarot reading for January. You will achieve some great success this month. You will certainly do well in your leadership position and lead by example. 

Remedy - Do Heart Chakra Balancing Meditation.  

Tarot Aquarius Horoscope 

Overview - A great mentor in you will help you develop professionally. Your business will need your attention. And your love life will become stronger. 

  • Love Relationship (Tarot Card - Knight of Pentacles)

According to the Tarot prediction for January 2024, a strong and dependable love relationship will emerge now with your beloved. This bond will keep you content and make you feel blessed. 

  • Career (Tarot Card - King of Wands)

Professionally, you will emerge as a mentor and certainly lead by your morals and values. Hence, this month, you will get name, fame, and respect from everyone at work. 

  • Family (Tarot Card - The High Priestess)

The Tarot monthly horoscope indicates that your family members will develop deep and honest bonding amongst themselves with open and effective communication. Love will flow at home all the time. 

  • Business (Tarot Card - Seven of Swords)

Your money matters and financial handling need your attention and intervention as soon as possible so that there are no regrets later. Do not delegate it all to others right now. Also, do some regular check-ups to see if all is going well.  

Remedy - Practice Sound Healing regularly with singing bowls, wind chimes, or music.  

Tarot Pisces Horoscope

Overview - According to the Tarot prediction for January 2024, an increase in income in your professional life is possible. However, your business might face some challenges in January, so be prepared accordingly. 

  • Love Relationship (Tarot Card - Knight of Wands)

Some of you might find your lover while traveling; hence, there will be some adventurous romance this month. So get ready for a roller coaster ride in your personal life this month.  

  • Career (Tarot Card - Queen of Pentacles)

Your business will be successful this month, and your income and revenue will also increase. This will keep you more engaged and truly happy, as per the Tarot monthly horoscope for January 2024. 

  • Family (Tarot Card - The Hermit)

This is the time to look within and introspect; hence, do not get involved in arguments with your family. Try to find answers within and give some space to your family. 

  • Business (Tarot Card - Nine of Swords)

Your business will need your urgent attention as serious issues might arise, leading to hopelessness. So be prepared and try to get more engaged in business. 

Remedy - Do Frequency Healing with different frequencies to heal at all levels.

 *Note- The Tarot prediction for January 2024 mentioned above is generalized. So, individual experiences may vary. Thus, for personalized Tarot January month prediction and effective remedies, connect with Tarot Sonia on Astroyogi!

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