Will February Be A Month of Triumphs? Tarot Predictions Inside!

Sat, Feb 03, 2024
Tarot Sonia
  By Tarot Sonia
Sat, Feb 03, 2024
Team Astroyogi
  By Tarot Sonia
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Will February Be A Month of Triumphs? Tarot Predictions Inside!

February is almost here! It is the second month of the calendar year; hence, it carries the Number 2 or the Moon's Energy, making people focus on their emotional and mental well-being. Some will feel more anxious and overwhelmed, and some will resolve to work on it with a more holistic approach to become more balanced and consistent in their lives. 

This February will be unique, as it has 29 days, and 2024 is a leap year; therefore, we get one extra day for more positivity and brilliance. On the warm and blessed day of Basant Panchami this month, you can bow down to Goddess Saraswati for more abundance in learning and creativity.  

According to the Tarot monthly horoscope for February 2024, this month will bring more love into your life. February is Valentine's month, which means it's a month not only for romantic love but also for self-love and self-care, as well as for working on your relationships with your family and friends.  

What Can the Tarot Cards Say for February Month?

As per the monthly tarot reading, get ready to find out how the second month of the year will impact the zodiac signs

Before we get into the Tarot February month predictions, let's find out which Tarot deck was used for the reading. 

  • Tarot Deck Used: Osho Neo Cards 

About Osho Neo Cards 

The Osho Neo Tarot card deck consists of sixty cards. Through these, you can understand the most complex aspects of the human condition. These cards interestingly illustrate stories Osho told in the course of his daily discourses devoted to the development of what he calls "Homo Novus" - A New Man - Total, Whole, Alive, without any split.  

These cards can be used not just for predictions but also as doorways to a deeper understanding of ourselves. They can be instruments to release psychological blocks as well as untapped potential; hence, they can be helpful tools for growth. Therefore, this deck can take us into a new dimension. 

For a tarot reading for February, a three-card spread has been used to give you a look into the issues, Osho's insights, and the outcomes. 

Let's give this a read!

Aries Tarot February 2024

Tarot Cards: Come, come, yet again come + Receptivity + Beyond the small family 

Fiery Ariens, this month will be a roller-coaster ride. February will be full of fun and joy, and you will be on cloud nine. There will be parties, get-togethers, and celebrations occasionally, and family and friends will celebrate it fully and share happiness, as indicated by the Tarot reading for February.  

Your health should be your top priority now, so focus on working out so that you remain in shape and healthy. Your siblings might ask for your time and attention and complain if you ignore them, which could take up some of your mind space. Hence, allocating some dedicated time for them in advance will be better.

Remedy: Burn Sage every day in your living space to clear the energies. 

Famous Personalities - Jackie Chan, Ram Charan, Lady Gaga  

Taurus Tarot February 2024

Tarot Cards: Challenge + Work + Mastery of Moods 

Dear Taureans, according to the Tarot monthly horoscope, this month can get a little tight on your finances if you do not manage them properly, so you are recommended to keep a check on them. Also, if you are a spendthrift, it is better to go slow this month so as not to repent later. 

Your spouse or partner can complain once in a while, and staying calm during such times will take care of it. Work pressure can be felt on and off in your professional life. Being more disciplined, along with your planning and organizational skills, will come in handy professionally. Your kids at home will steal the show. They will keep you on your toes with their day-to-day mischief. Trust them to keep you well-engaged and occupied.  

Remedy - Practice Laughter therapy every morning.  

Famous Personalities - Mark Zuckerberg, Sachin Tendulkar

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Gemini Tarot February 2024

Tarot Cards: Laughter + Love + Giving 

Charming Geminis, you rock the show with your happiness flowing out of you constantly. No stress or pain will touch you this month, and you will continue to enjoy the blessings and results of all your past hard work, as indicated by the Tarot prediction for February 2024.  

Romantic dates are shown on the cards, and you may be exploring and dating multiple people before you make up your mind and settle for one person with whom you feel the most comfortable. Still, the Tarot cards advise you to go slow and let the bond evolve organically without any haste or impulse. Your parents at home can have some health issues, so give that your proper attention. 

Remedy: Yoga and Meditation will be your true friends this month. 

Famous Personalities - Angelina Jolie, Marilyn Monroe, Karan Johar

Cancer Tarot February 2024

Tarot Cards - Gates of Heaven + Becoming Centered + Disciplenehood 

Dear Cancerians, luck will be on your side this month, as indicated by the Tarot February month predictions. You will achieve success and happiness in everything you do. It will be as if the heavens have opened their gates for you, and you will be on cloud nine. 

However, do not get overconfident due to the ease and comfort in your life or how easily you achieve everything. Try to be balanced and self-disciplined. Monitoring your own actions and reactions will be a vital tool for long-term happiness and success. Work on your health, as you might be a little prone to falling sick. 

Remedy: Maintain a daily Gratitude Journal and note down things and people for whom you are grateful. This, in turn, will bring you more luck and abundance. 

Famous Personalities - Tom Hanks, Tom Cruise, Priyanka Chopra

Leo Tarot February 2024

Tarot Cards: Beyond Family + Work + Prayer 

Fierce Leos, you will be more inclined to travel with your family and friends this month. This could include some staycations or weekend getaways. This will be a much-needed and well-deserved break, and you will get to spend quality time with your loved ones.  

According to the Tarot monthly reading, people with businesses will get new innovative ideas. They will expand the business by adding new clients and projects. People with jobs will target their next promotion and increment before the start of the new financial year. You will also be pulled to read some good books or our ancient scriptures, like the Ramayana and Mahabharata.  

Remedy- Chant the Solar Plexus Chakra Mantra "Ram".  

Famous personalities: Barack Obama, Sandra Bullock, Kajol 

Virgo Tarot February 2024

Tarot Cards: Transformation + Wholeness + Creativity 

Dear Virgos, you will be ready to hit the gym this month and focus on building your image. New outfits in the wardrobe and new accessories will keep you occupied. You will spend most of your money and resources on this. How you look and present yourself to the external world will be of prime importance to you all of a sudden, and your world will revolve around that.  

According to the Tarot prediction for February 2024, you will try to decorate and renovate your house, office, or at least your work desk, as you would want a newer look everywhere you go. 

Remedy: Burn Palo Santo in your home every evening to bring more positivity. 

Famous Personalities - Narendra Modi, Mother Teresa, Stephen King

Libra Tarot February 2024

Tarot Cards - Worth + Commune + Self-acceptance

Libra folks, it's time to pick up an excellent hobby that is your passion and close to your heart. It could be canvas painting, sketching, gardening, music, or whatever resonates with your heart and keeps you glued to it so that you never feel even an inch of irritation or conflict in your system. The creative juices will flow and keep you holistically healthy at all levels.  

Your career and profession will go smoothly, and the show will run as usual, as per the Tarot February month predictions. Some of you might want to go abroad, especially the employed ones, for a job opportunity, and it will be only wise to go ahead and start exploring your offshore opportunities. 

Remedy- Do the Root Chakra Mantra chanting "Lam".  

Famous Personalities - Kate Winslet, A. P. J. Abdul Kalam, Oscar Wilde

Scorpio Tarot February 2024

Famous Personalities - Shah Rukh Khan, Bill Gates, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan 

Tarot Cards - Mind + Vulnerability + Anger 

Dear Scorpios, your focus and time will be needed at work, and burning the midnight oil will also be certainly important. This is not the time when you can take anything for granted. Instead, as per the Tarot February month prediction, you will be required to go that extra mile to meet the deadlines and achieve your goals at work. 

There can be arguments and misunderstandings between family members, but they will eventually get sorted out. All you need to do is stay calm and not react. Patience and wisdom will be required in your relationships. This will make you more balanced and sorted in the long run.  

Remedy: Wear Lava crystal for protection. This crystal comes from the molten lava from the earth's crust. 

Sagittarius Tarot February 2024

Tarot Cards: Greatest Miracle + Osho + Gratefulness 

Dear Sagittarians, Some of you might be getting engaged or married, so a new member can be added to your family, as indicated by the Tarot prediction for February 2024. There can also be a newborn baby in the house, bringing happiness and joy. The month of February will be a month of celebrations and joy, as a result of which you will not realize how the entire month passes by.  

Some Sagittarius folks will also be involved in charity work and helping the society by reaching out to people in need. NGOs, temples, old-age homes, and blind schools will be some areas where you can help others by understanding their needs.  

Remedy: Wear a Lapis Lazuli crystal to intensify your vibrations. 

Famous Personalities - Walt Disney, Raj Kapoor

Capricorn Tarot February 2024

Tarot Cards: Single Pointedness + Devotion + Rebirth / Moment to moment 

Lovely Capricorns, the month of February will keep you busy and on your toes. You will get involved in projects, leading to bandwidth issues. More work will flow into your professional life, and you will add that extra value to each assignment in your signature style. 

You will most likely be rewarded with a prestigious award soon in your chosen field of work, as indicated by the Tarot monthly horoscope predictions. This will bring you all the name and fame you have always wanted and deserve. New work will open its doors to you; you must trust the process. Grab a hold of the work opportunity with all your positive intentions and focus on it with dedication.  

Remedy: Do Heart Chakra Balancing Meditation. 

Famous Personalities - A. R. Rahman, Swami Vivekananda, Elvis Presley

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Aquarius Tarot February 2024

Tarot Cards: Desire, Play + Greed 

Awesome Aquarians, this month will be a mixed bag for you with some highs and lows, so creating a balance will be your main game. Your career will be getting more streamlined this month, and newer opportunities will come your way. So do not worry and just be yourself!

According to the Tarot February month prediction, your desires will manifest if you work towards them; hence, playing your role properly will be vital. Ambition or greed will be important to give you that drive that will help you go miles and not let you get tired. 

Remedy - Do Sound Healing regularly with singing bowls, wind chimes, or music. 

Famous Personalities: Abhishek Bachchan, Charles Dickens, Michael Jordan

Pisces Tarot February 2024

Tarot Cards: Searching, seeking, Questing, Hope + Practicality 

Dreamy Pisceans, you will travel quite a bit this month, which can and will include some solo trips. There can be some trips with your family and friends. Make a travel journal and share your stories and experiences with the world. Who knows who you might give some hope to and inspire?

According to the Tarot prediction for February 2024, the need of the hour is that you remain and maintain a practical outlook towards everything in life. Do not daydream or fantasize about things that are unrealistic; otherwise, it may cause you some disappointments later. Look after your health, and do not avoid any red flags at all! 

Remedy - Do frequency healing with different frequencies to heal you at all levels. 

Famous personalities: Albert Einstein, Rihanna, Alia Bhatt, Justin Bieber 

*Note- The Tarot predictions for February 2024 given above are generalized forecasts. So, individual experiences may vary. Therefore, for personalized and in-depth Tarot February month predictions and easy remedies, reach out to Tarot Sonia on Astroyogi!

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