Tarot Reading for August: Passion Will Rule Virgo and Scorpio's Love Life!

Thu, Jul 11, 2024
Tarot Sonia
  By Tarot Sonia
Thu, Jul 11, 2024
Team Astroyogi
  By Tarot Sonia
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Tarot Reading for August: Passion Will Rule Virgo and Scorpio's Love Life!

August is the month of all the festivals, from Nag Panchami and Rakshabandhan to Krishna Janmashtami. Shravana and Bhadrapada are the two Lunar months corresponding to the English calendar month of August.  

August signifies the Number 8, which is the number for Saturn. Hence, this month will reward or punish you for your actions and Karma. As per the Tarot monthly horoscope, you should work hard this August. You must leave no stone unturned when it comes to meeting your goals. 

Monthly Tarot Reading: What Do The Tarot Cards Say for August?

Let's look at the Tarot predictions in August for all the zodiac signs, as per the talented Tarot reader Tarot Sonia. This will enhance your energy and allow you to live your life king-size.

Tarot Aries Horoscope

Dear Ariens, although business will present financial challenges, you can expect a comfortable family life and some great accomplishments at work this month.

  • Love Life (Tarot Card- Queen of Cups)

According to the Tarot monthly reading, there will be a lot of love and care in your relationship. Your partner will offer you fulfillment. You will do everything you can to meet your lover's romantic expectations.

  • Career (Tarot Card- The World)

You will have various accomplishments at work, and your ambition will drive you. You will be focused and efficient in your dedicated job role.  

  • Family (Tarot Card- Seven of Pentacles)

A happy and comfortable family life is indicated by the Tarot monthly horoscope for August 2024. All the family members will care for each other and provide immense emotional support. 

  • Business (Tarot Card- The Devil)

Your business may face financial challenges. Hence, you are advised to monitor your income and expenses closely.

Remedy- Enhance your vibrations with Dance Therapy.  

Tarot Taurus Horoscope

Dear Taureans, avoid arguments in business. Many opportunities will come your way in your professional life. The Tarot cards show balanced and loving relationships are awaiting you this month.

  • Love Life (Tarot Card- Temperance)

According to the monthly Tarot reading, you can expect a balanced and harmonious relationship. Many will also find their soulmate. 

  • Career (Tarot Card- Seven of Cups)

The Tarot reading for August indicates that you will get many opportunities at work, but you must choose wisely. You must consult your seniors and mentors in order to take professional advice when needed. 

  • Family (Tarot Card- The Emperor)

You will be loving and protective towards your family. You will go out of your way to create a life of comfort and luxury for them.  

  • Business (Tarot Card- Five of Swords)

Conflicts and arguments can occur at work. Hence, having a proper channel of communication will help immensely. 

Remedy- Drink water from a copper bottle.  

Tarot Gemini Horoscope

Dear Geminis, be more practical in your business dealings. You will see a collaborative approach in your career. You must assess your relationship and conclude if it's time to move on.

  • Love Life (Tarot Card- Eight of Cups)

It is time to introspect if you are happy in your love relationship or if it is becoming toxic. Based on your review, it's time to move on from the relationship.  

  • Career (Tarot Card- Six of Cups)

According to the Tarot prediction for August 2024, you will receive and execute many tasks and projects in collaboration with big teams. Innovation and creativity will flow through you. 

  • Family (Tarot Card- The Sun)

As per the Tarot August month predictions, hidden things and emotions will surface, and you will address them. This will make your family bonding more open and stronger.

  • Business (Tarot Card- The Moon)

It would help if you were more practical and rational in your business dealings. Your financial matters also need more attention.  

Remedy- Wear green according to the color therapy.

Tarot Cancer Horoscope

Dear Cancerians, you can expect exponential business growth. Open communication will resolve the challenges in your love relationship.

  • Love Life (Tarot Card- The Tower)

You will openly communicate with your partner to discuss the relationship challenges. This will make your bond much stronger with them.

  • Career (Tarot Card- The Star)

You can expect growth in your work life depending on your hard work and determination, as indicated by the Tarot prediction in August. Many of you will get the long-due promotions and salary hikes.

  • Family (Tarot Card- Eight of Pentacles)

You will be committed to your family. This month, be prepared to give your family members extra time and attention.  

  • Business (Tarot Card- Ten of Pentacles)

The monthly Tarot reading indicates a lot of business growth. You are soon going to build a big business empire. Some of you will also get involved in your family businesses.  

Remedy- Start doing Aromatherapy; use a lavender essential oil.  

Do you want more personalized predictions about your professional life? It's time to connect with the experts on Astroyogi.

Tarot Leo Horoscope

Dear Leos, success in business and the achievement of career goals are indicated by the Tarot cards. You can anticipate a lavish family life for all the family members.

  • Love Life (Tarot Card- Two of Swords)

As per the Tarot reading for August, confusion or dilemmas can arise in your relationship with your loved ones. This might take time to clear or get resolved. You can be in two states of mind, so give it some time, and all will be fine.  

  • Career (Tarot Card- Knight of Pentacles)

You will achieve your career goals and do well at work with your hard work and dedication.  

  • Family (Tarot Card- Four of Pentacles)

The Tarot prediction in August indicates that more than enough wealth and comfort will exist for your family.  Your family will live a lavish life.

  • Business (Tarot Card- Queen of Pentacles)

Huge business success is what the Tarot cards indicate. And you will have luck on your side.  

Remedy- Use music therapy to balance your Chakras. Sing the seven notes of music to do so.

Tarot Virgo Horoscope

Dear Virgos, the Tarot reading for August predicts that your business will grow and your family will experience a lot of love.

  • Love Life (Tarot Card- Nine of Cups)

Your romantic relationship will be in a good place. Both you and your partner will be happy and passionate about each other.  

  • Career (Tarot Card- Ten of Wands)

According to the Tarot Virgo horoscope, it is time to evaluate your priorities in your professional life. You must remove all the unproductive tasks from the priority list.

  • Family (Tarot Card- King of Pentacles)

You will show much love towards your family through your actions, not just words. You will guide them in whatever domain they need you.  

  • Business (Tarot Card- Ten of Cups)

Your business will prosper; your hard work will reap good results. Positive energy will flow into the workplace, and all the employees will help and support each other.  

Remedy- Carry a yellow handbag with you as per the color therapy.  

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Tarot Libra Horoscope

Dear Libras, there will be happiness and joy at home. There will be some business stagnation, which will require you to be innovative.  

  • Relationship (Tarot Card- Six of Swords)

This will be a healing and empowering time in your relationship, so just exist and breathe. Let the healing take over. 

  • Career (Tarot Card- Eight of Swords)

The Tarot prediction for August 2024 indicates that you might feel stuck or stagnant in your present job or work profile. So, looking for a job or role change will be a good idea.

  • Family (Tarot Card- Three of Cups)

Happiness and joy will fill up your home. Your family members will be enjoying themselves.

  • Business (Tarot Card- Four of Cups)

As per the Tarot monthly horoscope, there will be some business stagnation, and temporary boredom might set in. You must devise out-of-box ideas to make things more engaging and financially rewarding.  

Remedy- Take a bath with rose petals as per the flower therapy.

Tarot Scorpio Horoscope

Dear Scorpios, there will be love and romance in your relationships. New career opportunities will be knocking on your doors. Be more reasonable in your business commitments.

  • Love Life (Tarot Card- The High Priestess)

You will experience attraction, passion, and a lot of intimacy with your romantic partner. The Cupid will bless you this month, as per the Tarot predictions in August.

  • Career (Tarot Card- Ace of Cups)

The Tarot monthly horoscope indicates that there is a possibility of a new job or new career opportunity. You will attract many new projects, which will be rewarding for you.

  • Family (Tarot Card- Judgement)

Spend more quality time with your family. You must be honest and transparent with them under all circumstances.

  • Business (Tarot Card- Seven of Swords)

When it comes to your business, do not let anyone question your integrity or business credibility. You must only practice fair means. Do not make false commitments to your clients; be realistic in your work approach.

Remedy- Stand in front of a mirror and tell yourself, "I Love You", to increase self-love.   

Tarot Sagittarius Horoscope

Dear Sagittarians, you can expect business growth and a loving partner this month. You will also work with big teams, which will be quite an engaging experience.

  • Love Life (Tarot Card- King of Cups)

According to the Tarot Sagittarius horoscope, your partner will be loving and devoted to you. You will be a great listener, offering them that comfort.

  • Career (Tarot Card- Four of Wands)

A successful career is shown on the Tarot cards. You will get to work with big teams for sure, and you will get to gather corporate experience.

  • Family (Tarot Card- King of Swords)

Avoid being stubborn and only thinking about yourself. Be patient and reasonable while dealing with your family members.  

  • Business (Tarot Card- Six of Wands)

According to the Tarot predictions in August, your business enterprise has a great chance of success. You will have a high chance of getting new contracts and clients, which will give you huge financial gains.

Remedy- Water some plants every day to get healing from plants.  

Tarot Capricorn Horoscope

Dear Capricorns, you will succeed in your business. However, your family life may encounter some struggles, so you must prepare to deal with them, as suggested by the Tarot cards.  

  • Love Life (Tarot Card- Three of Pentacles)

Both you and your partner will be committed to each other, and there will be an excellent understanding between you and them.  

  • Career (Tarot Card- Five of Cups)

According to the Tarot monthly horoscope for August 2024, there might be some setbacks and issues at work.  Be open to a job change if the need arises.

  • Family (Tarot Card- Nine of Swords)

There could be some tough times for your family, so be strong and be there for each other.

  • Business (Tarot Card- Strength)

With your hard work and dedication, you will achieve new milestones in your business and be proud of them, as suggested by the Tarot monthly horoscope.

Remedy- Wear a Lapis Lazuli as per the crystal therapy.

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Tarot Aquarius Horoscope

Dear Aquarians, you must embrace change in your work life. You will exhibit great leadership traits in business. Your family and children will keep you happy and on your toes. 

  • Love Life (Tarot Card - The Hermit)

According to the monthly Tarot reading, your partner will support you. It's time for you to spend more quality time together and relish it.  

  • Career (Tarot Card- Death)

Be ready to take some bold steps and decisions in your professional life that will benefit you in the long run. 

  • Family (Tarot Card- Page of Cups)

You will spend a lot of time at home, especially with the kids. You will enjoy playing with them and watching them make mischief. 

  • Business (Tarot Card- King of Wands)

The Tarot Aquarius horoscope indicates that you will demonstrate great leadership skills in your business. Hence, you will help your employees meet all financial goals with your skills and experience. 

Remedy- Wear Selenite to take advantage of crystal therapy.  

Tarot Pisces Horoscope

Dear Pisceans, you can expect financial gains in business and a secured relationship with your romantic partner, as per the Tarot cards.  

  • Love Life (Tarot Card- Nine of Pentacles)

According to the Tarot August month predictions, you will have a stable relationship with a supportive partner who will help you realize all your dreams.

  • Career (Tarot Card- The Hierophant)

There will be lots of knowledge sharing and working with teammates. This will give you great success.  

  • Family (Tarot Card- Five of Wands)

You will explore the lighter side of life with your family, as indicated by the Tarot monthly horoscope. Many of you will pursue hobbies that you could not do before.  

  • Business (Tarot Card- Knight of Swords)

With your drive and perseverance, you will attain success and financial gains in your business.

Remedy- Sodalite crystal will heal you a lot.

*Note- The Tarot predictions for August 2024 mentioned above are generalized forecasts. So, individual experiences may vary. Therefore, talk to Tarot Sonia on Astroyogi for a personalized monthly Tarot reading and remedies!

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