Sun Transit in Sagittarius Sign on 16 December 2019

Fri, Dec 13, 2019
Team Astroyogi
  By Team Astroyogi
Fri, Dec 13, 2019
Team Astroyogi
  By Team Astroyogi
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Sun Transit in Sagittarius Sign on 16 December 2019

Sun transit into Sagittarius sign is going to occur on 16th December 2019. Jupiter is the lord of Sagittarius sign and a friendly planet for Sun. Jupiter, Saturn and Ketu were already present there and Sun is going to join them. This will create "Chaturgrahi yoga". Sun is a masculine, positive and hot planet. It represents the father, head of the organization and government. Beneficial Sun gives ambition, boldness, dignity, leadership, enthusiasm, fame, grace, generosity, good health, loyalty, power royalty and success in worldly affairs.

Predictions for twelve signs (Based on Moon sign)


This is the time to get fame and recognition from the work which you have done in the past. Your success will increase enemies in the workplace. Unexpected delays and non-supportive behaviour of the team will create stress. It is a good time to travel or learn new things. Interest in enriching spiritual energies is indicated. There will be concern related to health issues of family members who are old. Monetary issues will create friction in the relationship. 



This is the time to stay focused on the workplace and home. Reacting on the matters can create big issues. Government or litigation related issues can bother or need to pay some fine. Take the advice of a knowledgeable person in a particular domain where you have to take any important decision. This is a good time to do research and give a competitive exam. Taking a relationship for granted can become a cause of separation or arguments. Lower body-related health issues can bother. 



Be aware of the situation going around you. This is the time to keep confidence and work according to the current situation. You will not be able to work according to the plan. Inevitable events will delay work. Trust to a particular extent is good, blind trust can give financial loss. You will get tempting offers to sign instantly but need to evaluate everything before finalizing the deal. Relationship will face ups and downs, you might not feel good to discuss things. 



This is the time to balance emotion and show the world you are strong enough to handle every situation. Hidden enemies will try to take benefit of your weak emotions for fulfilling their work. Sun is going to give you the power to say yes or no. This is a good time to take a loan for purchasing a property. Money related issues will keep bothering. Expenses on medical and travel are indicated. You may feel emotionally trapped in a relationship until the 28th December. Keep patience, the situation will improve in January. 



Transit of Sun in Sagittarius sign is an auspicious period to get recognition, name, fame and awards. You can get a team leader role at the workplace and can inspire teammates for working together. The businessman will get payments of pending bills and will also get good gains. You will spend time in increasing social networking and enjoying with friends. There will be arguments in the relationship but you will also spend time together. Both of you will get an enormous amount of time to understand each other. 



During this transit, you will easily get influenced by peers, friends and seniors. You will get and entangled in balancing personal and professional life. Circumstances will force to give more time in family and may need to make some quick decisions. Be prepared to do medical and educational expenses. Travel for business purpose is indicated. You can learn things which help get higher positions. Relationship matters will be fragile, try to give space and understand each other's emotions. 



The transit of the Sun in Sagittarius sign is indicating the fulfilment of desires. Auspicious ceremony at home is indicated. This is the time to get favour from seniors, elders, teammates and royal persons. You will get power and responsibilities with these meetings. The businessman will be able to get good gains but still feel a lack of cash. It is a good time to promote business online. In a relationship, you can expect surprises and gifts from the partner. Fever, indigestion and lack of sleep can disturb routine. 



You will get opportunities to prove yourself in professional life. If you are looking for a job in MNC it is the best time to get it. The businessman can plan for increasing business or can finalize good deals. Investment in gold and property is indicated. This is also a good time to plan a holiday with the family in a foreign country. Relation with a sibling can increase stress. Admission in a foreign country can also be possible. Eyes and nerves related issues can bother. In relationship difference of views can upset. 



Sun the lord of luck house is going to transit from Sagittarius sign, this is an auspicious period but Sun is with Jupiter, Ketu and Saturn so there will be some challenges too. Magnanimous and generosity will come in nature. The thirst to learn or understand deep subjects like occult will increase. You will become more inclined towards spiritual energies. Professionally this is a favourable period to get recognition, new job and signing new contracts. You will become proactive and can leave things incomplete. You will become more action-oriented and will help partner in work. The bond between both of you will get strengthen. Health-wise it is a good period but still, you might feel a lack of energy.



Sun in Sagittarius sign is creating "Vipreet Rajyog" which is considered auspicious. The work which has to be done by government officials will get delayed but it is a favourable time to move ahead or complete litigation work. Unexpected gains from inheritance, insurance or investment can appear. Travel for business purpose will be fruitful. The difference of views with a partner can create some disturbances. Fever and pain in the lower body can brother. Expenses on the maintenance of the vehicle are indicated. 



This is an auspicious time to meet influential and people at a high position which will give benefit in personal and professional life. Financial, social and political gains are indicated. You will feel anxiety in taking initiative in new work. It is a good time for promoting business or complete pending work. You need to refrain yourself from ego and adamant nature. The possessive attitude in the relationship can increase arguments. You need to show trust in the partner. Try to keep life in discipline and eat healthy food. 



Sun is getting directional strength in this period indicating on authority, power, prosperity and public support. You can get a better profile and responsible work. It is also a good time for import-export and online business. There will be diversions at the workplace which will delay projects. It is a good time to sell the property. Hidden enemies will try to pull you down. Mental stress due to family issues can irritate. Past health issues can reappear.

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