September's Investment Power Moves! Money-Making Made Easy

Tue, Aug 29, 2023
Tarot Sonia
  By Tarot Sonia
Tue, Aug 29, 2023
Team Astroyogi
  By Tarot Sonia
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September's Investment Power Moves! Money-Making Made Easy

Navigate September with confidence through savvy investment choices! Get ready for money-making made easy by exploring our expert insights. Your financial journey starts here!

“Market Fluctuations are your friend and not enemy” - as Warren Buffett correctly stated, who understood the Stock Market Mantra of winning by the investor's temperament rather than intellect!

The Stock Market will always be volatile, so embrace the ever-changing rhythm of the Stock Market. When it's bearish, seize the chance to invest; when it's bullish, consider selling. These fluctuations aren't setbacks – they're your openings. Stay calm and rational, treat it as a game, and make informed moves. Opportunity knocks when emotions step aside. 

With this knowledge and wisdom, let’s unlock astrological Stock Market predictions for September 2023! The Sensex and the Nifty are expected to rise, with the Sensex currently hovering around INR 65,000 and the Nifty expected to reach about INR 19,000 in just a few months. 

Learn how the Sensex and Nifty might fare in September and discover tailored expert insights for all 12 Zodiac signs on BSE and NSE.  We also take it a step further and offer recommendations for some stocks you can add to your portfolio after speaking with your portfolio manager, keeping in mind that these are only broad predictions and that individual horoscopes may have their own limitations and advantages.

Let’s dive in!


Dear Ariens, you will be very lucky in the share market this month. Your Stock market predictions for September month indicate that you'll make huge profits if you make wise decisions after introspection and research. With careful introspection and diligent research, you'll find yourself navigating the market with precision, akin to hitting the bullseye.

Fortunes favor the prepared, and your meticulous research into market trends will serve you well. Trust your instincts, lean into your well-honed judgment, and make informed investments. Patience will be your ally; gradual and well-informed steps will yield the best outcomes.

Intriguingly, a desire to sell off older stocks may arise as gains become apparent in the current market scenario. However, heed the wisdom of the stars – if your financial standing allows and there's no immediate necessity, consider holding onto these stocks. Your astrological insights indicate that their value will likely escalate significantly in the coming two to three months. Allow them to grow, bringing potentially higher profits.

Suggested Stocks Category: 

  • Luxury Goods
  • Agriculture
  • Real Estate 

Remedy – Try to do all of your trading on a daily basis during the Abhijit Muhurat, as this will be most auspicious for you and will help you attract and accumulate wealth through the Stock Market.


Dear Taureans, the current market volatility might present challenges with unpredictable fluctuations. Past investments could yield losses, leading to regret. However, don’t lose heart; remember that investing is a long-term endeavor. It's essential to detach emotions from decisions. Consider reinvesting in new stocks and segments after conducting thorough research and consulting your horoscope prediction. A blend of research and luck carries significant weight in the Stock Market.

Exploring opportunities in the Healthcare sector could prove beneficial. Pharma giants and mid-cap companies within this domain might offer auspicious investment prospects. Nevertheless, exercise caution and conduct thorough research before making any commitments.

A strategic approach is recommended. Diversify your investments by distributing your capital across three or four buckets of equal or varying amounts. Allocate these funds to different companies, thereby mitigating risk. Remember, the investment landscape requires meticulous planning and prudent decision-making to navigate its complexities successfully.

Suggested Stocks Category: 

  • Pharmaceutical Companies 
  • Sports Companies
  • Health and Wellness Sector 

Remedy – Make all investments while sitting in the North East direction only, as this is the direction of Heaven's Luck and will bring you enormous divine intervention and luck for market gains.


Dear Geminis! Brace yourselves for a month of calculated moves in the share market. Your monthly or masik rashifal for share market has some stellar advice: hold off on the impulsive trading and market tip reactions. Instead, channel that characteristic Gemini adaptability towards a disciplined investment approach. 

In the world of stocks, it's all about playing smart rather than fast. While riding every rise and fall of the Sensex wave is tempting, your horoscope suggests a more cautious route. Don't worry, though - this isn't a call to back out. It's an invitation to invest strategically. 

Creating a structured investment portfolio can be advantageous. Divide your holdings into three distinct categories: short-term, mid-term, and long-term investments. Stocks to be held for 2 to 5 years fall under the short-term category, while those held for 5 to 10 years belong to the mid-term segment. Anything surpassing the 10-year mark should be categorized as long-term holdings.

Organizing your investments on platforms like Excel or Notepad not only provides a clearer snapshot of your current standing but also enhances your decision-making process. This systematic approach will empower you with insights into your present status and equip you for informed future investment decisions.

Suggested Stocks Category: 

  • Media
  • Telecommunications
  • Information Technology

Remedy – Place Energised and Programmed Gomati Chakras in the set of 3, 5, 11, and 21 on the desk where you do the Share market transactions. Gomati Chakras are believed to be divine Chakras found in the holy river Gomati that attract Goddess Lakshmi’s blessings.


Dear Cancerians! As we delve into September, there are two crucial pointers to remember. Firstly, exercise caution when considering investment advice from others, as this may lead to unforeseen losses. It's imperative to rely on your own judgment and refrain from making impulsive commitments. 

Strengthen your Stock Market awareness, enriching your understanding of share market trends. Engaging in extensive reading and exploring available articles and courses will empower you with the knowledge needed to navigate this domain effectively. If you have surplus funds, consider channeling them into investments after meticulous research. Rather than diverting these funds elsewhere, strategic investment decisions could prove to be a rewarding venture.

The success stories of individuals who've transitioned from humble beginnings to financial prosperity in the stock market underscore the significance of astute decision-making. In the realm of BSE and NSE, the key factors are 'What' to buy and 'When' to buy; this distinction alone shapes the trajectory of success.

Suggested Stocks Category: 

  • Diamond Companies
  • Sports
  • Leather Industry

Remedy – Feed ants every morning, and make sure your steps are gentle enough that you do not step on them by mistake. Because ants are inextricably linked to Mother Earth, feeding and protecting them increases our financial stability and prosperity.

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Dear Leos, it's an opportune time to broaden your investment horizons by strategically diversifying your stock portfolio across various risk levels and business sectors. Our stock market prediction for September indicates that you might consider including stocks in the names of family members to diversify and enhance your portfolio depth.

Considering stocks from diverse sectors like oil and Pharma could prove advantageous. A well-rounded approach across industries will be pivotal for portfolio expansion and resilience. While it might be tempting to cash in on profitable stocks swiftly, exercise caution before making impulsive decisions to sell. The current climate suggests that retaining your holdings might be wiser.

It's common to contemplate shifting your funds from stocks to other investment avenues like Cryptocurrency or alternative policies influenced by peer suggestions or FOMO (fear of missing out). However, this might not be wise at this time. We recommend maintaining your existing investments and tread cautiously.

Suggested Stocks Category: 

  • Public Sector
  • Housing Industry
  • Motor Car Company 

Remedy – Feed the fish as many times as you can. Find a lake or a pond nearby so that you can make regular and multiple visits. The best is to make small balls of kneaded dough with sugar powder to make it sweet and tasty for the fish to feed and relish. This shall bring you lots of abundance and prosperity.


 Dear Virgos! Get ready for a promising month ahead in the world of investments. Your share market horoscope shines bright, indicating profits and gains. While some of you may feel content with your long-term strategies, others might be drawn to the excitement of intraday trading. Your horoscope, particularly the state of your 5th House – the realm of the share market – holds the key to your success.

Consider directing your attention towards the Oil, Coal, and Rubber industries. These sectors could offer intriguing opportunities for your investment endeavors. It might be wise to diversify your portfolio by selecting companies from one of these three categories. 

However, don't hesitate to explore other options that align with your risk tolerance and seem compelling. This month, your share market horoscope suggests potential pathways to wealth accumulation through calculated moves in the share market.

Suggested Stocks Category: 

  • Oil Industry
  • Coal Industry
  • Rubber Industry 

Remedy – Place Energized and Programmed Gomati Chakras in groups of 3, 5, 11, and 21 on the desk where you do your stock market transactions. Gomati Chakras are divine Chakras believed to be found in the holy river Gomati that attract Maa Lakshmi and her blessings. 


Dear Libras, it's time to bring out your market-savvy side this month, as your share market horoscope suggests! Your venture into the share market realm has been no small feat – you've soaked up knowledge and made a substantial investment portfolio. Now, why not take a leap and aim for the stars? High risk can mean high rewards, after all!

The Stock market prediction for September suggests you consider shifting your focus towards the smaller companies – those that might be flying under the radar. While the giants might have hit their peak, these smaller players have room to blossom, potentially offering a more promising ROI – return on investment. The stars whisper that your calculated moves could lead to lucrative outcomes. 

Suggested Stocks Category: 

  • Oil Mills
  • Petroleum Industry
  • Heavy Engineering Companies 

Remedy – Feed green spinach and other leafy vegetables to cows and cattle. Make sure the leaves are not stale; ensure they are fresh. Do this frequently, though Wednesdays are not to be missed at all. As Mercury (Budh) is the Karaka for stock market gains, this remedy will strengthen and make a more favorable Budh in your horoscope.


Dear Scorpios, abundance is seen in your horoscope in the September share market; hence, all the wise moves will pay you huge gains. As per your September month stock market prediction, this is also a good time to sell some of the previous stocks. And if there are no pressing requirements to use the money, then it is advised to use the same finances to buy other segment shares for long-term gains.

You also might think about selling some of the stocks that you have bought in your other family member’s names, including your spouse and mother, as they might report good profits. You can also encourage the other members of the family to try their hands on intra-day trading; however, within the limits as this might be their first time exploring, so it’s better to be safe than sorry and start with a low budget that you are comfortable even losing, the chances of which are very low though.

Suggested Stocks Category: 

  • Dairy Products
  • Food Products
  • Tea and Coffee Industry 

Remedy – Donate rice as often as possible throughout the month to as many people as possible. Rice represents abundance, and sharing it brings us more of it. You can donate it to temples, gurudwaras, NGOs, old age homes, orphanages, poor people on the streets, and so on.


Dear Sagittarians, it's time to revamp your trading game and hop on the wave of new market trends. You've got to ditch those old-school notions and catch up with the ever-changing market dynamics. With changes in technology, economic, and political scenarios, the entire market behavior and the pattern have changed. Hence, you must upgrade to stay and win in the market.

Embrace the winds of change and explore the vibrant realms of the Steel and Chemical industries. These sectors hold promises of gains that resonate with your stars. But that's not all – don't miss the boat on the Spinning Mills and fertilizer companies either. Your cosmic forecast suggests potential gains in these areas as well. So, what's the delay? Start your investment spree and make those moves count!

Suggested Stocks Category: 

  • Steel Industry 
  • Chemical and Fertilizer Industry 
  • Spinning Mills 

Remedy – Gift a touch of kindness to our Kinnar (transgender) friends – beautiful green bangles, jewelry, dupattas, sarees, etc. Offer your respects and request them to bless you with their hands on your head. It's advisable to do this multiple times, not skipping the Wednesdays. Our Kinnar friends represent the planet Budh (Mercury), and hence, their friendship and blessings can be your guiding light to both happiness and success in the share market. 


Dear Capricorns! September is your time to shine in the share market arena, both at the BSE & NSE. Brace yourselves for a month of action that will shape your investments for decades to come – yes, we're talking long-term prosperity here! Your smart moves now can potentially multiply your ROI (Return On Investment) by a whopping four times. Get ready to dive into the game and strategize for success!

The Stock market prediction for September indicates that it might be a good idea to steer clear of the IT companies and banking sectors this time, especially if you've already got your pockets filled with stocks from these areas. 

Instead, set your sights on the education-based companies. These could be in the service, research domain, or even a combination of both. These sectors have a higher likelihood of delivering juicy gains to your portfolio.

Suggested Stocks Category: 

  • Shipping Corporation
  • Pharma
  • Research Companies

Remedy – Read Bhagavad Geeta Chapter 1, as this will help you ground your energies and help you with a clear focus. This will give you the direction you need to navigate the exciting world of the stock exchange.

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Dear Aquarians! Looks like your money matters are taking center stage in your mind. If you've been overwhelmed with your finances, it's time to bring in the pros. Consider roping in an investment manager or a professional to work their magic on your share market horoscope and money portfolio.

Steer clear of the Oil and Petrochemical sectors, as share market prediction suggests they might not swing in your favor. The stars hint that these might not be your winning cards and could even lead to losses. 

Instead, set your sights on the glitz and glamor of the Media and Page 3 scene. These stocks, connected to the Venus Industry of Fame and Beauty, could be your ticket to a prosperous market ride. So, gear up and ride those waves of potential success!

Suggested Stocks Category: 

  • Entertainment Industry 
  • Fashion
  • Event Management 

Remedy – As you tread the trading waters, energize your workspace with energized and programmed sets of 3, 5, 11, and 21 Gomati Chakras. These sacred Chakras, said to originate from the holy river Gomati, are like magnets for Goddess Lakshmi's blessings, attracting prosperity to your transactions.


Dear Pisceans! Your stock market horoscope is all about the moolah right now – fast-money vibes are in the air! It's time to ride this wave of luck and turn it into real gains. This month, it's all about savvy choices and nailing the perfect timing for stock dealings. Dive into your candle charts, closely monitor market trends, track the Sensex daily, and chat with fellow investors.

While you're at it, steer clear of the Education and Research sector for a few months. If you've got those stocks in your portfolio already, no need to worry. Let them be – with the ebb and flow of the market, they'll find their way up! 

As you make waves in the stock market, consider Art and fashion companies for your new stock ventures. Share your newfound wisdom with others, building your reputation as a savvy investor. Who knows, you might just be the next big shot in the stock market world. This journey of self-growth and financial prowess will not only enhance your portfolio but also empower you to take control of your investment destiny.

Suggested Stocks Category: 

  • Art and Creativity-Based Companies
  • Lifestyle 
  • Fashion 

Remedy – Water donations to temples, other religious institutions, and NGOs will be extremely beneficial, as water is a symbol of money and liquidity. Sharing it with others will increase our chances of getting more of it. It's a simple Karmic and Universal law that what you share with others multiplies and returns to you.

* Note: While these predictions are incredibly accurate and precise, it's important to remember that everyone's individual astrological charts are unique. The positions of planets and the ongoing Dashas can vary, leading to distinct impacts on your financial prospects and share market luck. So, it is advisable that before making significant investment decisions, consult with Astroyogi expert Tarot Pooja to ensure you have personalized insights for big and long-term gains.

Here's wishing you 10X growth in the Stocks!


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