Solar Eclipse 2022: How Can It Impact Your Life?

Tue, Oct 25, 2022
Rajdeep Pandit
  By Rajdeep Pandit
Tue, Oct 25, 2022
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  By Rajdeep Pandit
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Solar Eclipse 2022: How Can It Impact Your Life?

Solar eclipses are one of nature's most extraordinary events. Solar eclipse 2022 is set to occur on 25th October 2022. Are you interested to know about the significance of a Solar eclipse and its impact on your life? If yes, continue reading here.

The Earth revolves around the Sun and also rotates on its axis. In the process of this rotation and revolution, when the Moon passes between the Earth and the Sun, viewed from Earth, the Sun is completely or partially covered by the Moon. In this phenomenon wherein the Moon comes between the Sun and the Earth, the Sun's image behind the Moon is covered briefly. This phenomenon is called a Solar eclipse.

Solar Eclipse 2022 in India Date And Time: Know Here

Below are the date and timings of the Solar eclipse 2022 in India.

  1. Solar Eclipse Date- 25th October 2022. This date is Kartik Amavasya Tuesday.
  2. Solar Eclipse Time (IST)
  • 1st location to view the partial Solar eclipse begins- 14:29
  • Maximum Eclipse- 16:30
  • 2nd location to view the partial eclipse ends- 18:32

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Significance of A Solar Eclipse

According to mythological beliefs, the story of the Solar eclipse is related to the churning of the ocean. It is believed that in ancient times the gods and Asuras (demons) together churned the sea, and the nectar came out of the ocean. After this, the divine Lord Vishnu distributed the nectar to other gods. During this time, a demon named Svarbhanu also drank nectar by disguising himself as a god. Chandra (Moon) and Surya (Sun) recognized Svarbhanu and informed Lord Vishnu. Lord Vishnu got angry and severed Svarbhanu's head from the body. But, as Svarbhanu had drunk the nectar already, he became immortal. The head became a separate entity called Rahu, and the detached body came to be known as Ketu. Since then, Rahu has considered Moon and Sun, his enemies and swore vengeance against the Sun and the Moon. So, sometimes, Rahu swallows the Sun and the Moon for some time. This is why it is believed that Rahu influences them during the Solar and Lunar eclipses.

The Sun is the main planet and powerhouse of our universal system. The Solar eclipse will affect people from every zodiac sign. There is a rule about Solar eclipses that the Sutak period is observed 12 hours before a Solar eclipse. The inauspicious period before the Surya Grahan or Solar eclipse is known as Sutak. So, the Sutak starts at 02:29 p.m. on the night of 24th October 2022, Diwali. This Solar eclipse won't be visible in India because the sunset will happen before the Solar eclipse ends.

The Solar eclipse 2022 will be on the next day of Diwali, as Diwali will be celebrated on 24th October 2022. This day has enormous religious significance; however, you will be glad to know that the Solar eclipse will not affect Lakshmi Puja. The night of Diwali is considered powerful for worshiping the divine deities. Some people also do the Tantra Sadhana during this time. This particular night will be special for Tantra Sadhana and Siddhi due to the Sutak of the eclipse. It will be very beneficial to chant the mantras of Goddess Lakshmi on this night.

When it comes to Solar eclipse, as per traditions, there are some restrictions and norms for pregnant women. Pregnant women are typically advised to stay indoors during a Solar eclipse. They should not sleep during a Solar eclipse and should avoid the harmful eclipse rays. On this day, people should travel to religious sites, take a bath in holy rivers, and make donations.

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Impact of Solar Eclipse 2022 on The 12 Zodiac Signs

The Solar eclipse occurring on 25th October 2022 will be in the Libra sign, which is a debilitated sign for the Sun. But Venus is also transiting at the same time, so a Neech Bhang Raj Yoga will make this event powerful. However, Libra natives need to take special care during this time. Doing charity and reading the Aditya Hridaya Stotra will especially benefit Libra natives. In Medini astrology, the Solar eclipse has its own importance. As per astrology, the effects of fire and flammable substances will exist when it comes to events in the country and the world. In general, the rainfall will be less, and there might be inflation in some grains. A minister or political leader in our country or the world will face trouble or accidents.

Let's get to know the effects of the Solar eclipse 2022 on each zodiac sign.

  • Aries

This Solar eclipse 2022 will be painful for the married Aries natives. There will be trouble when it comes to family, marriage, and partnerships. There will also be financial problems. New partnerships or your work field will also run into some problems. Additionally, there might be some defaults in managing day-to-day expenses. 

Remedy- Worship Lord Surya, and avoid any unwanted expenses.

  • Taurus

The natives will face health issues and legal matters. Some natives will travel out of the country, far away from their native place. Some hidden anxiety and tension will emerge for some time. The natives who are students or related to education will complete the courses and go to foreign countries.

Remedy- Avoid clashes with your near and dear ones. Donate white food items to needy people.

  • Gemini

The natives will obtain some positivity from children during this time. They will also resume old educational courses and get blessings from their past life's work. There will be more expenses and money-related problems. During this time, important work will get delayed, and the results will not be as per your expectations. You will require some help when it comes to your love life and family in order to continue having a good bond.

Remedy- Focus on education and do not start any new work, job, or activity.

  • Cancer

This is a good time to resume old work that was on hold for a long time. You will purchase new property and land. If you have any legal matters, you will win. Some natives will face politics in their workplace and in society. When it comes to career, if you are associated with politics, you will be more successful. You can easily come under the influence of others. Additionally, during this time, you can be more practical and money-minded.

Remedy- Don't show weakness to others. Also, avoid having important discussions in front of anyone.

  • Leo

This will be a pretty important time for your professional life. You will enjoy long and short trips with your family and friends. Your siblings will be supportive when it comes to money matters. Moreover, new property dealings and acquisitions will be possible during this time. You will become famous in writing and literature. Your family life and love life will be good.

Remedy- Avoid jealousy and misunderstandings when it comes to your siblings and neighbors.

  • Virgo

During this time, your earning source will get more optimized. You will have more than one income source, but you must be honest with your taxes. Some natives will face defamation. During this time, your words and tone will be harsh. For the natives who are married, their marriage will be fine, but other natives' love lives will have some problems. Some natives can start the process of discussing their second marriage. The natives associated with the government sector might get transferred, or activities could happen around their posting.

Remedy-  Avoid ego and keep control of your words. Also, build good relationships with your father, grandfather, teachers, and Guru.

  • Libra

The natives' nature will be aggressive, rigid, and steady during this time. They can become more selfish. The natives associated with politics and social life will be more famous. The natives' fathers will be in trouble due to their health. You also might face some hidden illnesses or old diseases.  Your marriage and love life will be good and stable. Some natives will also get the blessing of a child becoming a part of their family.

Remedy- Avoid clashes with official people, seniors, or influential decision-makers.

  • Scorpio

You will be more powerful during the Solar eclipse 2022. You will be surrounded by your rivals, but you will win over them. You will also be involved in secretive and occult work. You will disagree with your father and his opinions about property and investment during this time. You will have more than one relationship in your personal life. There will be out-of-county traveling and educational activities.

Remedy-  Control your food habits and avoid unwanted trips and tours.

  • Sagittarius

During the Solar eclipse 2022, you will become a good leader and be able to fulfill your dreams. You will make lots of profit in the government sector, and the flow of money will be good. Your share market and stock investment will give you good returns. Your family life, relationships, and education will make you happy and strong. Additionally, you will have more than one income source.

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Remedy-  Be sure about your investments. Also, be careful when it comes to your eyes and legs in terms of your health.

  • Capricorn

During this time, new jobs and work will start, and your life will be more practical. You will become famous in your field of work. The natives can connect with a political party and participate in social activities. They can become a leader in their local area. Any family matters that have been troublesome for a long time will get resolved. You must avoid new partnerships in business. You will become more confident in your own skills and capabilities.

Remedy-  Avoid misunderstandings with your partner, seniors, and bosses. Due to your emotional nature, do not take on any big challenges.

  • Aquarius

This time will not be good for your father, his profession, or his fame. You will be more focused on your family business and work. There will be out-of-country travel, and your studies will start. Students pursuing their master's degree will also obtain benefits during this time. You should connect with some religious activities. The natives who are waiting for their second marriage will be successful. Some natives will receive awards and appreciation in their field of work.

Remedy-  Respect your father and any older person and their thoughts. Also, avoid your ego, and become more polite.

  • Pisces

During this time, family property and inheritance will be received by you. There is also a possibility that natives might earn from secretive work, and there could be sudden gains. There might be confusion in your family life and professional life. The natives involved in research work will be more successful. Your family will grow with the addition of new family members, and you will enjoy a normal family life.

Remedy- Avoid clashes when it comes to family matters. Don't get deceived easily and become more alert regarding money transactions.

Do you want to learn more about the impact of Solar eclipse 2022 on your life? If so, reach out to Rajdeep Pandit.


✍️By- Rajdeep Pandit

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