Wondering How to Become Rich in March? Your Zodiac Holds the Key!

Wed, Feb 28, 2024
Tarot Sonia
  By Tarot Sonia
Wed, Feb 28, 2024
Team Astroyogi
  By Tarot Sonia
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Wondering How to Become Rich in March? Your Zodiac Holds the Key!

Well-known American businessman and investor Robert D. Arnott said - “In investing, what is comfortable is rarely profitable."

Here, the wise man Robert Arnott certainly talks about trying out the newer options while investing and not just being restricted to the conventional ones.

On the same belief system and lines, we introduce new investment options and tools in the equity markets for you this month. From the Nifty 50 to the ETFs, from Exchange Traded Funds to the FPI and Foreign Portfolio Investment, more and more new investment avenues have been predicted and suggested for you to use as a wealth creation tool.

Let's read below to uncover the mystery of having abundant wealth with this stock market prediction for March 2024.


What Is the Stock Market Predictions For Each Zodiac Sign in March 2024?

The month of March brings some extraordinary revelations for the zodiac signs in terms of stock and share investments and wealth accumulation. Additionally, there are expert tips and solutions to help you easily overcome obstacles and draw luck this month. 


Dear Ariens, according to your March month stock market prediction, this month will be when you can get into the markets, if not already.  

Start with any DMAT, as we have many floating around these days that get you entry into the market within 5 minutes - from Kite of Zerodha to Angel Broking to Edelweiss. All are beneficial and good, and they will help you grow your business exponentially.

For the investors who are already playing in the market, you will be doing phenomenally well and will continue making your portfolio strong. Invest in the dips and book profits on the highs. You will be booking profits several times this month, so enjoy the gains.

Suggested Stocks Category

  • Pharma 

  • Chemicals 

Remedy: On Saturdays, help and support your housekeepers, security guards, elderly people, and staff. In astrology, all these people signify Shani or Saturn, and we certainly need Saturn’s blessings to be winners in the long run.

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Dear Taureans, March 2024 will see market corrections a few times, and hence, we advise you that there is no need to book losses. 

However, if you feel that instead of blocking your money, it makes sense to re-invest it in another stock, then even booking a loss is fine, as many investors are following this strategy. Market corrections are awaited in a big way, but this will take some time, and for now, it will be in bits and pieces only, so use the opportunity to book profits. 

Overall, you will have a healthy and growing portfolio for sure, provided you are patient and use your wisdom.

Suggested Stocks Category

  • Agricultural 

  • Fertilizer

Remedy - Use pre-programmed and pre-charged Gomati Chakras to attract and manifest stock market luck. The Gomati Chakra is believed to come out of the Gomati River and attract the blessings of Goddess Lakshmi.


Gemini friends, proper analysis will be the key for you this month as well as the next few months. Your share market horoscope indicates not buying stocks randomly or based on tips. It will be better if you also get yourself involved in the equity analysis part and only then consider investing.

This is no rocket science, and with some basic knowledge that you can get on the tutorials, you can use some of the fantastic sites available for analysis like Screener, Value Research, etc. Using your in-depth, comprehensive, and end-to-end data and graphs, you can invest and also suggest others to do the same.

Suggested Stocks Category

  • Computers 

  • Softwares

Remedy - Sukra Mani is the one for you. It's a precious gemstone that will enhance your Shukra or Venus and open the doors of financial gain for you. 


Dear Cancerians, it's time to look at the IPOs overall and add them to your investment bucket in March. Consider options for gold bonds and other metal bonds as well; even if they have a lock-in period, they will create wealth and give you tax benefits in the long run. Hence, it makes more sense to buy gold bonds instead of physical ones. There will also be no issue of safety or security.

Also, according to the stock market prediction, the Cancer zodiac natives will be very bullish this month and have the strength to take risks and play in the market. It will prove them good, as you win only when you play.

Suggested Stocks Category

  • Artificial Intelligence 

  • Robotics 

Remedy - It will be beneficial for you to find a lake or pond nearby and feed the fish at least biweekly (every two weeks) or as much as you can, and you will certainly see positive results.


Our Leo friends in March 2024 will be very keen on the NFOs, which are New Fund offers, with their high risk-taking appetite and interest in exploring and investing in the new opportunities available in the market. 

However, the March month stock market prediction suggests that you must balance this out with equally balanced and historical-based performance options to have the best of both worlds and to avoid any regrets.

Create an investment bucket with low, medium, and high-risk equities, then distribute it evenly based on your short-term, mid-term, and long-term investment goals.

Suggested Stocks Category

  • Fisheries  

  • Export And Import 

Remedy- Help and support transgender individuals as much as you can by giving them food, grains, clothes, and cosmetics as donations to seek Mercury’s blessings this month. Doing so will go a long way toward supporting your intraday trading.


Our Virgo friends will be looking at FPIs - the Foreign Investment portfolios, which means deciding to invest in foreign investment opportunities, including their shares, IPOs, and mutual funds. 

This may include the US market or even other markets, like Japan. This month might be a little demanding, as you will not only need to be on your toes regarding international news and events and their constant impact on the index/indices but also work and engage in the trade markets in different time zones.

But as the saying goes, no pain, no gain, so go for it, dear Virgos, and create wealth for yourself and your loved ones.

Suggested Stocks Category

  • Petrochemicals  

  • Oil

Remedy- Feeding ants every morning will enhance your accumulated wealth Karma and help you attract better and more promising shares.


Dear Libra friends, as per your share market prediction, mutual funds will catch your attention, and most of you will not miss the bus. You will start SIPs - Systematic Investment Policies not only for yourself but also for your family members.

You will lay your hands on multiple mutual funds from mid-cap and large-cap companies. Some may plan a long SIP plan, and some of you might buy just like that with the extra cash in hand.  This will benefit you in the long run and secure your future without putting much pressure or burden on your shoulders.

Suggested Stocks Category

  • Oil And Gas  

  • Petrochemicals 

Remedy- Offer Satnaja (a mix of 7/seven grains) to the birds, as this will clear your Vayu Tattva, helping you excel in the stocks.


The Scorpio share market horoscope indicates that Scorpio natives will get into a lot of detailing and criticalities. They will evaluate and buy the equities that make sense and make good use of their planet Mercury or Budh, utilizing their analytical and logical skills. Mercury will only get them good luck in the share market with their 5th House or Bhava of the Kundli getting activated.

Zeroing in on the Nifty 50, Nifty 100, and Nifty 500 will be your call, and you will jump for it without any stress, as you know no matter what, your investment is safe and secure. The Niftys will also do well as the individual non-performing stocks will always keep getting out of the pool, maintaining the top 50 stocks in the Nifty 50, the top 100 stocks in the Nifty 100, and the top 500 stocks in the Nifty 500.

Suggested Stocks Category

  • Fashion  

  • Clothing 

Remedy - Make some yellow rice with sugar and distribute it to everyone as Prasadam on Thursdays. This will enhance your Jupiter and help you choose your stocks more wisely and patiently.


Dear Sagittarius friends, you shouldn’t get tempted and sucked into petty stocks. Instead, think big, think wise, and invest only in the Blue chip stocks for the long term. Such stocks will always give you gains in the long term, irrespective of whether the market is bullish or bearish.

Your monthly or Mashik Rashifal for the stock market advised you to go slow and know that you have a tendency to burn your fingers in the intra-day market, so staying away from it would be wise.

Suggested Stocks Category

  • Media  

  • Publications 

Remedy - Donate milk to those in need every Monday while chanting “Om Namah Shivay”. This will help you receive Lord Shiva's, aka Mahadev's, blessings and excel in the investment arena.

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Capricorn friends, in March 2024, try your hands on the Renewal Energy stocks, as that is the present and surely future of the economy. Even the government will invest immensely and come out with policies supporting the sector.

Hence, there will be no shortage of expansion and growth, as this is still a nascent and untapped sector. The question of saturation will not arise for many years. Parking your money here means only success and appreciation of your money.

Suggested Stocks Category

  • Communication  

  • Energy 

Remedy - Offer betel leaf on Tuesdays to Lord Hanuman with some Besan or Boondi Ladoos, and then share the Prasadam with as many people as possible to spread his blessings. You will see the magic overnight and feel grounded and protected always.


Dear Aquarians, as per your monthly stock market prediction, you can think about investing in ETFs, which are Exchange Traded Funds and are funds that trade on the exchanges. ETFs will lower your risk and exposure and help you strengthen and diversify your investment portfolio.

There are more than many ETF options available in the market to choose from, both in the NSE and BSE as well as US markets.

Suggested Stocks Category

  • Media  

  • Healthcare 

Remedy - Every day, give the cow the first Chapati you prepare in the house. This will increase your chances of luck in the stock market.


Dear Pisceans, your share market horoscope advises not to jump and buy anything randomly this month, as it’ll be a bit tricky for you.

Instead, try creating various watchlists in your DEMAT app, studying and comparing the stocks in the watchlists, and then taking a call to buy. With this strategy, you will only gain more and more. Remember, slow and steady wins the race!

Suggested Stocks Category

  • Banks  

  • Investment Companies 

Remedy - Wear aromatic perfumes and maximum makeup on Fridays to receive Venus's blessings. This will help you attract more money and luxury through the stock market and enjoy the funds you earn.

Please Note - Though these are absolutely amazing and precise predictions, your individual charts will have different planetary degrees and different Dashas running for you, which will have individual impacts on your finances and share market luck. Therefore, it is advised that before you invest, especially for the big stakes, talk to Astroyogi expert Tarot Sonia to get professional guidance for big and long-term gains.

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