Indian Presidential Election 2022: Who Will Win? Astrology Can Reveal!

Thu, Jun 30, 2022
Jyotish Vinayak
  By Jyotish Vinayak
Thu, Jun 30, 2022
Team Astroyogi
  By Jyotish Vinayak
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Indian Presidential Election 2022: Who Will Win? Astrology Can Reveal!

The Election Commission is set to flag off the race for the President Election 2022, where one exceptional candidate will emerge victorious and become the next President of India. Read to know what astrology can reveal about the elections and which Indian Presidential candidate has a better chance of winning. 

It will be safe to assume that the Indian Presidential election holds much importance! Currently, Ram Nath Kovind is serving as the President of India. According to Article 56 (1) of the Constitution of India, the President of our country should be in office for five years. Once the term expires, an election poll is organized to choose the next individual who can fill this coveted position.

The term of office for the current President, Ram Nath Kovind, will end on 24th July 2022, and an election for the new President must be held before the incumbent's term can get completed. Thus, the Indian Presidential Election 2022 is set to be held on 18th July 2022 to choose the next President of India, and the much-awaited results will be announced on 21st July 2022. The President is elected by the esteemed members of the Electoral College, which consists of elected members of Houses of Parliament and elected members of the Legislative Assemblies of all the Indian States. This includes the National Capital Territory of Delhi and the Union Territory of Puducherry.

Let's learn what astrology can reveal about the President Election 2022 and the Indian President candidates.

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President Election 2022: Who Are The Candidates And What Will Be The Results? 

The Indian President candidates have been announced for the Presidential Election 2022, in which former cabinet minister Yashwant Sinha has been nominated as a candidate by the UPA, and Draupadi Murmu, the former governor of Jharkhand, from the NDA, has been nominated.

Here is the astrological analysis of the Presidential Election 2022. This will tell you which President Election 2022 candidate will likely win in this election.

Yashwant Sinha

  • Date of Birth- 6th November 1937
  • Time- 12:00 PM (afternoon) 
  • Place of Birth- Patna (Bihar)

According to the horoscope of Yashwant Sinha, Capricorn is his Lagna or Ascendant, and Scorpio is his sign. According to Yashwant Sinha's birth chart, the Mahadasha of Guru or Jupiter is currently in motion. In the birth number, Jupiter is Dwadashesh and is placed in the 12th house while being aspected by Saturn in its original Mool Trikon Rashi. Jupiter is present in the constellation or Nakshatra of the Sun, Uttarashada. Due to Vargottama in Navamsa, the native may receive immense name and fame, but the chances of success will be quite less.

At present, Venus in Antardasha is going on in Yashwant Sinha's horoscope. Venus being the Yoga Karaka in the birth number, is sitting in the position of luck and fortune in the debilitated zodiac sign or 'Neech Rashi' and is aspected by Saturn. Being situated in the constellation or Nakshatra of Mars, known as Chitra, the position of Venus in the Navamsa again is in a debilitated zodiac sign or 'Neech Rashi.' According to Vedic astrology, this state can weaken the native's claim in the Presidential Election. 

Draupadi Murmu

  • Date of Birth- 20th June 1958
  • Time- Not Known
  • Place of Birth- Baidaposi Mayurbhanj (Orissa)

According to Draupadi Murmu's horoscope, her Moon sign is Cancer, and her Sun sign is Gemini. At present, according to the birth number of Draupadi Murmu, Mars Mahadasha is going on. In the birth chart, Mars is fifth from the Moon sign and is the Lord of the Karma Sthan or house of profession, and is aspected by Jupiter, which is the Bhagyesh or Lord of fortune of the Bhagya Bhav or the place for luck, and is seated in the constellation of Saturn, known as Uttara Bhadrapada. As a result, the native will have good luck and fortune. They will receive public support, and there are good chances that the natives can attain success in the President Election 2022.

The transit of Saturn in the sign of Capricorn from 12th July 2022 and the transit of Jupiter in the 10th house in its zodiac sign will create a situation where great success will be bestowed on the native. 


After the astrological analysis of the President Election 2022 candidates', what can be said is that the Mahadasha Nath Guru or Jupiter is present in the 12th house of Yashwant Sinha's horoscope and is aspected by Saturn. Moreover, the Antardasha Nath Venus is situated in a debilitated zodiac sign or a 'Neech Rashi' and is aspected by Saturn. These are the reasons his claim in the election might be getting a bit weaker. However, one might never know what the final result will be. 

On the other hand, in the horoscope of Draupadi Murmu, Mahadasha Nath Mars is getting aspected by Jupiter and is creating auspicious conditions for the native. Moreover, there are also prospects of success due to the favorable transit. 

No one can know for sure the outcome of the President Election 2022! We hope the best candidate wins and gets to sit on the President's chair and do good for the country! However, we can say that it will be a tough fight! 

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✍️By- Jyotish Vinayak

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