Numerology Tarot Predictions November 2020 By Tarot Pooja

Thu, Nov 05, 2020
Tarot Sonia
  By Tarot Sonia
Thu, Nov 05, 2020
Team Astroyogi
  By Tarot Sonia
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Numerology Tarot Predictions November 2020 By Tarot Pooja

November month depicts Number 11 and adds up to Number 2, which is for Moon as per Astrology. Moon signifies our Emotions, Feelings, Mental State, as well as our Biological Mother. Hence this month, we foresee a lot of Stress, Mental Issues rising in our society at large. We anticipate another Pandemic coming now. This time, it will be of Mental & Emotional Health. If we do not address it individually and as a society, then the consequences might be serious.

It is high time that we all include some Meditation, Reiki, Healing, Yoga in our day to day lives and use these Tools & Techniques to handle the daily life stress and remain Healthy. We, as responsible adults, need to teach this culture to our upcoming generations too.

The month of November brings in 2 critical Transitions with it - on 17th November, Venus moves into Libra. On 28th November, Mercury moves into Scorpio, and hence this month will be quite significant, having different effects on all 12 other Star Signs. We have made detailed Videos for all 12 Star Signs on the same, which you can watch on our Astroyogi English YouTube Channel, and the Link is here -

To know more or get personal details about yourself, consult famous Tarot Reader, Tarot Pooja, now on Astroyogi.

Now let us see how November will look like for all of us as Per our Date Of Birth -

For your Predictions, now add up your Birthday Date (for example, if your birthday is on the 23rd of any month, then only add 23, which gives Number 5 ) to a Single Digit and then read your Monthly Forecast accordingly. These Predictions are a combination of Astrology + Tarot + Numerology + Vastu hence give more Accurate & Comprehensive Readings.

Nov Predictions For Number 1 People Number For Sun

( Those born on 1,19,28)

Number 1s time for new Beginnings. In case you have lost your job or any business opportunity, know that it is only temporary and very soon you will have a fresh start. This is your time to recharge your batteries and prepare yourself for the next assignment. Do as much Self-work as you can do. Work on yourself right now as this will be your Investment in the times to come, and you shall reap its benefits for sure.

Lucky Color - Green

Lucky Crystal - Green Jade

General Remedy – Donate Sauf ( Fennel Seeds )

Vastu Remedy - Put a picture of 7 Horses in the North East of your house.  

Nov Predictions For Number 2 People -         

  Number For Moon

( Those born on 2,11,20,29 )

Number 2s lot of good things are on their way, and this month you will have many reasons to celebrate. New Job, Business Opportunity, New Assignments, Financial Gains all are on the cards this month. Overall, a pleasing month for you, bringing Miracles with it, so Enjoy !!!

Lucky Color - Red

Lucky Crystal - Red Carnelian

General Remedy – Donate Apples, Pomegranate, and other Red Fruits

Vastu Remedy - Put Beautiful Crystals In Your Bedroom

Nov Predictions For Number 3 People -              

  Number For Jupiter

( Those born on 3,12,21,30)

2 Keywords for you this month Number 3s – Meditation & Money. So do regular Self – Healing work to Stay Focused and More Productive and Make a Lot Of Money this month. Good Time if you wish to Make some Future Investments after complete Research.

Lucky Color - Pink

Lucky Crystal - Rose Quartz

General Remedy – Donate Water

Vastu Remedy - Put Water Fountain In North Side Of House or Office

These are only Generalized Predictions, and for your specific & more accurate readings, you may call us and connect with Tarot Pooja. You may ask her questions about your Career, Health, Relationship, or anything else.

Nov Predictions For Number 4 People -          Number For Rahu

( Those born on 4,13,22,31)

Remain Positive and Have Faith as whatever is happening right now is happening for your Good, and everything will unfold in its own time. You will have a lot of Abundance coming into your life in all the dimensions, and this is when you should have only Positive Thoughts & Emotions.

Lucky Color - Yellow

Lucky Crystal - Citrine

General Remedy – Volunteer or do some Free Seva in any NGO or Religious Place

Vastu Remedy – Put a Bamboo Plant at your Work Desk


Nov Predictions For Number 5 People -              

Number For Mercury

( Those born on 5,14,23 )

A lot of hardships this month, so please pull up your socks and be ready. It is up to you if you break down or get stressed out or show Courage and work out solutions for every problem and hence Emerge out as a More Stronger Person than before. Always remember - How we Respond to various issues in our Life only decide our Success & Level Of Growth.

Lucky Color - Orange

Lucky Crystal - Sunstone

General Remedy – Offer Water To Lord Suryadev

Vastu Remedy – Display pictures of your Work, Success, Certificates, etc. in North East


Nov Predictions For Number 6 People -             

Number For Venus

( Those born on 6,15,24 )

Just like we all go to Schools, Universities to Learn our Lessons and then pass the examinations to Grow further in our Lives, Similarly this month for Number 6s, you will have to go through various situations which will be your Test Of Life so “ Play The Game. “ Like Krishna told Arjuna that Focus on the Work In Hand and do your Karma without fretting about the Results. If you Follow this Approach, then Victory will be yours for sure. You will have Much Higher Gains than Expected both Financially as well as Personally.


Lucky Color - Blue

Lucky Crystal – Lapis Lazuli

General Remedy - Donate Cereals

Vastu Remedy - Place a Laughing Buddha At Your Entrance

These are only Generalized Predictions, and for your specific and more accurate readings, you may call us and connect with Tarot Pooja. You may ask her questions about your Career, Health, Relationship, or anything else.

To know more or get personal details about yourself, consult famous Tarot Reader, Tarot Pooja, now on Astroyogi. 


Nov Predictions For Number 7 People -                

Number For Ketu

( Those born on 7,16,25 )

Watch out for your Health this month, Number 7s, as you might have some health-related issues. So look after yourself. Drop all the extra baggage you are carrying as it's high time and not required. Meditate, Book a Spa, Pamper Yourself, Eat Nutritive Food and do some Yoga.


Lucky Color - Brown

Lucky Crystal - Jasper

General Remedy – Donate Flour as per your body weight, 10% of your total weight (example, if you are 80 Kgs, then donate 8Kg )

Vastu Remedy – Put a pair of Shree Yantra at the Entrance Of Home


Nov Predictions For Number 8 People -                

Number For Saturn

( Those born on 8,17,26 )

Be in “ Here and Now “ and Try to Live in the Present. The past is gone and can not be undone. Future we have not seen and have the Power to Create, and hence it's only Present that we have in our hands right now. Be Aware of what is going on around you so that there are no surprises later on. If you remain Calm and Aware, then for sure, Heaven’s will open their gates for you. You have Big Gains coming your way soon….

Lucky Color - Black

Lucky Crystal - Lava

General Remedy - Donate Black Lentils

Vastu Remedy – Plant a Peepal Tree in a Temple


Nov Predictions For Number 9 People -              

  Number For Mars


( Those born on 9,18,27 )

Number 9s, you are Mars people with a lot of Energy In you. This month please be a Giver and have the Intent of Serving and Giving in all Your Relationships. When we Give, it returns to us after Multiplying. This is a Universal Law just like the Law Of Gravity and hence can not be changed. After some time, you will see all your Relationships will Improve, and you will get everything you need. This is applicable both at Work and Home.

Lucky Color - Silver

Lucky Crystal - Pyrite

General Remedy - Donate Medicines In an NGO, Orphanage, Blind School or Old Age Homes

Vastu Remedy - Plant Sheesham Tree


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