Mercury Transit in Leo: Pisces, Stay Vigilant Against Enemies! Know More Here

Sun, Jun 16, 2024
Tarot Sonia
  By Tarot Sonia
Sun, Jun 16, 2024
Team Astroyogi
  By Tarot Sonia
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Mercury Transit in Leo: Pisces, Stay Vigilant Against Enemies! Know More Here

The Mercury transit in Leo 2024 is set to bring waves of change in your life. Will this transit bring you benefits or challenges? Dive in to find out.

Mercury Transit in Leo Date And Time: Check Out Below!

The Mercury transit in Leo will be on the 19th of July 2024 (Friday). Depending on the motion, Mercury will be in a zodiac sign for 14 to 30 days. The next Mercury transit will be again in the Leo fire sign on 4th September 2024 (Wednesday), as there will be a Mercury retrograde in August 2024.

  • Mercury transit in Leo Date- 19th July 2024 (Friday)

  • Mercury transit in Leo Time- 08:48 PM (IST)

Getting to Know Mercury

Mercury, or the Budh Graha, is the Rajkumar amongst all the planets. It is the significator of wisdom, knowledge, and intellect. It also blesses you with exceptional business skills along with great presentation and communication skills.

Now, let's look at the relationship of Mercury with the other zodiac signs and planets.

Gemini and Virgo have Mercury as their Lord.

The zodiac signs that are friendly with Mercury are as follows:

  • Leo with the Lordship of Sun.   

  • Taurus and Libra have the Lordship of the planet Venus.  

The zodiac that is regarded as an enemy of Mercury is given below:

  • Cancer with Moon as Lord  

Mercury is neutral with the following zodiac signs.

  • Capricorn and Aquarius with Saturn Lordship.  

  • Aries and Scorpio with Mars Lordship.

  • Sagittarius and Pisces with Jupiter as Lord 

The planet Mercury represents the nervous system, lungs, respiratory tract, and brain functions within our body.  

The three Nakshatras of Mercury are mentioned below.  

  • Ashlesha

  • Jyeshtha

  • Revati 

It is also important to know that Mercury gets weak in the Pisces sign and is Mool-Trikona in Virgo.  

Do you wish to know more about Mercury's impact on your life? Consult with the Astroyogi astrologers to get your horoscope analyzed.

What Are The Effects of Mercury Transit in Leo on The Different Aspects of Your Life?

With this basic understanding of Mercury, let's see what the Mercury transit effects on zodiac signs will be like while it is in the Leo zodiac sign.


The 5th house will witness the Mercury transit taking place for the Aries natives.  

Due to the Mercury transit impact on horoscope, your siblings and children will keep you on your toes and shower you with love. You will be planning several short trips with your family and friends. You will thoroughly enjoy these trips. Some of you will invest wisely in the Share Markets.

Remedy- Keep a gratitude journal to focus on the positive aspects of your life. This can elevate your mood and outlook.


For the Taureans, the 4th house is where the transit of Mercury will happen.

According to the Mercury transit predictions, you will feel attached to your mother and try your best to care for her. Your maternal uncles and aunts will make many visits, so get ready to host them for the entire time.

Remedy- Donate Green Moong Dal (Green Gram Beans) to needy people.  


For the Geminis, the 3rd Bhava (house) will witness this Mercury transit 2024.

During this time, some of you will be signing up for hobby classes that have been pending for a long time to revive your energy and regain the lost glow of your life. Your inclinations will be toward your passions and interests, and you will live a more fulfilled life.  

Remedy- On Wednesdays, free some green birds from the cage. You may purchase them from a pet store and give them freedom. This will make your Mercury powerful.


The 2nd house is where the Mercury transit in Leo will transpire for the Cancerians. 

Most of you will review your accumulated wealth. You will think about creating multiple sources as well as passive sources of income. During this period, many Cancerians will also have financial gains. However, you need to be more careful about handling your money.  

Remedy- Regular meditation is recommended to help calm the mind and improve focus. This will benefit you hugely during this period.


Leos will experience this Mercury transit in the first house.   

Due to the effects of Mercury transit, this will activate your self-esteem more. This is the time when you will be only concerned about yourself. This is the right time to become selfish and think about yourself and your growth first, as you might have been neglecting yourself for a while.

Remedy- Use this time to set clear and achievable goals. To motivate yourself, create a vision board or write down your goals.


The 12th Bhava (house) is where Mercury's transit in Leo will happen for the Virgos. Hence, it will activate your foreign travels, relationship domain, and quest for Moksha.  

Due to the Mercury transit impact on horoscope, students who have applied for student loans to study abroad are most likely to hear good news. Some of you will also get some scholarships. Many Virgo natives will start working on their spiritual growth by meditating regularly and learning new occult courses. 

Remedy- Speak positive and loving words to everyone for "Vaak Shuddhi," which means pure tongue or pure speech as Mercury is for your communications, and speaking lovable words will enhance it.


Libra natives will experience this Mercury transit in Leo 2024 in the 11th house. 

This will activate your luck factor strongly. You will be lucky and have considerable gains in whatever you do. Additionally, financial gains are also quite possible in all your investments.  

Remedy- Eat green vegetables like broccoli, cabbage, beans, etc., as including them in your diet will strengthen your Mercury.

Give this a quick read: Which Nakshatras Promise A Prosperous Life for Your Baby?


The Mercury transit will happen in the 10th house, or the Karma Bhava of the Scorpios. This will activate or bring your professional life to the forefront.

Due to the Mercury transit results, you will undoubtedly be in the limelight at work and set examples for others with your professional excellence. Your work will speak for itself, and you will be praised. Most Scorpios will burn the midnight oil to attain the promotion and remuneration hike they previously desired.  

Remedy- Donate green bangles and green clothes to those in need to enhance your Mercury.


The 9th house is where the Mercury transit in Leo 2024 will happen for the Sagittarians in July. This is the Pitru Bhava, also regarded as the Dharma Bhava.

You will become religious and instrumental in making significant donations during this time. You will visit nearby religious places along with your near and dear ones.

Remedy- Try to observe fasts on Wednesdays, as this will cleanse your body systems and make your Mercury happy.


The 8th house (Bhava) is where the Mercury transit 2024 will happen for the Capricorn natives this month. This will make you more spiritual as well as mysterious.  

You will appear mysterious to everyone, as you will have many secrets hidden in your heart. Taking care of your well-being is important, so don't ignore yourself.

Remedy- Regular physical activity, mainly exercises that combine movement with mental focus, like Yoga or Tai Chi, will do wonders for you. It can help you maintain balance.


The 7th Bhava (house) is the house of partnership, where Mercury's transit will take place for the Aquarians.

Due to the Mercury transit and its effects on relationships, you might have minor arguments with your business partners, which will get sorted out with open communication, patience, and transparency. Your spouse or romantic partner might complain about a lack of time and attention, for which you must make it up to them. Do not worry; more or less, everything will get resolved with time, patience, and wisdom that comes with maturity.

Remedy- Maintain good oral hygiene to please your Mercury and make it stronger.


The 6th house is where the Mercury transit in Leo will happen for the Pisceans.

This is when you need to be careful of your hidden enemies. Keep your eyes and ears open everywhere to gauge any politics against you and take timely corrective actions. As they say, "A stitch in time saves nine." 

Remedy- Wear green color clothes to please the planet Mercury.

Remember that these are generalized forecasts for the Mercury transit in Leo 2024. Want to know about the Mercury transit effects on your life? Talk to Tarot Sonia on Astroyogi.

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