Mars Transit in Taurus 2024: Capricorns Can Expect Stock Market Success!

Sat, Jun 08, 2024
Tarot Sonia
  By Tarot Sonia
Sat, Jun 08, 2024
Team Astroyogi
  By Tarot Sonia
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Mars Transit in Taurus 2024: Capricorns Can Expect Stock Market Success!

The Mars transit in Taurus 2024 is set to happen in July 2024. You can expect many life-altering changes in your life. Let's dive in.

Mars Transit in Taurus Date And Time: Know Here!

The Mars transit will happen on 12th July 2024. The duration of a Mars transit is about one and a half months or about 45 days. The next Mars transit will happen in Gemini on 26th August 2024 (Monday).

  • Mars transit in Taurus Date- 12th July 2024 (Friday) 

  • Mars transit in Taurus Time- 07:12 PM (IST)

About Mars

Mars, also known as Mangal, is for courage, daring, strength, energy, positivity, goals, and ambitions in life. A good placement of Mars or Mangal in your D1 chart makes you fearless, brave, and highly hard-working.

At the same time, a weak or afflicted Mars in your sign can make you face a lot of fear and end your hunger to compete and grow in your career. This can make you lazy and laid-back. 

The placement of Mars and its strength in one's chart is critical. It cannot be ignored that even for matrimony, Mars's degrees and compatibility are checked between the bride and the groom. If there is a Mangal Dosha or a Kuja Dosha, then either the advice to not proceed is given, or some strong remedies for reducing the Mangal Dosha are suggested. The Pujas, also called the Kuja Dosha removal Pujas, are a powerful remedy.

Mars is represented by Tuesday, and the deity which is worshiped is Lord Hanuman. The color represented by Mars is either red or orange. 

People involved in regular blood donation camps and helping society will usually have a strong Mars as donating their blood eliminates the Doshas in their Mars. 

A good Mars is also needed for writers, content writers, and people who work with or wish to create good content. Professions related to Mars include firefighters, police officers, army personnel, etc. Athletes and sportspeople also have a good and well-placed Mars in their horoscope, including the Natal, D1, and D9 divisional chart.

The three Nakshatras of Mars are as follows-

  1. Mrigashira

  2. Chitra

  3. Dhanishtha

Another thing to mention is that people with strong Mars can be easily located even within a crowd. This is because they usually have a strong and muscular body full of energy. Such people also will be attractive and sensual. They typically look forward to getting into relationships with the opposite gender and crave intimacy,

Mars is the Lord of two zodiacs, which are- 

  1. Aries

  2. Scorpio

Here are a few important points related to Mars.

  • Mars also gets exalted in the Capricorn sign.

  • Mars is debilitated in the fourth zodiac sign, i.e., Cancer.

  • The Mooltrikona Rashi of Mars is the Aries sign.

Do you wish to know how Mars is impacting your life? If so, connect with the professional astrologers at Astroyogi.

What Are The Effects of Mars Transit in Taurus on Your Life?

Let's find out the Mars transit effects on zodiac signs and what to expect from this transit. Here are the predictions, as per the well-known holistic healer Tarot Sonia.


The 2nd house is where the Mars transit 2024 will happen for the Ariens in July. The 2nd house, or Kutumb Bhava, is for speech, family, and accumulated wealth. Hence, these three aspects of your life will be activated.

You will spend more quality time with your family, and investments will do well during this time. Just ensure that you watch your tongue and think before you speak. 

Remedy - Blood donation can help you. 


The 1st house will witness this transit of Mars take place for the Taureans. Thus, your individuality, ego, and pride will take center stage during this time.

When Mars transits in Taurus, you will keep yourself before anything and anyone else. Your entire focus will be only on yourself.

Remedy- Do regular physical activities to channel Mars's intense energy. Activities like Yoga or hiking can help stabilize this energy.


The 12th house will see the Mars transit in Taurus for the dear Geminis.

Many students will get the golden opportunity to apply for higher education abroad and study abroad during this time. Make sure that you keep a check on your expenses, and you must keep them under control. You may explore the occult world for your spiritual growth.  

Remedy- Practice mindfulness and meditation to calm your mind and maintain focus. Deep breathing and guided meditations can help you manage stress and enhance emotional stability.


The 11th house is where the Mars transit in Taurus 2024 will take place for the Cancerians in July.

Fortunately, with this transit, your luck and destiny will suddenly change. Things that were at a halt for a long time will automatically start to happen. You will do well in any field that you get involved in.

Remedy- Fasting on Tuesdays can be beneficial for you.  


The 10th house is where the transit of the planet Mars will take place for the Leos.

Due to the Mars transit impact on horoscope, you need to focus completely on your career and professional life. Make sure you do not miss your goals and timelines at the office. You must maintain a good relationship with your team.

Remedy- Focus on your professional development and build your skills. You may attend workshops or pursue a new certification course.


The 9th house of the Virgos will get activated due to this Mars transit in the Taurus sign.

According to the Mars transit predictions, many thoughts will keep running in your mind. Some trips will also be on the cards during this time. Some of you might get a little philosophical and see things in a different light thanks to this transit.

Remedy- Wear red and orange-colored clothes.

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The 8th Bhava (house) of the Libra natives will witness the Mars transit in Taurus 2024.

This is the time when your Dushthana house will get activated. You will get attracted toward spirituality. Your Panaphara house is also for your growth and positive change. So, overall, this will be a significant period of rise for you.  

Remedy- Spend time in nature to ground yourself. Walking in the park, hiking, or sitting in a garden can help you connect with the earth element and balance Mars's energy.


The 7th house of the Scorpios will witness Mars' transit into the Taurus zodiac sign.

Due to the Mars transit and its effects on relationships, be careful with your interactions when it comes to dealing with your spouse or romantic partner. On the other hand, when it comes to business partnerships, you must maintain a low profile. Also, keep a close watch on your behavior.

Remedy- Keep a journal to track your thoughts and feelings during this transit. Writing can be an incredible tool for self-reflection. 


For the Sagittarians, the 6th house is where the Mars transit will take place.

According to the Mars transit results, you need to be very careful of your hidden enemies during this time so that they do not stab you in the back. You must not trust anyone blindly. You must focus on preserving your secrets.

Remedy- Keeping a fast on Tuesdays can make your Mars stronger.  


The 5th house is where the Capricorns will witness the transit of Mars in Taurus.

Due to the Mars transit impact on horoscope, you will do well this month if you try your hands in the Stock Market with the necessary knowledge and calculated risks. Some trips are also possible, so keep your bags packed.

Remedy- Develop good time management skills to stay productive and focused. Create a daily schedule, set attainable goals, and prioritize tasks to avoid feeling overwhelmed.


For the Aquarians, the 4th house will witness the Mars transit.

Due to the Mars transit effects, your peace of mind can be at stake. If your father-in-law has any special needs, look after him. You must also not ignore your mother as well. Some Aquarius natives can get involved in major home renovation or house hunting during this time.  

Remedy- Plant a Pomegranate tree near your house and water it daily.  


The 3rd house is where Mars's transit in Taurus will happen in July for the Pisceans.

When Mars transits in Taurus, you will feel attached to your siblings, and your courage will touch new levels. You will feel responsible for the environment; hence, you will focus on taking care of it. You will also be guiding and educating others in order to create awareness. There are also some possibilities for you to go on trips.

Remedy- Practice deep breathing exercises to calm the mind and reduce stress. Techniques like diaphragmatic breathing or the 4-7-8 breathing method can be quite effective.
Remember that these are generalized forecasts for the Mars transit in Taurus. Are you curious to learn more about the effects of Mars transit on the different domains of your life? Just call or chat with Tarot Sonia on Astroyogi.

Consulting an astrologer is very convenient on Astroyogi App. Download the Best App For Astrology and enjoy a seamless experience.

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