How to Double Your Money This January? Explore This Share Market Horoscope!

Sun, Dec 31, 2023
Tarot Sonia
  By Tarot Sonia
Sun, Dec 31, 2023
Team Astroyogi
  By Tarot Sonia
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How to Double Your Money This January? Explore This Share Market Horoscope!

“I will tell you how to become rich. Close the doors. Be fearful when others are greedy. Be greedy when others are fearful.” – By Warren Buffett.

The real way to make windfall profits in the stock market is to go against the crowd. The share or stock market is one place where trying to fit in can be a giant mistake. This Warren quote is arguably the most well-known motivational saying on the list, and it makes a lot of sense.

The truth is that this simple suggestion is extremely hard to follow, and temptations in the real market are difficult or nearly impossible to resist. So, if you can keep your composure and overcome your urges, you can rule the Stocks. Now, in January, let's study the various Trading Styles of the market and put them into practice to work for you.

The National Stock Market has four major Trading Styles that any seasoned investor should know - 

1. Positional Trading

2. Swing Trading 

3. Day Trading or Intraday Trading 

4. Scalp Trading 

Now, let's take a look at what the share market can offer each of you based on your planetary alignments and zodiac signs in January 2024. In addition, there are strategies and remedies to adhere to this month for maximum luck.

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The Stock Market Prediction for January 2024 for all zodiac signs is as follows. 

Aries - Stock Market Predictions for January 2024

Dear Ariens, your stock market prediction for January indicates that it's time to get into some serious Positional trading this month. Therefore, if you haven't been using any share market strategies and have been playing the game without any guidance, it's time to start using some real strategies at work that could help you make significant gains.

Positional Trading is the stock market strategy wherein the traders hold onto their positions for some extended period. For you, Ariens, it can be anything ranging from a few months to a few years, as per your investment buckets.

Advisable and Suggested Sector

  • Pharma

  • Chemicals 

Remedy -  Shukra Mani will do good for you. This precious gemstone will enhance your Shukra (Venus) and open all the doors of financial gains for you. Consider getting your Shukra Mani customized and programmed by an expert astrologer. 

Taurus - Stock Market Predictions for January 2024

Dear Taureans, even if you have up until now preferred traditional Positional trading, consider getting into some serious and hardcore Swing trading. This involves making profits short to medium-term price movements in a security.

Since this type of trading is a speculative strategy in the financial markets, it will be advisable that you hold onto the trades for a few days in accordance with the share market prediction. 

Advisable and Suggested Sectors 

  • Agriculture

  • Fertilizers  

Remedy -  It will be beneficial for you to find a lake or pond near your vicinity and feed the fish at least biweekly or as much as you can, and you shall certainly see positive results. 

Gemini - Stock Market Predictions for January 2024

Dear Geminis, try to buy and explore the new stocks that you haven't had a chance to look at so far. Remember for you this month, new will be good, in fact very good. Don't operate under the assumption that not knowing something equates to not making any money.

The Gemini share market horoscope indicates that the wider you diversify, the better it will be for you, so keep that in mind as you enter the markets.

Advisable and Suggested Sectors 

  • Computers

  • Softwares 

Remedy -  Help and support transgender people as much as you can this month by donating food, grains, clothes, and cosmetics to seek Mercury's blessings. This will go a long way toward supporting your intra-day trading.

Cancer - Stock Market Predictions for January 2024

Dear Cancerian friends, you need to apply for the IPOs, and for you, it will be more the merrier this month as per your January month stock market prediction. There might be chances that the IPOS will be overbooked or oversubscribed, leaving a very low probability for you to make it. 

However, your stock market prediction indicates that you can still go ahead and apply for as many IPOs as possible and create magical investments.

Advisable and Suggested Sectors

  • Artificial Intelligence

  • Robotics

Remedy - Use pre-programmed and precharged Gomati Chakras to attract and manifest the stock market luck. Gomati Chakras are believed to come out of the Gomati River and attract Goddess Lakshmi’s blessings. You should get your set programmed by a professional astrologer.

Leo - Stock Market Predictions for January 2024

Dear Leos, we want you to get into Scalp trading, which is attributed to timeframes of seconds to minutes and hence needs and requires your full attention and bandwidth. This can be only possible if you have lots of time to invest and dedicate to it, or else it can not be feasible and may lead to disappointments. 

So, as your stock market prediction for January indicates, judge and evaluate your personal situations and play accordingly, as this will be a beneficial tactic for you.

Advisable and Suggested Sectors

  • Fisheries

  • Export and Import 

Remedy - Feeding ants every morning will enhance your accumulated wealth and Karma. This will help you attract better and more promising shares. 

Virgo - Stock Market Predictions for January 2024

Dear Virgo, your monthly horoscope or Masik Rashifal for share market suggests that intra-day trading will be the need of the hour, and you will need more and more time to get into it if you want to play big numbers and not just the regular ones.

Along with the intra-day, you may also get into some long-term investments as a backup, and it's always good to have a mixed strategy and not just follow one particular style of trading all the time.

Advisable and Suggested Sectors 

  • Petrochemicals 

  • Oil 

Remedy - Offer Satnaja (a mix of seven grains) to the birds, as this will clear your Vayu Tattva, helping you excel in the stocks. 

Libra - Stock Market Predictions for January 2024

Dear Libras, try and see if you can liquidate some stocks for now in order to create and improve the cash liquidity, as there might be a possibility that you will feel some financial pressure and lack of funds and be required to support some urgent needs of yourself or your loved ones.

However, make sure to follow the step-by-step approach as a great investor to keep all the risks covered and avoid selling everything in one go. The Libra share market horoscope advises to make very slow moves.

Advisable and Suggested Sectors

  • Oil and Gas 

  • Petrochemicals 

Remedy- Make some yellow rice with sugar and distribute it to everyone as Prasad on Thursdays. This will strengthen your Jupiter, which will help you make more careful and thoughtful stock selections.

Scorpio - Stock Market Predictions for January 2024

Dear Scorpios, IPOs will be the real deal for you this month, which may be something you have been avoiding for a long time. There are many competitive IPOs rolled out in the market, so now will be the best time to crack it and bring it home.

Your January month stock market prediction suggests applying to as many as you can as per your pocket and whatever your budget allows, and then it will be about wait-and-watch games.

Advisable and Suggested Sectors

  • Fashion 

  • Clothing 

Remedy -  Donate milk every Monday to the needy while chanting “Om Namah Shivay”. This will help you get Mahadev’s or Lord Shiva’s blessings and excel in the investment arena.

Sagittarius - Stock Market Predictions for January 2024

Dear Sagittarians, your share market prediction recommends a mixed strategy or a financial combo of Positional and Swing Strategies of the Stock Market to get the best of both worlds this month.

This will be a very auspicious time for you to invest and have gains, and therefore, it is advisable that you don’t leave any stone unturned.

Advisable and Suggested Sectors

  • Media 

  • Publications 

Remedy -  Offer betel leaf on Tuesdays to Lord Hanuman with some Besan or Boondi Ladoos and then share the Prasadam with as many people as possible to spread his blessings. You will see the magic overnight and feel grounded and protected always.

Capricorn - Stock Market Predictions for January 2024

Dear Capricorn friends, as per the January month stock market prediction, you can invest in some Listed bonds, ULIPs, Mutual Funds, etc., alongside the main stock streams. The cumulative result and financial gains will make a lot of sense at this point.

Your share market prediction looks at the bigger picture and indicates a possibility of huge, consistent, and long-term gains that you will undoubtedly love to celebrate.

Advisable and Suggested Sectors

  • Communication 

  • Energy 

Remedy - Every day, the first Chapati prepared in the house should be given to the cow, and doing so will increase your chances of success in the stock market. 

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Aquarius - Stock Market Predictions for January 2024

Dear Aquarians, your January share market horoscope strongly advises you to try the NPS investment option for yourself and your loved ones, too, for which you will feel deep gratitude in the future.

NPS is more secure and stable, and guarantees return. However, do not exit the markets; this is simply an add-on for you to make your investment bucket and portfolio more stocked up for the time being. 

Advisable and Suggested Sectors 

  • Media

  • Healthcare 

Remedy - Wear aromatic perfumes and maximum makeup on Fridays to get the blessings of Venus so that you can attract more money and luxury through the stock market while also enjoying and relishing the funds.

Pisces - Stock Market Predictions for January 2024

Dear Piscean friends, it seems like you have been desiring to expand your reach and portfolios. Now is the appropriate time and the right thing to do so by entering the big Forex markets.

This will require extending your current boundaries and limitations, as well as a lot of hard work and smart work, as you will have to regularly and consistently monitor foreign events and, thus, the foreign currency.

Your Masik Rashifal for the share market advises that you check your horoscopes and study the position of Venus, Jupiter, and Rahu in your Vedic charts to make sure that you make it big. 

Advisable and Suggested Sectors 

  • Banks 

  • Investment Companies 

Remedy - On Saturdays, help and support your home help, security guards, older people, and your entire staff, as all of these people represent Shani (Saturn) in society. We certainly need Shani’s blessings to be a winner in the long run.

*Note -  Though these are absolutely amazing and super accurate predictions, your individual chart will have different planet degrees and different Dashas running for you, which will have individual impacts on your finances and share market luck, so it is recommended that before you invest, especially for large stakes, consult with Astroyogi expert Tarot Sonia to ensure that you have big and long term gains.

Here's wishing you 10X growth in the Stocks!

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