Chaitra Navratri: Kalash Sthapana Muhurat 2022

Fri, Apr 01, 2022
Team Astroyogi
  By Team Astroyogi
Fri, Apr 01, 2022
Team Astroyogi
  By Team Astroyogi
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Chaitra Navratri: Kalash Sthapana Muhurat 2022

Chaitra Navratri is a Hindu festival that is essential to Hindu devotees. Devotees across the Indian subcontinent celebrate Chaitra Navratri with a magnificent zeal and enthusiasm. Learn more about the festival by reading on.

Chaitra Navratri 2022: The festival of Goddess Durga's worship, Chaitra Navratri, is approaching. The Pratipada date of Shukla Paksha of Chaitra month marks the beginning of Chaitra Navratri. On that day, Maa Shailputri is worshiped, and the Kalash is established. This year's Chaitra Navratri will commence on April 2nd with Ghatasthapana and end on April 11th. Ram Navami is celebrated on Navami or the ninth day of Navratri. On the day of Ram Navami, Lord Shri Ram was born. 

Let's know about Chaitra Navratri in a little more detail.

Chaitra Navratri Kalash Sthapana Muhurat 2022

Establish the Kalash on the first day of Chaitra Navratri 2022. This year, you need to do it on Saturday, April 2nd. You can do it between 06:01 am and 08.31 am on this day. Apart from that, you can conduct Ghatasthapana between 12 noon and 12.50 pm in Abhijit Muhurta.

Chaitra Navratri 2022 Date

  • Saturday, April 2nd: Chaitra Navratri, Ghatasthapana, Maa Shailputri Puja, the first day of Chaitra Navratri 2022.

  • Sunday, April 3rd: Maa Brahmacharini Puja, the second day of Chaitra Navratri 2022.

  • Monday, April 4th: Maa Chandraghanta Puja, the third day of Chaitra Navratri 2022.

  • Tuesday, April 5th: Maa Kushmanda Puja, the fourth day of Chaitra Navratri 2022.

  • Wednesday, April 6th: Maa Skandamata Puja, the fifth day of Chaitra Navratri 2022.

  • Thursday, April 7th: Maa Katyayani Puja, the sixth day of Chaitra Navratri 2022.

  • Friday, April 8th: Maa Kalratri Puja, Maha Saptami, the seventh day of Chaitra Navratri 2022.

  • Saturday, April 9th: Maa Mahagauri Puja, Mahashtami, Durga Ashtami, Kanya Puja, the eighth day of Chaitra Navratri.

  • Sunday, April 10th: Ram Navami, Ram Janmotsav, the ninth day of Chaitra Navratri 2022.

  • Monday, April 11th: Navratri Parana, the tenth day of the Chaitra Navratri 2022.

Do you want to learn more about Chaitra Navratri in April 2022, including the timings? Astroyogi astrologers can help you.

Rules On Determining Muhurat Of Chaitra Navratri

Before learning it, it is vital to know the auspicious day for the Ghatasthapana Muhurta. So, here's how to figure out the Muhurat for Chaitra Navratri's first day:

  1. If any Muhurta falls in Pratipada after sunrise, Navratri shall begin in the morning, and Kalash sthapana or Ghatasthapana will be performed.

  2. If there is no other day and the Pratipada is less than one Muhurta after sunrise, the Amayukta Pratipada would be regarded as the first day.

  3. Starting Chaitra Navratri in Amayukta Pratipada is prohibited in any other situation.

  4. If Pratipada falls between the sunrises of two days, the first day is valid; the festival cannot begin on the second day.

  5. If Goddess Chandika is to be worshiped on the first day, Amayukta Pratipada should be avoided. The Pratipada that falls on the second day will be valid in this case.

Best Time For Chaitra Navratri Kalash Sthapana

  1. The first one-third of the day is ideal for Ghatasthapana.

  2. In any other case, Abhijeet Muhurta is regarded as the best.

  3. During the Chitra Nakshatra and Vaidhriti Yoga periods, Ghatasthapana should be avoided, but it is not forbidden.

  4. Ghatasthapana should never be performed before the middle of the Pratipada Tithi, according to Hindu calendar dates.

  5. When the two-natured Ascendant is Pisces, doing Ghatasthapana at Chaitra Navratri on the morning of Pratipada is considered auspicious.

  6. Pushya, Uttaraphalguni, Uttarashada, Uttarabhadrapada, Hasta, Revati, Rohini, Ashwini, Mool, Shravan, Dhanishta, and Punarvasu are the auspicious constellations for Ghatasthapana.

Note: Ghatasthapana is forbidden after 16 Ghati from sunrise. In other words, according to Hindu time, you should perform Ghatasthapana before the middle of Pratipada's day.

Material Needed For Chaitra Navratri Kalash Sthapana

  • A clay pot with a large mouth.

  • The sacred ground's soil.

  • Sapta Dhanya (7 types of grains).

  • A Kalash. 

  • Water, Gangajal if possible.

  • Kalava/Mauli.

  • Supari.

  • Leaves of Mango or Ashoka (Pallava).

  • Akshat (uncooked whole rice).

  • Coconut with shell.

  • A red cloth.

  • Wreaths and flowers.

Sweets, durva, vermilion, and other ingredients can be used as needed.

Process For Chaitra Navratri Kalash Sthapana

  1. To begin, fill a wide-mouthed pot halfway with soil and sow Sapta Dhanya in it.

  2. Fill the Kalash with water and tie the Kalava in the upper part (neck).

  3. On top of the Kalash, place the Mango or Ashoka Pallav.

  4. Wrap a red cloth over the coconut and set it on top of the Kalash and in the center of the Pallava.

  5. Wrap Kalava around coconut.

  6. The Goddess is invoked when Ghatasthapana is completed.

  7. You are free to engage in more ritualistic worship if you so desire.

Mantra of Pooja Sankalp For Chaitra Navratri 2022

Devotees who have been fasting for nine days should finish the pooja with the mantra:

Om Vishnu: Vishnu: Vishnuh, Adya brahmano vayasah pardhe srishvetavarahkalpe jambudwipe Bharatvarshe, amukanamsamvatsare chaitrashuklapratipadi amukvasare prabhamane navratri parvani etasu navathishu akhilpapakshayakavaka-durga-shruti-smrityadh prasadhamu-prasadhamu prasadhamu- samrutyukh prasadhamu prasadhamu- samrukhodipalamu prasadam: yasarvakhodipalaadi amukvasare prarabhamane navaramane amukvasare prarabhamane

Note: Purely chant the mantra. This mantra has numerous instances of such a term. For example, in Amuknamsamvatsare, you will say Samvatsara rather than Amuk. If the Samvatsar's name is Saumya, the name is pronounced Soumyanamasamvatsare. Pronounce the name of the day in Amukavasare, your gotra's name in Amukagotrah, and your name in Amuknamah.

If fasting is observed on the first, second, or third day, replace 'Etasu Navatithishu' with a resolution and the name of the date on which the fast is observed. For instance, if the resolution is to be made on the seventh day, the mantra would be:

Om Vishnu: Vishnu: Vishnuh, Adya brahmano Vyasah Paradhe Srishvetavarahkalpe Jambudvipa Bharatvarshe, Amukanamsamvatsare Chaitrashuklapratipadi Amukavasare Prarabhamane Navratraparvani Saptyamyan Titho Akhilapakshayakapa-Sruti-Smritya-Vratamudaya -prasadhamu-prasadhamu-prasadhamu-prasadyamu prasadhamu-samrutyak aambunyatra paalyambaya prasadam-yasarvakhodipaladi Amukvasare Prarabhamane Amukavasare Prarabhamane Navratri

Similarly, instead of Saptyamyan, Ashtamyan would be used for Ashtami Tithi.

Due to Chaitra Navratri's vast religious and spiritual significance, this festival is extremely significant for everyone. This occasion represents a fresh start and a new beginning that will brighten up one's life. 

Contact Astroyogi astrologers if you want more information about Chaitra Navratri 2022 or if you have other astrology-related questions.

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