Why Do Devotees Eagerly Wait For Buddha Purnima? Read to Find Out!

Thu, May 23, 2024
Team Astroyogi
  By Team Astroyogi
Thu, May 23, 2024
Team Astroyogi
  By Team Astroyogi
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Why Do Devotees Eagerly Wait For Buddha Purnima? Read to Find Out!

One of the most sacred and well-known festivals for the followers of Buddhism is Buddha Purnima. Are you wondering what makes this festival significant for everyone? If yes, go ahead and read this article immediately.

Buddha Purnima, also popularly known as the Buddha Jayanti, Buddha’s birthday, or Vesak, is one of the biggest Buddhist festivals. This specific festival marks the birth anniversary of Gautam Buddha, which is why it is celebrated with a lot of reverence by the Buddhist community across India as well as in many countries around the globe.

Let’s get to know more about Buddha Purnima.

When Is Buddha Purnima 2024? Find Out Here!

If you are wondering- "When is Buddha Purnima celebrated in India?" you should know that the date changes every year. As per the Gregorian calendar, it typically falls during April or May. This is because the exact date is calculated on the basis of the Asian Lunisolar calendars. According to the traditional Hindu calendar, Buddha Purnima is celebrated in the month of Vaisakh on the Full Moon Day or Purnima, which is why the name of the occasion is Buddha Purnima.

Given below is the Buddha Purnima 2024 date.

  • 2024 Buddha Purnima Date - 23rd May (Thursday)

  • Purnima Tithi (Starts) - 06:47 PM, 22nd May 2024 (Wednesday)

  • Purnima Tithi (Ends) - 07:22 PM, 23rd May 2024 (Thursday)

  • This is the 2586th birth anniversary of Gautama Buddha.

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What Is The Significance of Buddha Purnima? Read Here!

Buddha Purnima or Buddha Jayanti is a highly significant and sacred day for all Buddhist followers worldwide. Lord Buddha is one of the most prominent and greatest spiritual leaders on whose teachings Buddhism was founded. He preached Dharma, non-violence, kindness, and harmony. Gautam Buddha, whose birth name was Siddhartha Gautama, left behind worldly pleasures and materialistic possessions so that he could live a simple and spiritual life. He preached the principles of equality and love among all living creatures. He was regarded as an ‘enlightened being’ by his followers, and he continues to be revered.

The followers regard the teachings of Lord Buddha as the means by which you can end your miseries and sufferings, gain freedom from ignorance and rebirth, and attain enlightenment. The occasion of Buddha Jayanti marks Lord Buddha’s birth anniversary, enlightenment, and death or Parinirvana, which is known as the Nirvana after the death of the body, which are the three most prominent events in his life. As this occasion denotes the three significant events in Lord Buddha’s life, the religious and spiritual significance of the day for the followers of Buddhism is immense.

Buddhism followers have regarded every Full Moon as sacred; however, the Full Moon of the Vaisakh month holds greater significance because the three events of Buddha’s life happened on this day. The decision to formally celebrate this occasion was decided at the first conference of the World Fellowship of Buddhists in 1950 held in Sri Lanka.

According to Buddhist teachings, you can attain a state of mental peace and absolute bliss by walking the noble ‘Eightfold Path.’ Following the steps of the ‘Eightfold Path’ can help you live an ethical life and attain salvation. This is crucial to follow, especially if you truly want to celebrate Buddha Purnima.

  • Right Understanding or Awareness - By knowing the truth.

  • Right Intention - By freeing your mind of ill thoughts.

  • Right Action - By working for the good and benefit of others.

  • Right Speech - By avoiding hurting other people.

  • Right Efforts - By resisting evil.

  • Right Livelihood - By maintaining ethics in every aspect of life.

  • Right Mindfulness - By practicing meditation.

  • Right Concentration - By balancing and controlling your thoughts.

What Are The Rituals Associated with Buddha Purnima?

  • On the occasion of Buddha Purnima, the devotees and followers of different Buddhist sects visit Lord Buddha’s temples. The devout Buddhists spend their day listening to the sermons and reciting ancient verses.

  • The devotees celebrate his birth anniversary by taking a holy bath early in the morning. Meditation is also a vital ritual practiced by the devotees on this day.

  • Some temples display statues of Gautam Buddha placed in a water basin filled with water and decorated with fresh flowers. As a part of the ritual, the visitors pour water over the idol of Buddha. This ritual symbolizes a new beginning. Flowers and candles are also offered to the idol.

  • During Vesak or Buddha Jayanti, the Buddhist devotees give their attention to the teachings of Lord Buddha and follow his principles and teachings with sincerity.

  • Charity is an integral part of Buddha Purnima. Followers of Buddhism donate food, clothes, money, or any other essentials to the needy. On this day, as per the preachings of Lord Buddha, you should display love and affection towards all living creatures.

  • People prepare ‘Kheer’ from rice and milk. It is a common belief that Lord Buddha followed asceticism and abstained from worldly pleasures. This weakened his health, and he became emaciated. He regained his strength by eating the Kheer made by Sujata. Devotees also offer Kheer and other necessary goods to the poor and needy.

  • Devotees avoid consuming non-vegetarian food, and only vegetarian or Satvik food is consumed.

  • On this day, devotees mostly wear white clothes to maintain purity. They dress up as simply as they can.

How Is Buddha Purnima Celebrated in India?

Buddha Purnima is celebrated by people with a lot of devotion and gusto not only in India but also in other countries like Sri Lanka, Nepal, Indonesia, Malaysia, etc. This particular festival has special significance and is celebrated with a lot of enthusiasm, devotion, and dedication. This specific festival is also regarded as an auspicious day even for Hindus.

In the Northern regions of India, devotees believe that Lord Buddha is the ninth avatar of Lord Vishnu, after Lord Krishna. The latter is believed to be the eighth incarnation of Lord Vishnu. However, this belief differs from region to region. In South India, Lord Buddha is not considered an incarnation of Lord Vishnu; instead, Lord Balarama is regarded as the eighth incarnation and Lord Krishna as the ninth incarnation. Most Vaishnava movements believe Lord Balrama is the incarnation of the divine Lord Vishnu. Moreover, even Buddhists don’t regard Lord Buddha as an incarnation of Lord Vishnu.

Let’s look at how Buddha Purnima is celebrated in India.

  • Buddha Purnima is declared a gazetted holiday in India in numerous states. As it is a gazetted holiday, government offices, banking institutions, and post offices remain closed.

  • Many shops, especially those owned by Buddhists, might remain shut, or they can have reduced working hours. However, the transportation system does not get affected.

  • On Buddha Jayanti, followers and believers of Buddhism around the world offer prayers, observe fasts and discuss the teachings of Lord Buddha.

  • Many devotees visit Buddhist shrines and recite Buddhist hymns, sermons, and scriptures about Lord Buddha’s life and his teachings and principles. They also take part in group meditations and religious discussions.

  • On this occasion, Lord Buddha’s idols are worshiped by devotees, and prayer meets are held.

  • Special cultural, social, and religious events are organized in many temples dedicated to Lord Buddha. People from far come to attend these events, most of which are centered around the life of Gautam Buddha.

  • Every year, Bodh Gaya witnesses a massive throng of devotees of Lord Buddha. Bodh Gaya is the most significant pilgrimage site associated with Lord Buddha’s life. On Buddha Jayanti, the Mahabodhi Temple in Bodh Gaya is adorned with decorations. There are also special prayers held under the Bodhi tree, where it was believed that Gautam Buddha attained enlightenment.

  • Fairs are organized in many places on this day.

Buddha Purnima is the day when you can devote yourself to praying with the purest of feelings and adopt the Buddhism ideals such as peace, non-violence, and harmony.

If you want to make the most of the auspicious occasion of Buddha Purnima 2024, get in touch with expert Astroyogi astrologers.

Astroyogi wishes you all a Happy Buddha Purnima!

By - Team Astroyogi

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