Your Weekly Horoscope for 19th – 25th February

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Team Astroyogi By Team Astroyogi
Your Weekly Horoscope for 19th – 25th February

This week, you will feel the continuation of the influence and impact of Aquarius in your chart. This gives you a chance to really utilise this energy and get it right. Sometimes an energy can remain for a long time, and we get a real opportunity to become acquainted with its lessons. This is a good time to further yourself, either at work or in terms of your educational opportunities. There is the chance for great growth and development if you can stay the course. Your desire to explore the world and meet people is heightened. You simply cannot sit still. You want to be everywhere at once. Life is to be enjoyed so feel free to throw yourself into every experience. Love feels like something from a storybook; there is a magical, unreal quality to relationships.

Work comes thick and fast this week dear Taurus, but you are an industrious sign and you enjoy hard work. It’s not hard for you to achieve your targets as you have a slow and methodical approach to work which ensures that things get done. You also bring a strong level of enthusiasm to proceedings which is contagious to all those around you. Your infectious energy keeps peoples’ spirits up! You will excel and develop at work, especially if you know which direction you wish to go in. A consistent approach will get you far. Others appreciate you and are magnetised by your energy and influence. Someone important may notice just how much of an asset you are. In fact, this week is all about work in terms of what the future may hold and your career progression. But all is well in the world of relationships too, you and your partner truly care for one another.

You are a very youthful soul. Gemini is the sign of childhood and of youth and many say that these natives look far younger than their years. This week, your diary is packed with social gatherings and events. You will be seeing a lot of people! Before taking any action, you will think things through. This is your forte. You simply love thinking. As long as you can enable your thoughts to manifest as actions, then a little thinking does no harm! This is a great time for decision making – you are far more decisive than usual. This is a fortunate period for Gemini natives and your partner is supportive of all that you do and all that you dream to do. You are more loving, tactile and romantic than you typically are, and your partner appreciates it.

Cancer, you are a robust, strong sign. Think of the crab. It has a tough exterior, a powerful and protective shell, but the crab itself is a delicate, tender animal. The crab is the totem of Cancer and it says much about your nature. You have strong boundaries and protective mechanisms that enable you to battle through all sorts of mishaps but essentially you are a highly emotional and sensitive creature. Make sure that you nourish this part of yourself. Professionally, you are at your best this week and others are drawn by your charm. This mythical quality continues into your personal life where someone may become deeply enamoured with you. Those around you will be a source of stable support and positive energy and this encourages you to do and be your best.

In love, Leo’s like to rule the roost. Remember that a partnership is all about teamwork. You need to work with your partner and not elevate yourself above them. It’s tempting to perceive yourself as the King of the jungle, but a King needs an equal to rule beside them, not a subordinate. You do shower your love with generosity and devotion but make sure that your ego does not involve itself. Working on your communication style will make a huge difference. In terms of your health, remember that none of us are invincible and that you should take steps to prioritise your well-being. This should come first! In love, if single, things can be rather exciting. People are enamoured with you and you enjoy the feeling of worship. You may meet someone who totally sweeps you off of your feet.

This week, victory is yours. You are getting used to the feeling of getting the exact outcome that you want and that is set to continue. Any area that requires a ‘quick win’ is guaranteed. This includes big and small victories. As such, this is a good time to start new projects, hobbies and goals. Your health is good, and your financial status is looking good. It seems that all of your ducks are in a row and you are in a healthy position from which to springboard into anything you desire. People continue to be envious of you, but this should only serve as an encouragement. Keep pushing on with healthful habits. Virgo natives are especially good at this. You are likely interested in health, nutrition and well-being and may be rather fastidious in how you apply your knowledge.

This week, you want to spend time with family. Make sure that you carve out time to do so. As well as being a great week for you personally, this is a great week professionally. In terms of love, there continue to be some clashes of ego. Refining your communication style and taking some time to think before you speak will make a huge difference. Your ability to focus is not at its best so you need to find ways to sharpen your focus. We recommend yoga and meditation, but you may find outlets that are suitable for you such as exercise, journaling or any other technique that resonates. You may be caught up in a whirlwind of fame (not necessarily Hollywood fame, but fame on a more local level.) Embrace it if this is what you desire.

Professionally, you are at your prime. There is very little that you cannot achieve so long as you feel passionately about your course of action. Life feels stable and though you may be drawn to extremes, this stability is good for you and enables you to truly flourish. Your desire to spend quality time with your family is strong and should be honoured. Home is a harmonious, enjoyable environment and you enjoy spending time there. You connect with your elders, as they share experiences and knowledge with you which may influence you in your own life. Although you are driven to have your own experiences, you still benefit from the decisions and outcomes of others. You want to take care of your home and if you own your own place, you may wish to redecorate.

This week is a good one for Sagittarius natives and you have much to look forward to. Firstly, you are lucky in all your endeavours. Secondly, you may take numerous short trips for work related purposes. Thirdly, you are financially buoyant and fourthly, and perhaps most importantly, your health is perfect. You literally tick all boxes. Be sure to share your anxieties with those you trust and make sure that you find an outlet that works for you. Chances are, this will be a form of active relaxation as you could never be described as a passive person. You may make new friends who will assist you in future. Luck seems to follow you wherever you go, and you are a great believer in it. This lucky star that seems to follow you around will keep you on a positive course.

With the sun in Aquarius, your financial status is set to improve. Capricorn natives are very astute when it comes to money. You know how to save it and you certainly know how to spend it. It’s important to you to feel financially secure as it gives you freedom as well as serving as a reward for all of your hard work. Your self confidence is sky high and you propel this energy into projects, hobbies and life goals. With Mercury in Aquarius, the students amongst you will excel and perform brilliantly. This is a good time to either start or complete a new educational pursuit. With Venus in Aquarius, life glitters with harmony. You are more aware than most that hard work is necessary for reward in life and you are prepared to do it. Hard work boosts your self-esteem and sense of self.

Thinking is what you do best. In fact, getting you to stop thinking can be hard work! This week, you are called to use that dynamic, dazzling brain of yours. Your mind is incredibly innovative, unique and lightyears ahead of your contemporaries. Channelling these ideas into work produces intriguing results and success. The sun in Aquarius intensifies your relationship with your father, improving any cracks that may have existed in the relationship in the past. You are liable to be busy this week so make time for what matters. If concentration continues to be difficult, make sure that you prioritise your focus. This requires practice but can become habitual with time. Venus in Aquarius enables serious issues in your life to be resolved. The women in your life continue to be tremendously important to you.

This week, Aquarius remains in the sun, Mercury and Venus continuing the impact of the last week on your fortune. You have taken a slight knock to your confidence. You must remember that confidence comes from within and not from anything separate to the self. Of course, other things can make us happy, but you must use yourself as a well from which you can drawn positive, powerful energy. With Mercury in Aquarius, there may be a dispute surrounding property. In love, you may continue to feel distracted unless you have confronted these issues with your partner. Try to be cautious with money as there may be an excess of expenditure at the moment. Nonetheless, your attitude is calm and mellow. You are liable to feel relaxed and at peace. If only you could bottle this feeling!