Your Weekly Horoscope – April 09th to April 15th 2018

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Team Astroyogi By Team Astroyogi
Your Weekly Horoscope – April 09th to April 15th 2018

Your weekly horoscope (09th April to 15th April, 2018) analysis can provide insights on the crucial planetary movements and its impact on your life. Stay tuned to Astroyogi’s expert astrologers for horoscope analysis.


On the 14th April, the sun moves into your own sign of Aries bringing a tremendously positive influence to all that you do. In previous weeks you may have felt slow and sluggish in terms of confidence, not being able to bring out your true colours so readily. This is all about to change as you have strong will-power and a surge of confidence. The sun’s influence is at its peak and therefore so are you. This is a great time to go after what you want with gusto whether it’s a career, partner or hobby. This is also a good period for exercise as your mind and body are aligned and it’s easy for you to pursue what you want with single-minded focus. Venus in Aries creates a bountiful situation for you in love. Whatever you seek out can only grow in abundance. All of your deepest desires will be rewarded tenfold.


The sun remains in Pisces until the 14th but by the 15th, it moves into Aries, indicating an energetic shift. For the most part this week, you are still oriented around family and home and this dominates much of your thinking and many of your actions. Taurus is a family sign and you like to provide and care for those you love. You also don’t find it hard to spend quality time with family, unlike work-oriented signs like Capricorn who are prone to being workaholics. Things continue to blossom at work so there are no worries here. You are on a good track and can continue doing what you are doing. With Venus in Aries, you are able to maintain robust health and you want to dive into new experiences with your family and loved ones. You will be making memories this week.


Do you find it hard to stick to any one train of thought? Is your mind very much like Grand Central Station, with thoughts coming and going like trains and you just can’t decide which to board? A life lesson for Gemini natives is to pick a train, get on and see it through to its destination. When it comes to all of the ideas racing through your mind right now, try to focus on one at a time. Otherwise, you won’t get very far. Other people may be supportive of you in this, in that they can assist you with self-focus and help you not be distracted. At work, there may be some strain and you may feel less than happy. Try to be alert and direct. With Venus in Aries, the urge to travel and explore is not very far away. In love, there is a lovely aspect of friendship that guarantees longevity.  


Lucky Cancer, your luck is set to continue this week. You are very much above the fray this week and even if others try to drag you down into competitiveness, you will rise to the top. You feel quite secure in yourself and therefore don’t feel the need to prove yourself to anyone or compete with anyone other than who you were yesterday. Professionally, you still manage to excel and are at your best and this does not go unnoticed. You have become an invaluable asset to your team. You might want to think strategically about what you want next in your career as employers may be able to get you where you need to be. With Venus in Aries, property related businesses do very well, and monetary gains are expected.


Our worries can impact our health in a negative way. Health should be approached holistically. We know that the body, mind and emotions are all interconnected. When we feel tense, we even hold ourselves differently. As such, understanding how you react physically, mentally and emotionally is imperative in managing stress and difficulties that may emerge in life. This is a good week to apply consistency to your life in terms of habits and strategies that you may have picked up along the way. If you are consistent, you will notice the impact and there will be longevity. All that you touch has a way of turning to gold. This is the way with relationships, projects, house refurbishments, personal goals. Let this give you confidence. You have a transforming effect on people and things. 


This week, you are urged to continue working on your communication to prevent misunderstandings from becoming an issue. We urged you to practice affirmations so hopefully, you are making these a part of your routine. You will find that once you are able to express yourself with honesty and courage, that others sit up and take notice and your life changes as a result. It’s all about being true to who you are; your opinions, thoughts and needs. Fortunately, this week you enjoy good health and feel quite sound and secure in who you are. With Venus in Aries, there is an undercurrent of tension still but hopefully, you have incorporated some methods of managing this such as exercise, talking with friends or journaling. Remember, tension must always be released.


This week your health is rather good dear Libra, although you need to continue to be weary against coughs, colds and other minor ailments. Little steps that you take towards your health will serve you well. Even if you add one or two new habits to your roster, they will build towards big change. You are still struggling to focus but chances are, you are working on it. When the mind feels unstable, you need to move into the body via meditation, yoga, chanting, exercise or breathing exercises. This helps to relieve stress and quiet the mind. It is worth taking a step back before making big decisions so that you can take the time to be surer of your direction. In love, you are in a good phase where love feels magical, fun and supportive, the perfect combination, you may agree.


Has fame found you yet? Or are you working on it? Chances are you have become known for something, even if only something small. A Scorpio’s fate, much like Leo’s, is to become known. In love, you are advised to proceed cautiously. Take time to feel the other person out, to truly gain an understanding of them. Mercury in Aquarius promotes family closeness and your home truly becomes a castle to you. If you feel uncomfortable at home, try to redecorate or buy something which makes home feel more calming, harmonious or pleasant in terms of a space that you want to be. This makes a big difference. With Venus in Aries, love can be a bit up and down. It may be a tempestuous, passionate affair or it may be an on/off the partnership. Take time to take stock in this area.


Are you enjoying your continuing good fortune? Chances are, knowing your charitable nature, you are passing this luck onwards. You have a need to serve as well as a need for adventure and like Aquarius, you are driven towards humanitarian causes and spiritual pursuits. Anything that enlarges mankind as a whole is right up your street and you are a crusader for the downtrodden. You may feel a bit heavy if you are carrying around some anxiety or unsettling emotions. Be sure to share these with someone whom you feel comfortable with. Your goal should be a move towards lightness. Move through the world softly, lightly and gently. Take some of the pressure off. You will earn good money this week and someone important may sit up and take notice of you.


You like to be the rock-solid provider, but this week the focus should be on you. What is your health like? Do you eat well? How is your sleep? Do you drink enough? Do you have methods of relaxation? Remember that we cannot give to others if our cups are empty. As such, refilling your own cup should be a priority, and truth be told, this needs to be an ongoing endeavour. Even if you do something small every day that puts you in a better place than yesterday. Treat your body as a temple that can continue to do amazing things if you care for it properly. In terms of education, this is a great week for those of you who study or are at school or university so use it wisely.


If coupled, you want to share experiences with your love and this may involve travelling to places of great natural beauty. Do you have a bucket list? Why not think about places that you two can go together? Try calling it a ‘love list.’ You know that experiences can deeper and strengthen your relationship. You enjoy good health and wealth, so you could say that you are in a very lucky place this week. In terms of concentration, it may still be a struggle to apply yourself, but this is why consistency is so necessary. It’s a muscle that the more you flex, the more you can use. There is a desire to take plenty of short trips and this is common for air signs who long for movement, whether literal or metaphorical. Try to incorporate this into your relationship.


Pisces, you are continuing to learn that reality is where you must dwell, dreams are where you must visit. Try to find the motivation to do what you need to do, rather than just what you’d prefer. This is a great time for marriage, although make sure that you are marrying for the right reasons (whatever these may be, in your own mind.) In terms of a new love, make sure that you are seeing them as they truly are rather than through a love-coloured lens. You have a tendency to see the potential of a person rather than the truth of what they are presenting to you. Be cautious with money and if you find yourself in a financial situation that you don’t understand, be sure to seek advice and professional support. Ultimately, you feel harmonious and happy this week and that’s a good place to be.