Your Weekly Horoscope - 18 to 24 March 2019

Mon, Mar 18, 2019
Team Astroyogi   By Team Astroyogi
Mon, Mar 18, 2019
Team Astroyogi   By Team Astroyogi
Your Weekly Horoscope - 18 to 24 March 2019

Your weekly horoscope (18th to 24th March 2019) analysis can provide insights on the crucial planetary movements and its impact on your life. Stay tuned to Astroyogi’s expert astrologers for horoscope analysis.


Reflection is not something that comes naturally to you, you’d much rather act, but this week a little quiet reflection is not a bad thing. You can sit and think about where you are and how things are going and do a little internal spring cleaning. Chances are that there are some habits or patterns that you could work to improve which would be greatly beneficial to your future success. Your desire to socialize will draw you to be among people where you can embrace your boisterous and courageous sense of fun. You will enliven any event and people will flock to you. Love takes on a harmonious sheen and your passion keeps things both intense and exciting.


You are drawn to making a purchase, one which is beneficial to your home or has some practical function. At work, you launch one brilliant idea after another. You have confidence in your ideas and the tangible forms they are able to take. Your ability to think outside the box will propel you in the eyes of your colleagues. A combination of hard work and determination revs up the success you achieve this week. This is a great time to finish writing a book or adding the finishing touches to a project (whether professional or personal in nature.) You see conclusions on the horizon and are able to meet them. Your slow and steady wins the race pace ensures that success is met.


Air signs are revered for their wonderful minds and as the first air sign, your mind is forever pregnant with ideas. When your mind is successfully controlled and unable to run rampant, you are a source of great logic, rationality, and creativity, gifts perfect for a scientist, teacher, journalist or writer. Sharing this knowledge with wider society, serving as a messenger, is your soul purpose. Your mind may spiral towards the future, but we can only take each day at a time. This is all any of us can ever do. Ultimately you feel positive and you share this warmth with all whom you come into contact with. No matter what life throws at you, you retain a happy go lucky spirit.


You enjoy a favorable and lucky period, and previous health ailments and conditions begin to improve. Your monetary condition remains stable, which puts you in an advantageous position. Despite the high competition, you manage to perform brilliantly. In terms of your career, you are at the peak of your performance. This ensures that you draw attention from those who could help propel your career forward to greater heights. If you are ambitious, this is a great time to seize opportunities. You may feel generally confused and indecisive so give yourself time for the path to becoming clear. Regardless of what may occur this week, your partner will be immensely supportive of all your endeavors.


You may harbor tension for the future, unsure of what path to take. Once you do decide on a path, your fixed nature will take over and fill in the gaps. Take the time to ground yourself, be present in your body and understand that the answers will come to you. Your health is of paramount importance, and you should be mindfully aware of your body and how you are treating it. Be considerate in terms of exercise, nutrition, and mindfulness. Treat your body as a temple. At work, there will be challenges, but your willpower ensures that these are surmountable. Believe in yourself and have faith. You are doing far better than you realize. 


You are learning to navigate the waters with your partner. You may struggle to communicate or struggle to understand your partner’s perspective, triggering misunderstandings. It would be unfortunate if a simple issue such as miscommunication triggered distance between you when you have an otherwise worthy connection. Take the time to really check in with your partner as well as yourself. You will not regret it. You enjoy strong health this week and are robust in managing minor illnesses and ailments. At work, things are going extremely well, and you are getting the boost that you require, pushing you into a higher stratosphere than you could have dreamt of! 


You enjoy an engrossing love life that covers the key areas you require; romance, refinement, and elegance. You long to be charmed by your lover, treated with respect and treasured. You may have found someone who adheres to these qualities and treats you as you’ve always dreamed of! Of course, being a Libra, you have a dreamy perspective of love and are somewhat of an idealist. You need someone with the same sense of endless possibility. Command your focus this week in order to focus on projects or plans that need your attention. Do not allow your mind to wander too far. A deepening interest in the spirit realm serves you well and guides you to a greater understanding of yourself. 


How do you see yourself in love? You may notice that you tend to oscillate between two extremes. You are naturally cautious and private, but when you fall, you fall wholeheartedly and with an intensity that few can match. You crave a body and soul connection with someone who is not afraid to dig deep with you. If falling for someone new, exercise a degree of caution. Are they who they appear to be, or are you putting this person on a pedestal? Try to face love with a sense of practicality and realism. You create a wonderful atmosphere at home and enjoy being with friends and family. You understand the importance of connection and community and you nurture this accordingly.


Through a combination of hard work and steely determination, your goals feel fundamentally in reach this week. Your mindset is set to positive, and you are blessed with the resolve to get things done and achieve what you need to. You also serve as a mountain of strength for others who may turn to you as a leader. Within your community, a position of leadership would be suitable for you and a great outlet for your boundless energy. Others will be engrossed by your infectious personality and motivational charge. Males of this sign may be drawn towards marriage and commitment. If harboring secret anxieties, share these with a trusted friend or confidante to lessen the burden.


A combination of your work ethic and strong interpersonal skills buoy your success to new levels. You are just as effective in your personal life where communication and practicality are key. You nurture those who mean the most in your life. Make sure that you make your own health a priority. If you can turn your energy towards your health, you will be even more dynamic, after all, not much can be achieved without a healthy body and mind. Practices that reinforce and stabilize you should be utilized. Remember not to be distracted by the success of others. Do not let this discount what you have achieved in your own life.


You are drawn to romance, love, and nature. The more compassionate aspects of your nature have been activated. If newly in love, you will give your all to your relationship and want to be with your partner as much as possible, making memories and enjoying one another. Your love life, in general, is affluent and a source of envy to others. Check in on your financial status and ensure that you don’t spend more than you earn. Personal accountability will aid you in making appropriate decisions. There are endless new opportunities coming your way at work and in love. You will feel very grateful and very blessed in your life.


This week you may feel mellow and laidback, but you should not avoid carrying out the tasks that matter. This tranquil sense of self may make you more creative, artistic and drawn towards spiritual matters. Pisces is perhaps the most spiritual sign, attracted to that beyond what the physical senses can decipher, and this makes you tremendously empathetic and devoted to people and causes that inspire your heart. If romantically involved, this is a pleasing time for marriage. In terms of broader areas of life, there may be indecision and uncertainty so do check in with your intuition as well as those you trust. If single, falling in love may occur organically. Your self-confidence begins to rise as life starts to go your way. #GPSforLife


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