Your Weekly Horoscope - 05 to 11 March 2018

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Team Astroyogi By Team Astroyogi
Your Weekly Horoscope - 05 to 11 March 2018

Your weekly horoscope (March 05th to 11th, 2018) analysis can provide insights on the crucial planetary movements and its impact on your life. Stay tuned to Astroyogi’s expert astrologers for horoscope analysis.

With the sun in Aquarius, Aries natives will gain in self-confidence. Let’s face it, it’s not difficult for you to ooze confidence even in the worst of times, but this week, your sense of confidence will feel more natural and automatic. Every encounter, every experience and every situation you enter, will be bolstered by how comfortable you feel in your own skin and as a result, you may easily charm those around you as they are impressed by how readily you respond to life. This confidence is especially noticeable in professional spheres as others feel that they can depend on you. For those of you seeking to expand your educational opportunities, this is a wonderful period. It’s easy for you to stick to a course of action. With Mercury in gentle Pisces, you may need to take some time to retreat into your shell. Does this sound uncharacteristic Aries? Maybe so, but it will do you the world of good. Venus in Pisces lends harmony to love.

Taurus, you are a sign that is built to work. Don’t interpret that as meaning that you must work to exhaustion and take no time for fun. All we mean is that it is possible to work smart rather than to work hard. This week, things get busier at work but how you approach this workload makes a huge difference to how time-consuming it needs to be. Give yourself a reward at the end and you’ll find it easier to motivate yourself. Despite being busy, you remain enthusiastic and this spirited approach goes over well with others. You may find that you are rewarded at work for your consistency and dependability. With Mercury in Pisces, you enter into a sound financial period and in love, you can’t get much luckier. Love is a mix of grounding and magical, arguably the best kind. With Venus in Pisces, you remain in good health. After all, few creatures are robust as the bull. You will also be active physically, mentally and emotionally. There is a drive to get things done. The best news? You feel joyous and happiness pours from you.

Gemini is all about social interaction and with the sun in Aquarius, the flavor of the month is very much Gemini in nature! You are truly in your element. You will be so busy that you will be much like a tornado. Social gatherings, meetings, experiences, adventures, you want to be doing everything. Try to bring some focus to proceedings or you may struggle to achieve much of worth beyond the superficial. Ultimately, this is a very good period for decision making as the fixed energy of Aquarius makes it easier for you to stick to a course of action. With Mercury in Pisces, your favouring luck will come into action, protecting you from the negative energy of others. Venus remains in Pisces which ensures that you are appreciated at work. Those of you with artistic inclinations are powerful at this time. You may make a career out of your dreams.

The sun remains in Aquarius and Aquarius is a sign that fixates on health and sheds a light on health-related matters. This is a good time to prioritise your health and focus on small changes you can make that will advance your well-being. Consider drinking more water, eating less sugar and adding more exercise to your day. Your love life may feel somewhat disappointing as though lacking in magic. With Mercury in Pisces, you may notice some obstacles but it’s nothing that you can’t clear. You will need more time to yourself just to refresh and reprioritize. This week, honesty is very important. Ensure that you are honest with yourself as well as others. With Venus in Pisces, all is set to improve and get better. There is a touch of fun on the horizon.

Leo is at its best when it is loved. As an ego-oriented sign, you thrive when you feel cherished. This week, with the sun in Aquarius, you may run into some relationship troubles. This may make it more difficult for you to concentrate on your job. You may feel disappointed or wounded but it’s essential that you listen to your partner and that you are honest about your needs. With Mercury in Pisces, you may gain money from an unexpected source. At work, it’s easy for you to perform at a perfect pace and succeed, even though you are feeling distracted. At social gatherings, you are the king or queen of the castle, you will be the most talked about person so give them something to talk about. With Venus in Pisces, you may underestimate yourself. As you are normally supremely confident, it’s not a bad thing for you to second-guess yourself. You may become more well-rounded! 

Virgo, you tend to worry a lot but this week, you have nothing to worry about. Firstly, your personal life is enjoyable, fun and exciting. Your love life is entertaining and rewarding, and you are victorious over those that would bring you harm. It is easy for you to ‘win’ at life without needing to do very much at all. Mercury in Pisces urges you to find ways to de-stress. It’s very important for you to build calm into your day because your mind can be very much like a runaway train. Meditate first thing in the mornings, exercise and take time to process your thoughts. This needs to be consistent to work effectively. Venus in Pisces promises love to those of you that are single. You feel especially romantic, warm and snuggly in love, much to your partner's pleasure.

Libra, image is very important to you. You understand that how you come across is important and impactful. Remember that beyond image, it is important to cultivate the person within. It doesn’t necessarily matter how others see you, but how you see yourself. In love, there may be some setbacks. Are you focusing on love that looks good, or feels good? With Mercury in Pisces, your health is top notch as are your finances. Work may become a competitive environment, and this may make you feel uncomfortable. Ignore such elements and focus on your work. You tend to be creative and it’s easy for you to do incredible things this week. With Venus in Pisces, you feel self-confident and comfortable in your own skin, as well as more accepting of others.

As a fixed sign, it is natural for you to dig your heels in and work hard, you give your all to whatever passion or responsibility you align yourself to. With the sun in Aquarius, this focus is intensified and exaggerated and at work you are a true powerhouse, completing tasks far earlier than required. This is a financially stable phase for you which enables you to think about your future. With Mercury in Pisces, you are prone to stress and may worry a great deal. The water element can easily get ‘carried away’ by intrusive thoughts and emotions so meditation and exercise can assist here. You don’t want to ignore how you feel but you do want to channel it. With Venus in Pisces, you can’t help but make an impact and fame may be on the way, as may be a new partner.

This week, the sun remains in Aquarius and you will find that those younger than you are supportive of your endeavours. You have a young spirit and connect to those who are young at heart. You are also a lucky sign and this luck continues to be apparent this week. Your love life is harmonious and exciting, just enough to keep you on your toes. With Mercury in Pisces, your personal life prospers, and you enjoy being with friends and family. You feel more romantic than usual which makes you all the more attractive to potential partners. With Venus in Pisces, your home becomes a truly harmonious environment. You get what you want, as is customary when you are such a lucky in life sign. You may have itchy feet – the desire for something new is never far away.

We begin this week with the sun in Aquarius. As a result of this energy, your financial life improves and there is the opportunity to rid yourself of a chronic health problem. You’ll also find that you feel more confident and a confidence Capricorn can not be stopped by man or beast. Channel this confidence into the areas that require the most action and results will come your way. Mercury in Pisces encourages you to avoid conflicts with relatives. You are cool as a cucumber and keeping a cool head is hugely important. It is this sense of being ‘cool, calm and collected’ that adds to your fearsome reputation, you are not so easily riled up as others. With Venus in Pisces, you are active when it comes to performing duties and this is tinged with slight sentimentality.

This week, the sun remains in your own sign of Aquarius which guarantees that your ingenious brain will benefit you this week. There is no time to simply sit around and be idle, channel your thoughts, your brilliance and your far-sightedness into work, life and romance and you will reap the rewards. Your innovative thinking ensures success. No-one can keep up with your speedy thoughts. You are feeling self-confident which helps you understand which thoughts and ideas are workable and which are pipe dreams. With Mercury in Pisces, you should use your communication skills to excel. Keep up with fitness and dietary regimes that will keep you fit both mentally and physically. With Venus in Pisces, money is no object and pouring this money into your future is a wise investment.

As a mutable sign, your moods are prone to ebb and flow like waves. With the sun in Aquarius, you may feel low this week. Fortunately, those around you are aware of this and will be supportive and encouraging. Finding a safe space within yourself and learning to be your own cheerleader are both vital for Pisces natives. You are incredibly strong as well as sensitive. In fact, it is your sensitivity that encourages you, no, necessitates you to be so strong. Put yourself first and try to consistently build relaxing practices into your day. This will keep you on an even keel. With Mercury in Pisces, there is an urge to go overseas and you may feel somewhat melancholy. Are you thinking too much about the past rather than the present? Venus in Pisces brings warmth and coziness to relationships which is much needed right now.