Will Bobby Deol Revive his Career with Race 3 in 2018?

Thursday, January 25, 2018

Does anyone here know Vijay Singh Deol? anyone? We guess not. Although, we believe you will know Bobby Deol! Born on 27th January 1967, Bobby Deol also known as Vijay Singh Deol is an Aquarius. He is the second son of one of the greatest Bollywood actors - Dharmendra. Bobby Deol's eldest brother is one of Bollywood's action superstar Sunny Deol. Bobby Deol started his acting career as a child artiste in a movie called Dharam Veer in 1977. His debut as an adult was in the movie Barsaat (1995) for which he went on receive the award of Filmfare's Best Debutant. Bobby Deol's breakthrough movie is Gupt which was a considerable commercial success. He is also known for movies like Soldier, Badal, Bichhoo, Dillagi etc.

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But Bobby Deol's acting career has been a downfall ever since then.  Moreover, critics of Bollywood movies often claimed his acting as stale and robotic. Appearing in a multitude of movies with star-studded cast members still reaped only minimum to nil box office success. With the influx of numerous other newcomers and reigning megastars, Bobby Deol slowly phased out from lead roles to acting side or supporting roles till 2013. He took a break since then and appeared the last year 2017 with his elder brother Sunny Deol for the movie - Poster boys with average commercial success.

Astroyogi's expert Astrologers, however, predict a positive turn of events for Bobby Deol's acting career in 2018. He is going to be starring in Race 3 alongside one of the king khans of Bollywood - Salman Khan. Movies that involve Salman Khan are easily box office record breakers crossing Rs 300 crore marks.  Salman Khan is helping Bobby Deol's career in a humongous way by doing this movie. It is also predicted that Deol's acting will be exemplary and positive through the movie. The year of 2018 with Race 3 is going be the revival of Bobby Deol's acting career.

As an Aquarius, Bobby Deol is a very practical person and is uncluttered by nature who loves to be in order. Although, it is possible that he attends to even the minute details with precision, Bobby Deol can lose some tremendous opportunities in life due to this. It is within his powers to mount himself up the ladder of success with the necessary qualities that he possesses. Therefore, it is not much to think of Bobby Deol's mythical limitations.

Astroyogi's astrologers predict that the year of 2018 will change Bobby Deol's career and life. With the extensive Jupiter in his career house until November, his ambitions will take him to far-fetched places. It is predicted that this is one of his most fortunate career years for over a decade. Bobby Deol's closest relationships will also undergo some changes for the better as the people in his universe will adapt to the new version of himself. From May onwards, he would get an immediate opportunity to relocate or invest in some real estate. As Deol is ready to put down roots and settle into a professional groove in his career, varying circumstances will require extra efforts from his personal end. Overall, in all the aspects, Bobby Deol will have a great and prosperous year ahead! 

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