When You Are in Love With a Leo

bell icon Thu, Aug 02, 2018
Team Astroyogi By Team Astroyogi
When You Are in Love With a Leo

It can be hard to resist a Leo once they turn on their charm. Their sex appeal lies in their self-confidence, bold nature and mischievous smile. Add to that their outgoing and funny nature, and people simply get attracted to them like magnets. They know how to make everyone have a good time.

Leo will use their humor as ammo. There won’t be a day when a Leo won’t make funny jokes or exaggerate just to get you laughing out loud. And all you need to do in return is to be attentive. Leo loves receiving compliments and being the centre of attention. They do love to get their ego stroked.

Once a Leo develops feelings for you, s/he will shower you with worshipful devotion and constant affection. They tend to be passionate and sensual partners. They choose their significant other, based on their ability to be the dominant one in the relationship, so they will often be the leader out of the two partners.

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Because they can be very creative, you can surely expect some adventurous and unpredictable date ideas from your Leo. They are thrill-seekers, and surely will not let the excitement from your relationship diminish, as Leos themselves hate dull and boring routines.

Leo’s charms are not the only thing that will impress you. They are very hard working and goal-oriented by nature, and their hard work is not confined only to the office. Your Leo man could be working his charms on you with his amazing gym-body.

Their zodiac representation being a Lion is not just for show. Leo tends to be very protective and possessive of the people they love. So it is quite likely that they will not like you talking or socializing too much with the opposite sex.

If you are a social-butterfly, you may have to go out without your date as, even though Leos love going to parties, they also love to laze around during the weekends, to get some alone time and watch their favorite shows.

Leo doesn’t do well in any argument or fight, especially with a loved one. They hate to admit that they were wrong, and could probably anger you more with their arrogance and impatience. But they may make up for it by pampering you with luxurious gifts and weekend get-a ways.

You will fall in love with their kind, compassionate, and big-heart everyday, even if they can get egotistical and sometimes dampen your mood.

If you love a Leo man, let him call the shots. They love to be in-charge and be the one in control. If you love a Leo woman, make her feel valued. Being an independent-spirit, you will be going around in circles if you try to tame a Leo woman.

You can be sure that once a Leo lets you in and falls in love with you, they will be committed and in it for the long haul. If it comes down to tying the knot, you should not think twice about it!