When Aries Meets Aries

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Team Astroyogi By Team Astroyogi
When Aries Meets Aries

What to expect when fire meets fire? Fireworks? A sizzling romance? Or a relationship that's too hot to handle? Well, it can be both. The excitement levels are sky high and there's never a dull moment in the lives of two Aries lovers committed for life.

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and take a look around - observe your Aries friends, relatives and anyone in your family; don't they remind you of this every now and then. They are aware of it but they would prefer to use their childlike charm to get what they want rather than not. They are not averse to the idea of throwing a fit and throwing the whole house upside down when their demands are not met. They are not doing it on purpose; it's the only way they know how to get their desires fulfilled. There's glee written all over their faces as soon as the object of their desire is handed over to them. Call it what you want but that's Aries for you - stubborn, petulant, vain and headstrong.

The Aries wife will never settle for a domestic goddess role. She isn't much into household chores or delighting others with her culinary skills. She's ambitious, driven and wants a career that promises adventure, success and power. She likes getting complimented on her many talents and would love to be declared a leader. Only a husband who understands and lets her be who she wants to be will remain in a happy union with the Aries woman. Her emotions are strong and she feels she needs to protect her husband; she stands beside him every step of the way and does not shy away from facing difficult times with her man. Loyalty is important to her and you have to be brave to even think about straying when your wife's an Aries. The Ram has horns that can do you a lifetime of damage, so better watch out if your eyes go for a stroll while at a party with your wife.

The Aries husband is a born leader and he'll never want anyone leading him. He doesn't play the role of submissive husband for anyone. His sweetness  is infectious but his thirst for attention can be tiring at times. Mirrors are their best friends and Aries men can hardly ever pass a mirror without checking themselves out once. If a woman ever dares to stray, the Aries man known for his temper doesn't take too long to change his position from friend to foe. Aries men are natural flirts but they expect their wives to be theirs forever. They are known for being extremely possessive.

An Aries marrying an Aries makes for a great match. They understand each other perfectly and they are good friends too. They have much in common. They are both incredibly romantic and their love life can get the entire neighbourhood talking. It's hard to take your eyes off an all Aries love pair. They are a charismatic couple with dynamic personalities. They are blessed with great parenting skills too and an Aries home will have order, happiness and life written all over it.