What Your Sun Sign Reveals About Your Fashion Sense

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Team Astroyogi By Team Astroyogi
What Your Sun Sign Reveals About Your Fashion Sense

Your Sun sign is the essence of who you are and how you portray yourself to the world. Indeed the sun sign also plays a huge role in your personal fashion preferences, your style apart from your personality traits and how you approach and experience life. You can always enrich your natural astrological energies by the way you dress and accessorize yourself. Go ahead and give some expression to your very own fashion sense through the eyes of your Sun sign.

The sign of the Ram believes in a proactive approach to life. You need to feel powerful and confident. Comfort is very essential for you be it prepping for a date or an evening out with friends or maybe even an official meeting. You love a dash a bold color in your outfits, be it a fiery red handbag or maybe a shocking pink scarf. Since you are a Fire sign, bright and bold colors like orange, red or shades of fuchsia fit perfectly for you. Moreover, yours is a cardinal sign and you demand the ‘’eyes set on you” kind of attention, so why not dress in that way? You have the signs of the natural leader which is why when you decide to put on that power suit or even athletic clothes, you need to feel and look strong to show off your competitive streak. 

When it comes to Taurus, think all you can of the comfortable luxury around. Material or fibers that would feel comfortable and wonderful against your skin like linen, silk and such other fibers like these. The sign of the Bull appreciates classic and sophisticated fashion. Your appreciation for classic looks and comfortable yet sensuous fibers attracts you towards subtle colors and classic lines. Earthy tones will always probably be your first choice off course high quality pieces. Fashion for you is simple, sophisticated and subtle. You don’t mind paying for luxurious clothes and accessories which are finely made and sometimes you take pleasure in finding a bargain as well. Grounded, practical and expensive is your sense of personal style. Do not forget to show off your accessories or those beautiful earrings since the Bull is associated with the neck and throat. 

You need to get out and like to mix it up a bit when it comes to fashion. The twins love experimenting with fashion. Anything that is up- beat and expressive will always catch your attention. Bright fun colors and interesting patterns express your natural vitality. Since you have a flexible nature, your clothing needs can move with you from work to an evening out on town with friends. You feel the need to wear clothes that allow you plenty of room and flexibility, but that does not only imply athletic and sporty clothes. You should choose styles that allows you to mix it up a bit. Like a straight A-line skirt and a vintage top with a good looking pair of shoes. Since you are associated with the arms, hands and shoulders so make sure you flaunt it with chunky rings or maybe off shoulder blouses.

The Crab tends to be drawn towards a fashion sense that runs parallel to your mood, deeply emotional you are and this has an effect on your personal style. It can shift from one day to the next. You tend to choose styles that are more traditional yet fashionable which may have a sentimental value. Your closet maybe filled with vintage clothing. You believe in fashion which is meaningful like wearing your dad’s vintage shirt or maybe wearing your mom’s ring, this brings to you a sense of connection and joy. You seek out hues that evoke a sense of mystery and depth. Colors like blue, green or silver are normally what you look out for. You believe in projecting your natural authority by choosing well-made pieces like fine shoes, belt or beautifully made bags.   

The bold and dramatic Leo fashion sense is clothes that make a statement. Expensive and luxurious designer brands are definitely your choice. Interesting and vivid colors or architectural lines in your clothing is what you prefer. You definitely keep up with the latest styles and fashion, you are more than willing to splurge on clothes that you have passionately fallen for. Bright and reminiscent colors which make you look resplendent like gold, red, pink along with funky and bold patterns are something you should definitely look out for. Your bold and outgoing personality can carry them with a lot of oomph and confidence.    

Elegant and refined clothing with understated colors define the fashion sense of a Virgo. Classical lines with a touch of tradition without making too much of a splash is what defines you the most. You always manage to pull any outfit together that can also do a double duty. Maybe outfits where you can move from your work to an evening out with friends or a date. Again, mute colors look best on you like lavender, beige but you should not be afraid to experiment from time to time from bright pops of color as well.  

You love to leave an impression on almost everyone you meet, Libra. Yours is a sign of balance which is the reason your personal style is creative yet balanced in the appropriate way. You are also known to be one of the most romantic signs on the zodiac chart, you are also drawn to flowing patterns and soft fabrics that does justice to your romantic nature. You love to accessorize with surprising and artistic pieces maybe a gorgeous pair of neckpiece or a unique pair of shoes.

Intense and enigmatic are the two words that define your personal style. Just like your personality, you tend to dress in a way that is edgy and would keep everyone guessing. Palette of red and black are your statement colors since both the colors project mystery and passion along with shades of deep blues, purple etc. Also, these shades do evoke the immeasurable depths of water which fits right, you being a water sign. Leather pants, low rise fitted jeans are always right up your alley since your sign is associated with the pelvis so most of you are known to have provocative sense of style. 

Sagittarius, you are known to be athletic and sporty. No matter what the situation is, you need to be ready for any adventure that may call for your attention and this is exactly how you like to dress. Your fashion sense reflects this. You can be mostly seen wearing jeans, a button up shirt and or perhaps baggy trousers and a pair of sneakers. Not to be mistaken you also have a good taste in ethnic clothing styles, fabrics or accessories which reflects your love for travel and different cultures. Funky plaid pants or a cowboy hat is your personal style for your quirky and fun side of your personality. Do not hold back from showing off your beautiful legs as yours is a sign associated with the hips and thighs, just another facet to your personality.

Since yours is a Cardinal sign, you are naturally authoritative and when it comes to fashion, you are known to have conservative tastes. You choose to style in a way that projects your ambitious streaks and anything to do with power and image. Being an earth sign, you tend to be attracted towards earthy and nude tones of color, natural yet elegant fibers like linen or silk etc. Even shades of violet, black or dark shades of grey also bring out the subtle streaks of elegance that you seek. You believe in fashion which embodies and reflects your classic sense of taste yet you are not one of those who will splurge unnecessarily. But on the other hand you will not mind spending on well-made clothes or even designer labels. 

When it comes to fashion, you may be one who is either not bothered about what you are wearing or you like to like to dress in a meticulous and unusual manner. You may decide to change your look from one day to the next. There’s not something particular that you like to stick to but yes one thing is for certain, you will most likely choose things which are cruelty free and eco-conscious. Being an Aquarius, you like to do your shopping either from economical or vintage stores. But you always make sure you wear something you love and something in which you are comfortable. 

The Fish likes to flow in clothing that is subtle, stylish and feminine. You like to go for hues like blue, black or something shimmery that invoke the mysterious depths of water or the beautiful moonlight. This is the type of fashion sense that Pisces is attracted towards. Anything beautiful or fanciful clothing is your sense of style till it brings up the whimsical side of your nature. You also have an eye for artistic and handmade items as well. You are a Mutable Sign, so you love playing with fashion and changing your fashion preferences from time to time. Pisces are known to have pretty feet, so it is natural for you to have a serious love for shoes.