What Makes Kangana So Bold And Outspoken?

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Team Astroyogi By Team Astroyogi
What Makes Kangana So Bold And Outspoken?

Born on 23rd March, Bollywood’s super actress Kangana Ranaut, is an Aries all the way. Just looking at her naughty eyes and playful expressions, you can see that this wisp of a girl, full of life, is as fidgety as her sign - the Ram! 

Kangana has come a long way from her sleepy home town in Himachal Pradesh. This young Aries rebelled against the feudal family at home and hated being brought up with the sole intention of getting married off!  The fearless and impulsive Aries girl left home to make something out of her life - just so she could proudly stand on her own feet. The need for Independence is a hallmark of Aries women and Kangana craved for hers. Maybe if her family was more supportive of girls, Kangana may not have been so defiant and bold. But then, Bollywood would have lost such an excellent and versatile actress.

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Aries ooze success and work hard to achieve it. It is their confidence in themselves that takes them to the top. Kangana has come from a non-filmy background and has no God father in this cut throat Industry, but it took her just a few years to prove that she is here to stay.

Typically, like all wide-eyed, nervous, novice who immigrate to the city of ‘Tinsel world’, hoping to make  it big on the silver screen, the optimistic Kangana, had her fair share of insecurities. But, governed by the fire, this Aries personality did not take things lying down. When  chased by a much older and much married Aditya Pancholi, Kangana was not intimidated and fought back tooth and claw. Hoping to get justice from his wife, Kangana even approached Zarina, but when her complaint was ignored, this new-comer to the industry didn’t balk and decided to turn around and fight off this established actor, Aditya, knowing fully well the scandal it would cause. She didn’t shy from taking the help of police. Today, Kangana is an example to the other greenhorns in the Industry, to not choose the easy way out and succumb to pressure from seniors.

The now established Kangana didn't balk while accusing Karan of being  “a snooty flag bearer of nepotism” at his own show, ‘Koffee With Karan’. What was at first taken lightly during the session, turned ugly later. Kangana’s accusation has been scoffed at by the Industry’s bigwig progenies and has rubbed Karan the wrong way. Statements are now being thrown Kangana’s way that if she feels so threatened by nepotism, she needs to leave the Industry! But it’s only an Aries who can speak up her mind so publicly what others keep bottled inside! 

An Aries woman in love is emotional and romantic while being direct and straight forward. When she loves, she loves with her heart. Her affair with Hrithik Roshan drew much flak in the Film Industry. To not be intimidated by such a powerful family, rose many eyebrows! Even the Roshans are surprised at her tenacity to not retreat any of her accusation about Hrithik. But then, they should realise this here is an Aries woman - unafraid to talk back! 

The Aries characteristic of not taking orders is ‘complained’ about by her directors. Kangana likes to implement changes in the script and even demands location changes. She insisted on shooting in the dreaded Chambal Valley for her film,’Revolver Rani’, much to the directors disgust! 

The Industry today is in awe of this fiercely independent 30 year old who doesn't hesitate to speak up her mind.