What is Corporate Numerology - How to Put the Numbers to Work for You

Wed, Jan 29, 2020
Team Astroyogi   By Team Astroyogi
Wed, Jan 29, 2020
Team Astroyogi   By Team Astroyogi
What is Corporate Numerology - How to Put the Numbers to Work for You

We already know how important numbers are in our life, and how finding out what your lucky number is can bring positive opportunities in life and take you a step closer to a successful future! 

Want to know how numbers can elevate your career? Consult our expert numerologists now!


So how is corporate numerology different? For that, we need to understand what is corporate numerology, and how corporate numerology works exactly.  


In a gist, Corporate Numerology is the process of calculating numbers to help you figure out and then design a lucky brand name, which is linked to profits and success. For those who want their business to take over the market and become a household name, corporate numerology can be used to help establish your business name, the auspicious date on which to inaugurate the company, and can even be used for calculating the company phone number! 

The basic goal of corporate numerology is to help you establish a popular and successful brand and overcome competing businesses by choosing a business name that best suits your field and your personality. 


Here are some ways in which the numbers work in corporate numerology- 


The first thing to understand is how to calculate your lucky business number. Its quite simple, for the most part. It works in a similar manner to how Name Numerology works. You simply calculate the numbers assigned to each letter in your name and then add them to get a single digit. 


Unlike how there are Master Numbers in Name Numerology (11, 22, 33), in corporate numerology, these rules don’t apply. And so, you have to reduce all the numbers down to a single digit. 


To calculate your business number, you can consult an expert numerologist on astroyogi. Once you know your business number, you can go about figuring out an appropriate name for your company that will bring auspiciousness and success. 


There are also some numbers that tend to be lucky for particular business and corporate fields. Knowing what each number represents is very crucial. It is always best to consult a reliable numerologist, who can help you figure out what number suits your company best. 


For instance, numbers 4 and 8 are considered to be unpredictable numbers in business numerology, since they do not suit every business.


If your company deals in garments, luxury goods, for those who run a restaurant, or those who are in the entertainment industry, name numbers 6 and 1 can have favourable outcomes.


•   Number 9 is considered auspicious for those in the real estate business or for those companies working in the heavy industry, like engineering or any business which requires the use of a lot of energy.


•  Number 2 is best suited for pharmaceutical and medical equipment companies, and Number 7 can bring success for those in the import/export business.


The major benefit of corporate numerology is that by knowing the significance of these numbers, especially in the corporate world, ahead of time, you can get guidance and advice on what name to choose for your business and even products, on the basis of which businesses these numbers suit best. Corporate numerology can play a significant role in creating the right image, helping your company grow and profit, and bring fame in the long run. 


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