Weak Sun in Horoscope

The main ‘planet’ in the solar system, Sun is also the most important planet in Astrology, when considering an individual’s horoscope. 

Sun represents one’s personality, identity, health, and even influences aspects like confidence, physical strength, and how respected one is in his life. Since the Sun’s placement in the birth chart affects how an individual view himself and how the world views the person, an auspicious placement can be highly beneficial, while an inauspicious placement can bring ill effects for the native. 

Sun also represents and impacts one’s relationships with others, especially with male figures like father and grandfather. This is why, it is important to know the placement of the Sun in your birth chart, and what remedies you can follow to reduce the ill-effects of an inauspicious Sun.


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Poor placement of the Sun in each House in your birth chart can have certain implications- 

  • For instance, in the 1st House, Sun can create health problems for the individual,

  • In the 2nd House, native’s relationships with family members get affected, and luxuries and comforts are also affected,

  • In the 6th House, relationships with female members and friends will get impacted,

  • Weak Sun in the 7th House may cause disharmony with your wife,

  • Weak Sun in the 9th House can create problems with the land and owned properties,

  • In the 10th House, weak Sun can be detrimental for your father’s health,

  • And in the 12th House, your health will get impacted, resulting in sleep disturbances, restlessness, fatigue, tiredness, and increased stress levels.

Apart from the influence of the Sun in each House, some other problems caused by a weak Sun in your horoscope include-

  • Ill-effects of a weak Sun include problems and ailments related to the heart, like blood pressure, irregular blood circulation, heart diseases, and proneness to heart attacks. 

  • Also referred to as the Karaka of the bones, a weak Sun can cause problems related to the bones like Arthritis, Parkinson’s, Osteoporosis, etc, making the native feel constantly tired and fatigued. 

  • It can also cause color blindness, weak eyesight, and may make the native prone to cataract at an early age. 

  • Since the Sun also influences an individual’s relationships with others, weak Sun can disrupt peace, cause feelings of jealousy and inadequacy, and make the native feel less confident in your relationships. It can even cause problems in your relationships with your father and your son. 

Some remedies that have been suggested by professional astrologers include- wearing the ruby gemstone, reciting the Gayatri Mantra daily, offering water (jal) to Lord Shani/ Surya Devta (the Sun), among other. 



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