Vishwakarma Pooja 2019

Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Vishwakarma Pooja is celebrated on 17th September, every year. This Hindu Festival is popularly celebrated among engineers, architects, artisans, carpenters, mechanics, factory workers etc, who worship Lord Vishwakarma, the God of architecture. 


The festival marks the birth of the Hindu God, Vishwakarma, who is considered as the ‘architect of Gods’ and ‘the architect of the universe’. In different parts of India, Vishwakarma Pooja is known by different names, like Vishwakarma Jayanti, Biswakarma Pooja, and Biswa Karma Pooja. As per the Puranas, Vishwakarma was the divine architect who designed Heaven (Swarga), Lanka, Hastinapur and Indraprastha.


The son of the creator, Lord Brahma, and the official architect of all the Palaces where the Gods reside, Vishwakarma is also believed to have designed all the flying chariots and weapons of the Gods.   


This is why Vishwakarma is known as the God of Architecture, and to celebrate Vishwakarma Jayanti, workers and laborers observe the Vishwakarma Pooja with great zeal. 


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In many states of India such as Bihar and West Bengal, on the day of Vishwakarma Jayanti, beautiful kites are also flown. These colorful kites cover the whole sky. It is a time of joy and celebrations.


There is a popular story associated with Vishwakarma Jayanti. According to one legend, which mirrors the story of Lord Brahma, it is believed that the universe was born out of Lord Vishwakarma's navel. 


On the other hand, according to another legend, Lord Vishwakarma is believed to be born out of the churning ocean.

On the day of the festival, pooja and rituals are performed at workplaces and temples. Workers take a break from tasks and in turn, spend the day cleaning and polishing their machines, as a way to worship them. By observing the Vishwakarma Pooja, the workers, laborers, craftsmen, etc pray to Lord Vishwakarma to increase their productivity, bless them with his inspiration to create something of use and value and inspire them with novel ideas. 


Devotees worship Lord Vishwakarma to pray for successful careers, to be blessed with more fortune and prosperity, to improve the productivity and the atmosphere at the workplace, and to remove obstacles and negativity that may be hindering one’s potential and growth. 


The festivities include keeping the idol of Vishwakarma at work, overnight along with the other pooja ingredients. Devotees then clean all their instruments, tools, machines, and place them facing East. They get together and chant mantras, after lighting the Akhanda Diya, and then perform the aarti. 


The Aarti is taken to every room in the office, especially where there are machines, to seek the Lord’s blessings for a successful and prosperous year ahead, and to avoid accidents and problems. A paste is made of turmeric and vermilion, which is applied to the machines that are worshipped astika. It is considered to bring good luck. The next day in the morning, the idol is immersed in the water. 






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