Venus transits to Aquarius-Good results on the way!

Friday, February 19, 2021

Venus will transit to the Aquarius sign from February 21, 2021, to March 17, 2021. Venus is one of the significant planets in astrology. Saturn and Venus rule the Capricorn sign. Venus is the friend of Saturn, so good results are expected in general terms. Venus represents  Love, Wealth, emotions, beauty, luxury, good food, aroma, fashion, clothing, lifestyle, etc. 

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Following is the prediction of the Sun transit to the Cancer sign as per the Moon sign

Aries – Venus will transit from the 11th house, which is expected to give you satisfactory results. This Transit will bring a lot of opportunities related to the earnings. This is an excellent time to spend with family. This Transit is useful to help you build up a good account balance. This is an excellent time to spend with your life partner. You may get benefits from your life partner in this duration. Some long-awaited dreams may fulfill in this duration if proper efforts are made for the same. 

Taurus – Taurus is ruled by Venus, so this is an essential Transit. Venus will be transiting the 10th house, which again is expected to give good results. You may get good job opportunities in this duration. This duration is suitable for making the right place at the workplace. You may get recognition at the job and in the eyes of seniors. Do take care of your family. Do take special care of the love matters related to your life. 

Gemini – Gemini is ruled by Mercury which is a friend of Venus. Venus will be transiting the 9th house in the Saturn sign. This Transit is good to excel in the studies. This is a good duration for the children. This Transit is good for love affairs; either someone will enter your life, or your love relationship will grow in this duration. This Transit from the 9th house so a lot of luck and fortune should help you. Avoid unnecessary or any unwanted expenses in this duration. It would help if you did not spend until that was urgently required. You may go on long travels for fun or a pilgrimage visit.

Cancer – Cancer is ruled by the Moon. Venus will be transiting from the 8th house; thus, be cautious in this duration. You may go for long travels in this duration. You may get some personal earnings in this duration. There are chances of getting some sudden earnings, too, due to this Transit of Venus. Best duration to show your courage to others in a proper way. You can make your appearance in the eyes of others. This is the perfect time for the family, giving them adequate time, especially to your wife or love.  

Leo – Leo is ruled by the Sun. Venus is transiting from the 7th house, which is good for you. This Transit will give, or you may feel many romantic feelings so good duration for the love prospect. This is the duration for some short travels. This Transit may provide you with time to spend time with your siblings. Your profession may prosper in this duration. This is a good duration for those expecting to get married, so their marriage may get fixed in this duration, or the relationship may go to the next level. This time is good for the people in some Business – this Transit is good for the business. This Transit may give a thought of doing business. 

Virgo – Virgo is ruled by Mercury. Venus will be transiting the 6th house in the Saturn sign, which is expected to result in a job. You will be able to perform well in any competition or at the workplace. This duration will help mark your presence in the office or at the job – utilize this properly. This will go best if you are in touch with your spiritual Guru, so surely get his/her blessings in this duration. Family time, but they may not be very supportive in this duration. So, let this Transit ends, then a better prospect and relationship is expected with family. 

Libra – Venus rules Libra, so this Transit is good for you. This Transit will be from your 5th house. Wait for a love prospect or life or relationship. This is the best time to go for that, or it is the best duration to get such results. People with kids, your relationship will become stronger with the kids. Although, do take care of health issues. This is the duration in which a prospect for some secret relationship is expected. 

Scorpio – Scorpio is ruled by Mars. This Transit of Venus is from the 4th house. Thus, you may think of buying a luxurious vehicle or apartment or Bungalow. Expenses are expected in this Transit on the family, which is quite good. Plan some good time with family. You will get a lot of support from the life partner. Those who are in the Business are expected to have a good time in this duration. This Transit is right for you. Just forget and forgive your past. Now, enjoy this duration soulfully with your family. 

Sagittarius – Jupiter rules Sagittarius. Venus will be transiting the 3rd house, so this Transit is good for short journeys and may give some to you. You may have to engage a lot of time with the siblings. They may need your time and care in this duration, which you should give to them. You may get some sudden money or earnings. There are chances of changing jobs with a hike in salary or promotion, and those searching for jobs may get a good job with this Transit of Venus. This duration is good to show or need you to show a lot of courage/Purusharth/Parakram at the workplace or job/profession. 

Capricorn – Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, which is the friend of Venus. Venus will be transiting to the 2nd house; thus, good results are related to family, wealth, and Bank Balance. Good duration to get property in your name. Good duration for the kids/children – it is advisable to spend quality time with your children. Also, give a good time to your love partner or relationship to grow and prosper. Good time for the profession. This Venus transit will help to grow and flourish in the profession. 

Aquarius - The planet Saturn rules Capricorn. Venus is a friend of Saturn. Venus will be transiting the Aquarius sign, which is ascendant, so this is good for you in overall terms. Venus is Yog Karak in the Aquarius ascendant or moon sign, so this Transit is good for you. This Venus transit will give a lot of romance filled feelings to you. Thus, the best time for a love relationship or married couples is a very good time to spend with your partner. Best time to prosper the relationship prospect leaving all past things and matters behind. A lot of luck and fortune is expected to help you in this duration. You can also plan to buy some luxury vehicles or property. Do spend some time with Mother and wife – let’s have a good relationship with both. 

Pisces - Jupiter rules Pisces. Venus will be transiting the 12th house, so do take care of expenses in this duration. This is very supportive for going to the foreign lands, or some foreign lands related matters will be fulfilled in this duration. Drive safely in this duration and wear a seatbelt/helmet in this duration. Do take care of health issues in this duration. Also, some problems may be there with the siblings as expected in this Transit, or you should take care of your relationship with siblings in this duration. You may go for short travels in this duration. Also, the chances of long-distance travel are there in this Transit. Do take care of your expenses in this duration. 

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This is a general prediction as per Moon sign or ascendant. This Transit is good to summarize and not that bad, although if Venus is not good in your charts, i.e., in natal charts, do take more care of yourself. 

To improve Venus:

One should have a good relationship with a wife or a female.

Do worship Goddess Durga daily with any of her mantras. 

Donate liquid or kheer on Friday, especially to younger girls.

Recite Shrisukt every day at Godhuli Bela or in the evening. 

Recite the following mantras daily 108 or 21 times:

Om Draam Dreem Draum Sah: Shukraye Namah…”.

Om Shukraye Namah

All the Best

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