Vastu Tips for Love and Relationship

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Vastu Tips for Love and Relationship

Relationships can often be quite complicated. Here are some essential tips to help deepen your romantic bond with your partner or spouse.

Direction and placement are the most important aspects when it comes to Vastu. The first and foremost thing you should focus on is the bedroom. The bedroom is connected to making your love ties stronger. And so, according to Vastu, you should plan your apartment/house layout in such a way that your bedroom falls in the South-west or North-west direction.

Choosing to construct the bedroom in the north-west direction is considered most auspicious. This direction is considered the zone of rati, which means sensual enjoyment and can bring a sense of fulfilment in your relationship. This direction can also strengthen your bond with your partner, and this holds especially true for married couples.

The material for the bed should also be kept in mind. It is believed that using a metal frame or body for the bed can create tension and hence, can disturb your sleep. So, it is best to use a wooden body, and ensure that the mattress and number of pillows you and your partner use suit both your needs. Some Vastu experts say that couples should use a single mattress, as it can enhance marital harmony. 

Women should sleep on the left side, as it can make for a peaceful and loving relationship with your partner. 

The colour you choose for your bedroom walls also impact your love relationship. It is suggested that one keep the colour of the room light and soothing, to make the ambience calming and positive. A dark and dull room can often kill the romance, and so the bedroom should be well-lit and illuminated, but not too bright either. 

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Nowadays, with the constant use of technology, we tend to interact even lesser with our loved ones. We may be physically present, but sharing our emotions and connecting with them is becoming more and more difficult. Hence, couples should avoid keeping electrical gadgets in the bedroom as they distract you, and can create stress and tension in your relationship.

Apart from avoiding being on the tv or laptop in your room, couples should also try to keep the room organised and clean. A messy and cluttered room can make the vibe unromantic and can also bring about negative energy.

You can also improve your relationship with your spouse by framing your photos together. Find some happy and memorable photographs and be sure to hang them or place them in the bedroom. For those of you who are religious as well, you can also frame paintings of Radha Krishna or Ram Sita in the room. 

These photo frames should be hung in the direction which will bring positivity and auspiciousness in your relationship. This direction is calculated using your anniversary date. Keeping such pictures in the bedroom can inspire a sense of peace, love and romance in couples.

Vastu experts believe this can help in enhancing love and understanding between partners. Constructing a bedroom in the north-east direction should be strongly avoided by couples.

Further, instead of trying out different shapes for the room, when it comes to the bedroom, a regular square/rectangle shape is considered most positive.

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