Universe has pressed the reset button! How is this related to us?

Wednesday, April 1, 2020

How life changes so fast? One day it feels so right, and the next everything turns upside down. A truly terrifying moment when a crisis hit us. But if you see it from a different perspective then crisis is an unpleasant yet often effective teacher. In the middle of fear and testing times, there’s still positivity which leads people to introspect the true purpose of life. There are lessons to be learnt. It gives us a moment to stop and look back and forth in our lives. A gentle ascertainment that the best of humans can rise to the challenge. We may consider this phase as a ‘reset button’ by the universe.

How to maintain your mental, physical and spiritual health amid social distancing

So let’s look at it this way.

Time to strengthen your connections

Spend quality time with your loved ones. Hug them, embrace them. Have long conversations with them. Gestures that will promote closeness and bring a sense of calm in you. All these more because we were not getting enough time for these.

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Breathing exercise to keep you grounded

Doing yogic breathing can help you bring you back to reality. We need to take care of ourselves on all levels - emotionally, physically and spiritual levels.


Awaken our mind

A probably more familiar way of clearing your mind from your usual way of thinking. Concentrating your mind and focusing on your deep within has the potential to awaken your mind and reset your brain. Meditation will set your mind free. Another way is to write your thoughts down. Taking time for art will help you reimagine your relationship to the world. 


Be of help in your own means

Now that you are in a situation with time for yourself, it’s perfect to reach out to those in need. If you have the means and ability to help, reach out to aid organizations to do some charity work. This phase should be a radical shift toward empathy, compassion and understanding. An important human lesson.


Have more fun

Remember how you’d often long to spend more time with your family as you were giving work presentations? The universe has conspired even if it is in a crisis situation like a pandemic. Take out those fun activities like the card and board games.


Find meaning in life

Now this statement may seem vague, wouldn’t you say so? Often we endure doubt in life when times are uncertain. But, the universe is not stopping you from finding answers. If following the right life trajectory is getting tough then seek guidance from experts such as astrologers.

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The universe pressing the ‘Reset’ button is a subtle yet stern way of reminding us to take advantage of the opportunity and connect more with what is precious to us.


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