Understanding the Patriarch Tarotically By Poonam Beotra

It’s not easy being the head of a family since it entails one to be responsible in thoughts and actions. They are the providers and since the youngsters look up to them for guidance, it is required of them to be standing on a stable and solid ground.

In a regular house hold, the Kings are in control of situations and like to direct and command. They exude a masculine energy, that demands respect. While most of their ‘queens’ learn over time how to handle this energy, it is still good to know under which tarot category, the ‘man of the house’ falls. It becomes much easier to handle such personalities then.

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King of Wands

Normally, a businessman, an advisor, a consultant or a politician falls under this category as such men represent pure fire energy. If you are looking for that respect for you in his eyes or hoping he changes his mind about something that you don’t find appealing, give him plans or ideas to help him achieve his own goals, live his passion. Try and be an exciting use of his energy and/or resources. This man will not respond well to emotional pleas or reasoned ideas, so don’t waste your breath doing that.

The most important point to remember about him is that, his attention will be short-lived, so make the most of it when you have it. Be assured that if the man promises, he will deliver! 

King of Cups

While this accomplished patriarch wields authority, he is emotional and is moved by the hearts of others. It is why he will be found serving in areas such as, counselling, health care, human services, and NGO’s. But although sensitive and compassionate, he is not a pushover. Childish and emotional outbursts will not make him budge from his decision. If you want his support, try and appeal to his sense of tolerance and the greater good. He will balance his emotions and intellect, to help you navigate the challenges you may face.

King of Swords

Ruled by reason and logic, he is often found in the government or military. He could also be a lawyer, a scientist, a surgeon or even a media personal. He delights in truth that is untouched by emotions, enjoys communication and finds comfort in clearly defined rules. To get your thoughts across to him, keep reason and logic in mind, and leave your emotional pleas at the door. Do not digress from the point too much, or you will lose his attention. Your passionate excitement will not sway him. Keep your points clearly defined and express them as simply as possible.

King of Pentacles

This efficient, ambitious and practical man values results and things of quality. He may be in the banking sector, an investor or a real estate honcho. An excellent salesperson, material goods are his weakness. If you want to interest him in your ideas, show him how they will make his life easier or more productive. Appeal to his sense of discipline and control of good quality of life and you will have him eating out of your hands! 

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