Tiger Shroff - Astro analysis of the Heropanti actor

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Tiger Shroff - Astro analysis of the Heropanti actor

Bollywood actor, Jai Hemant Shroff, popularly known as Tiger Shroff, is son to veteran actor Jackie Shroff and producer Ayesha Dutt Shroff.

Born on 2nd March, Tiger Shroff is a Pisces. Ruled by the God of the Sea, Neptune, makes these people dreamy, mystical, imaginative but also delusional.

Since Pisces is a Water Sign, it includes the most creative people from the zodiac. Tiger expresses his creativity through amazing stunts on the silver screen. A dance fanatic, Tiger was always a big fan of none other than the pop king, Michael Jackson and on the home turf; Hrithik Roshan.

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Looking at this macho man with his six-pack abs and chiseled features, one cannot imagine that he can be soft, sensitive and ‘touchy’ from within. A complete family man, Tiger is very close to his parents and sister. It is rightly said, “eyes are the window to the soul” and Tiger’s eyes typically give away the truth of him being the ‘shy-guy-next-door’. Neptune fills them with innocence and child-like faith and this makes Tiger a very endearing person.

Pisces are extremely empathetic and can feel other’s pain. As if Tiger was not blessed enough with a caring heart, he has a role model in his father to emulate. Jackie has long been known for his philanthropic deeds.

Heightened psychic abilities are a part of a Piscean’s life and Tiger has complete faith and trust in his instincts. He relies on it greatly while saying yes to a script. If he feels he will not be able to resonate with the character, he does not commit to it.

Since Pisces is ruled by Neptune, this makes the Fish spiritual in nature. Tiger Shroff believes in God and doesn't forget to thank Him for the good things in life.

Typically, this fish is a reclusive and keeps away from the media unless he has to promote a film. Inspite of having an introvert nature, Tiger Shroff does not shy away from discussing personal remarks that get thrown his way. One has to have guts to openly acknowledge that a lot of people think of him as gay because of his red lips and ‘feminine’ dance! 

Pisces are devoted people, whether it is to their work or their family or their interests. Tiger is totally committed to his physical regime and does not miss a single day of his work out. With every new film, he likes to put in more effort in it's making than he did in the previous one.

Tiger’s film, Student Of The Year 2, is scheduled for release in May, 2019 and he has worked really hard for this. Jupiter in his 9th House at the advent of the New Year, promises a rise in his career. Planet positions are well placed around that month and the world will see his best work then.

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2019 may begin with some problems and friction in his love relationship and rumours are already rife about some rift between him and his girl friend, Disha Patani.

The stars suggest that he should divide his time well between his exercise and rest pattern, this year.

Astroyogi wishes the junior Shroff lots of luck for his coming ventures and a very happy birthday.


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