72nd Independence Day of India, The Stars Have Come Out To Play

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Team Astroyogi By Team Astroyogi
72nd Independence Day of India, The Stars Have Come Out To Play

Almost seven decades have passed since India obtained its freedom on 15th August, 1947. The country has achieved a lot in these seventy years. The social, economic and political fabric of our country was in tatters given the exploitative tendencies of Britain’s rule; a country that was once famously called the Golden Bird was ravaged. The means to development were scarce at the time of our hard-fought independence. Despite the odds being stacked against us, we managed to survive and created a name for ourselves. Astrology has a prominent place in our psyche and we base the fortunes of an individual, state and the nation on the position of the stars. Our independence being granted to us at midnight was partly due to the inauspicious time zone during the morning of 15th of August, 1947, hence, the flag was unfurled at midnight.  From time to time, astrologers try to predict the fate of our nation, India, and assess the challenges and situations that we will face. Astroyogi astrologers have currently tried to predict the future of our country according to the natal and the yearly chart. Let’s find out what the stars have to say -

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What does the horoscope of India say –

During the time of India’s independence, the Ascendant was in Taurus and the moon sign – Cancer was in the divine arena of the Pushya Nakshatra. The Lord of the Zodiacs is Moon and Lord of Nakshatra is Saturn.  There is Mahadasha and Antardasha of Moon over India right now. The five-planet combination, pancha graha yoga, over India presently increases the efficiency and courage of the country, the proof of which can be seen in the way India’s stars are shining on a global platform. There are indications of this being intensified in the long run. This arrangement of the Yoga leads to money, prestige and respect especially in the feild of art for India. The presence of Jupiter in the Sixth house is indicative of both positive and negative outcomes. It will give rise to enemies within the country even as the old ones outside the borders are vanquished, and this situation has chances of staying put. The presence of Ketu is going to strenghten feelings of love and provide India with an opportunity to reclaim the lost prestige. There is the dasha of Moon along with the residence of Mars which is especially beneficial for the industrial sectors. The probability of India focussing it’s attention on military forces is also high. The characteristics of moon are such that there is a desire to extend an olive branch to the enemies while at the same time, the Ascendant Virgo transiting in Jupiter gives rise to educational and cultural excellence on a worldwide level.

What does the yearly horoscope for India say –

According to the yearly horoscope, Mars and Saturn in the Twelfth house is a cause for concern due to the effects of Saturn where the enemies might overpower us but the prsence of Mars in the same spot will enable India to give a remarkable fight. Yearly horoscope shows the power of the progressed sign to expand India’s enthusiasm and confidence. The Ascendant of Moon will push India in the direction of positivity. The presence of Jupiter in the Tenth spot will establish India’s position as a good consultant. The Yoga of Venus, Rahu and Mercury in the department of luck can prove to be a reason for hardships for India however; there are signs of an internal strife within the boundaries of the nation. Diseases and disasters might befall the country. The presence of Sun in the Eighth spot will have an impact in the political arena which can lead to an increase in the discord with parties in opposition and the state governments might not give adequate support to the central government.  Our Prime Minister’s Zodiac of Scorpio is under the influence of Moon’s dasha and there is Saturn in Moon. This will spur him in the direction of progress although everyone has to face difficulties in achieving their goals. Overall, the future knocking on our doors is one full of possibilities but domestic frictions and natural disasters might manifest themselves as our biggest challenges.