The Extreme Super Moon

19 March, 2011 may turn out to be a very crucial night for the entire world. More precisely, from 19th to 22nd March 2011, there are strong indications of natural calamities. Security and well being of people should be of utmost priority during this period.


Towards the night time, from 11: 40 pm onwards there will be disturbances underneath the earth’s surface and its impact would be seen in the form of natural calamities, such as earthquakes. What is causing nature to be so violent during this period of the “Moon”?


During this phase the Sun and the Moon will be on the same axis of 04:46o. Simultaneously, the ascendant will be Scorpio which is a water sign and ascendant Scorpio is known to give rise to mysterious activities.


Aspect by the Saturn, Capricorn is the earthy zodiac sign of Saturn. Aquarius is an airy sign of Saturn; Saturn is positioned in the earth sign Virgo conjunct by the water sign Moon.


Second of all, another major culprit is ‘Mars’ which has fiery and water properties, aspects to earth sign Taurus, fire sign Sun, and also the earth sign Virgo. Another major problematic situation is that Mars aspects Saturn and the Moon.


So, this combination of the earth, water, air and fire has become active. Saturn and the Moon’s conjunction is also very problematic. Sun, Mercury and Jupiter are also in the major water sign, aspect to Moon and Saturn. The heavenly body, Venus is also positioned in earth sign Capricorn.


So, the impact of such difficult combinations of planetary positions is likely to create horrifying natural disasters. Snow covered area will be deeply impacted. There will be cracks in the rocks and the earth’s surface and underneath the oceans too. Therefore, chances of tsunami are high at the coastal regions and earthquakes in mainlands and people need to take all necessary precautions.


In some places the situation will be under control but in some places the situation may go haywire.


Places with names starting with “T”, “TO”, “PA”, “PU”, “CH”, “DHA”, “TH ”, “ME”, “MU”, “MA”, “MO”, “TA”, “NA”, “NE”, “NO”, “YA”, “THE” are at greater risk.


In these places chances of disaster from earthquake, tsunami & fire in oil refineries, volcanic eruptions may be seen in these 5 days. There may be thunderstorms, flow of air would be on peak and move destructively beyond control.


People should not live at the places where there are chances of landslides. If there will be any earthquake, people should come out of their houses as soon as possible. India’s coastal regions should be at high alert. Lakes of Nainital and other huge lakes may also be at risk. Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC) should also be at high alert. Oil refineries at the coastal regions need extra attention and prevention.


There will be depression, anxiety and people will lose their patience. Chances of crime, unplanned murders and suicide cases will increase. The stock market will be highly impacted which will affect the world’s economy. Politics will become dirtier and may take horrible shape.

From 17th March onwards, the situation will start to become sensitive and complex, in the form of earthquakes, heavy rainfalls and other natural disasters. Bacteria/viruses will be highly active and chances of water borne diseases are high. A great epidemic may break and it will become a priority for scientists to start immediate research, all because the water sign Scorpio will be adversely impacting the earth.

By: Anita Nigam
Celebrity Astrologer


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