The astrology of attraction by Astroyogi

Tue, Feb 07, 2017
Team Astroyogi   By Team Astroyogi
Tue, Feb 07, 2017
Team Astroyogi   By Team Astroyogi
The astrology of attraction by Astroyogi

Love is in the air, couples and singles are equally eager to celebrate the Valentines week. Some embrace the beautiful relationship they are in; and some seek out new opportunities to find love. Nobody can deny the fact that February is fabulously romantic. All you poised lovers, astrologers would like to take you through the astrology of attraction, so that, you not only know your love, but also the planets which secretly influence them.

Each individual is different, their tastes and interests are different. But expert astrologers at astroyogi says that the fundamentals of your personality have a lot to do with your Zodiac sign. That is exactly the reason why we readily relate to the prominent traits of our Zodiac sign. Here we will be looking into the attraction quotients of each Zodiac sign.

Arians have brilliant minds and an energetic personality. Their prominent traits would be; Independence, versatility, and passion. An Aries would be romantic from inside and would be very childish. If they want something, they would want it immediately. So don’t expect them to be very patient in relationships.

So if you are eyeing an Aries you would need to be a bit mysterious. They will not like people who are plain and dull. In fact, they will be impressed if you are unpredictable and have a mind of your own. They would also appreciate your independence and your artistic qualities.

The Taurus sign stands for the rough and tough. They enjoy taking the lead, so a partner who offers support of this quality is welcomed. Taurus men and women are found to be one of the most loyal kind. So it is a challenge itself to make them fall for you. 
They would appreciate honesty and straightforwardness, deception and lying are big turn offs. So rule no 1 here is being frank and honest. They would appreciate elegance and authenticity.

Geminis are amongst the most social and gregarious. They are also known for their drastic mood swings.  What you need to understand here is it is very difficult for them to disagree with others hence, they would choose to avoid friction and go along even if it is not what they really agree with. So it is important for you to understand your Gemini and study them to go in sync.
Another important aspect of Geminis, is that never be possessive with a Gemini because they are ambassadors of freedom and wouldn’t like someone to tie them down. 

What makes the Cancerians tricky is their deep rooted fear of rejection inside. They might be interested in you, but all feelings are well insulated inside, just to be safe from any embracement. So the tip here is that you need to get well acquainted also more open conversations should be initiated to vanquish their inhibitions. 
Emphasize your love of family, get to know their own family, and speak of their family members positively. Don't be too spontaneous and give genuine compliments. Make them feel comfortable with you and that is most attractive for them.

Shower them with compliments, give them all your attention literally just worship them because they are worth it and they know that too. Leo’s are very compassionate and loveable, you need to reciprocate too.. It is better if you don’t drag ex-affairs into the conversation, and even if you do be sure to point out how they are or were inferior because a Leo is never in for a second place in somebodies life. 
Most Leos would be proud of their better half and would like to flaunt them in their social circle. So be sure that you dress up to the occasions when you both are hanging out. Leo’s would also appreciate the confidence and playfulness in you.

Virgos are generally romantic and intelligent. They are the most loyal in a relationship. So if a Virgo is your target, be romantic, to the core. Roses, letters, poems, candle light dinners everything out of romantic novels and films would be appreciated. 
They are very compassionate, at the same time a bit secretive about their feelings. So you have to work your way up to their heart. Break the ice and be that person who they would only want be with and they would happily be submerged in the oblivion of love and love only.

Libras are the ones who are known for their exceptional ability to maintain balance in all spheres of life. So they would be very practical when it comes to romance. You need to tweak your pitch and focus on the practicalities of your relationships when you are convincing them. 
They are the ones who would love to be surrounded by the best things in life and luxury. So if you are planning to buy something for them make a budget for that, because only the best would impress them.

Scorpios are generally intellectuals, so intelligence would appeal the most to them. Don’t act dumb with them as they won’t find it a very attractive trait at least when they are considering some for a serious relationship.  A Scorpio does not have much control over their emotions. They would adore someone who is mature and who seem to be in control always.
You need to project yourself as a powerful individual if you are eyeing a Scorpio. Scorpios would fall for people who are individualistic and commands some sort of control or power on their surroundings and people around.
They would be adventurous and sporty, would love the outdoors and travel is always their priority. Falling in love with a Sagittarius would mean walking into a lot of adventures in life. You have to match the pace and energy of these people and always find exciting things to do for both of you.
Be sure that nothing about the relationship is boring and always keep the spark in you. You should be challenging and outspoken to excite them. They also have their fair share of mood swings and are pretty notorious for that. They are pretty strong-minded and determined people. So avoid any friction with them as they may take it way too seriously.

Capricorns can be shy and introvert, they are family oriented people who look for stability in life. So while interacting you should keep these things in mind. Get to know more about them and their family. They will not open up easily, but you have to show an avid interest in them and probe them to help them open up.
They would have a good sense of humor and some quality time spent together will always be cherished. Even if they start falling for you, you may not get those signs and inklings from their interactions. They are just naturally being a Capricorn just understand them and be empathetic.

Aquarius isn't concerned with appearances,  common sense and general attractiveness. They will be keen about your brain, and what is going on inside. It is important for them to confirm if their partner and they are on the same page.
An Aquarius is not the most jovial kind, they would prefer more of a mature and intellectual conversation. They would appreciate independent and free thinking people, so you don’t need to censor yourself while you are having a conversation. Just be yourself and be confident.

The Pisces will be attracted to all those qualities which can stir up their emotions. They are not the extrovert type and would take their own sweet time to express their love or even have an open conversation with. But they would find qualities which contradict theirs, very attractive.
They would adore you for all those qualities that make you different. They are not the very outgoing type, so inviting them to a loud party may not be a good idea. If you can empower them with confidence and uplift them in their lows, that would be appreciated.

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