How Do You End Your Relationships?

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Team Astroyogi By Team Astroyogi
How Do You End Your Relationships

What’s the scariest thing about being in a relationship? It’s probably the fear of a not so happy ending. An ending is inevitable sometimes and in such instances the persons involved have to brave heartache and distress. Wouldn’t it be nice if you knew how your partner might react if God forbid, things go wrong between you and him/her? To help you deal with post break up blues, here’s a little insight on how the different signs handle break ups.


If you don’t share your Arian partner’s zest for life, chances are your affair will not see the light of the day and will fade out soon. The best way to keep your Arian lover interested is to hide a part of your personality from him or her. People born under this sign like to keep the freshness intact in their relationship but when they fail, they are most likely to just end it and move on to new pastures.


Taureans do not like changes and prefer stability in life. Their relationships are often for the long haul and they can be too trusting of others. They give a lot of chances to their lovers to make things right, however, when things become ugly, the bulls are likely to scrap off all ties with the lover and there’s no looking back.


The twins have no hassles ending a relationship and are pretty upfront when the relationship loses its sheen. Boredom often kills the relationship and they are never in two minds about ending it. It is possible that the thought of calling the relationship to a halt had been playing on in their minds for a long time but they haven’t been vocal about it. But, when the time finally comes to say "it’s over" they will not freeze and just move on.


Cancerians believe in love that lasts forever and when the time for breaking up comes they tend to cling on to their partners even more, which makes separation difficult. They often feel that they are not loved enough and as a result might stray in need of love, but no matter what they will never be the ones to initiate the break up process.


Leos aren’t good at breaking up and wish to remain friends with their exes for they cannot handle the emotional baggage that comes with a broken relationship; it’s just mighty heavy for them. Some Leos would try to blame their partners for a failed relationship, when actually it is they who are responsible because it helps reduce the guilt, which they of course hide secretly.


The virgins are extremely loyal and try their level best to make a relationship work. To them getting dumped is akin to losing a battle and no matter what they will do whatever it takes to mend the relationship. But surprisingly when they are the ones dumping their partners they become detached and tend to drift away slowly. Most often than not a straying partner is what causes their relationship to end.


These people bounce back immediately after a relationship and are back to being their happy self in no time. When they get dumped they do try to win back the attention of their lovers but will not go to great lengths to redeem their relationship. The end is a new beginning for them and it’s only a matter of time that they will dive back into the dating game. Librans are not too comfortable satisfying the emotional needs of their partners; this is something that repels them in a relationship. They make a dignified exit from a relationship and have no qualms in being friends with their exes.


A resentful Scorpio is the worst thing that can happen to you. They seldom forget and forgiveness is a trait you shouldn’t be associating with them. If you wish to end your affair with your Scorpion partner, the best thing would be to be honest and fair, of course there will be swearing and a lot of other things from his/her side but don’t let it change your mind. It’s best to just let them say everything for a while than get stung by them.


Sagittarians are not much different from their fire mates Aries in breaking up. They bid adieu to a relationship as soon as it loses its intensity or starts getting on their nerves for they love freedom more than anything else in the world. But when someone is able to win their trust they tend to be extremely loyal.


Casual affairs are not something Capricorns believe in. This is the sign of the goats and the one thing they are most famous for is loyalty. They are dedicated and work hard to make a relationship work. But, when nothing can save their relationships they will just end it. However, if they were serious about the relationship, they might like to remain friends with their partners and a reunion cannot be ruled out.


Aquarians can be rather manipulative and are most likely to put the blame on their partners for the break up. However, they are pretty loyal and will only look for other avenues when curiosity gets the best of them. Insecurity might drive them to dominate their partners.


Pisceans tend to be extremely insecure and need to be continually reassured, which is why they are prone to moving from one casual affair to another. Their partners might be caught completely unaware for they never drop the slightest hint that they wish to end a relationship. Even though they might claim to be in love with an earlier partner (which is highly probable!) they wouldn’t mind continuing their affair with someone else.