What Do The Tarot Cards Predict for The 12 Signs in October 2022?

Thu, Sep 29, 2022
Team Astroyogi   By Tarot Pooja
Thu, Sep 29, 2022
Team Astroyogi   By Tarot Pooja
What Do The Tarot Cards Predict for The 12 Signs in October 2022?

October 2022 is just around the corner! Are you wondering what to expect in life in the upcoming month? Keep reading to find out more about what the stars have in store for you in October.

October is the tenth month of the year, and it carries the Sun's or Surya's energy, which is number 1 in Astro-Numerology. According to Vedic astrology or Parashari Jyotish, the Sun is the Karaka (factor) for success, name and fame, ego, self-prestige, your father, and your soul or Atma. The Sun also represents your left eye and your Solar Plexus Chakra, also known as the Manipura Chakra, which is important for self-growth and conversion in your life. Furthermore, all of the major Hindu festivals fall during October. Festivals such as Dussehra, Durga Puja, Diwali, and Bhai Dooj, are some of the festivals synonymous with October. As a result, this month is filled with Puja, rituals, food, and celebrations. With all of the excitement and positivity of the festival season to come, let's see what each zodiac sign has in store for itself in October 2022, according to the Tarot monthly horoscope in October 2022.

Read on for insightful zodiac sign predictions as well as astrological remedies to keep your October on track!

Aries Tarot October 2022

Dear Arians, Tarot Aries horoscope indicates that you will receive praise and recognition at work and in your professional life. You have been working really hard for this for a long time, and it is the well-deserved result of all your hardships. Some of you may be receiving out-of-turn promotions and appraisals. This will not only make you happier but also lift your spirits. Things will also be under control at home, and your spouse and children will adore you. You will be very satisfied with your life and feel deep fulfillment at the bottom of your heart.

Remedy - Donate Satnaja or 7 grains to someone needy or a priest at a temple.

Taurus Tarot October 2022

Dear Taureans, the monthly Tarot reading predicts there will be a lot of planning that you will be a part of. Planning for others or even for yourself is possible. You will methodically plan everything with an eye to every last detail using your logical and analytical thinking as well as all the tools and methods you have ever acquired. You might need to read some books, conduct some research, or arrange some in-person meetings to accomplish this. A thorough period of reflection and investigation will keep you occupied for the entire month, and it will go by quickly.

Remedy - Plant a Sheesham tree.

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Gemini Tarot October 2022

Dear Geminis, you will be dedicated and focused this month, determined to work on yourself because you have finally realized the meaning and importance of self-love and self-growth. You've burned your fingers and learned your lessons, though you had to learn them the hard way. You are fully devoted to improving your physical, mental, and emotional health because you now understand its importance. The Tarot Gemini horoscope advises you to keep pushing forward without stopping or going back; the universe will assist you and bless you with all the materials and logistical support you require.

Remedy - Plant an Aak tree.

Cancer Tarot October 2022

Dear Cancerians, this month will be full of unexpected twists and turns, with adventures and surprises around every corner. It's good for you because it keeps you on your toes, which is the key to perfection. As a result, you are now maturing and making great strides toward personal improvement. There will be unexpected news and events, but the finest thing is that you won't react or let the surprise factor uproot you from your foundation despite receiving sudden news and experiencing sudden events. Instead, you'll keep your cool and respond calmly, which will speak volumes about your progress on its own.

Remedy - Feed Bajra (pearl millet) and water to the birds.

Leo Tarot October 2022

Dear Leos, the Tarot October month prediction says that this month will be a roller coaster ride for you, with so much going on that you won't have time to blink. Even if you may feel differently in the moment, everything will eventually work out for the best, and life will be beautiful. Always remember that the journey is  painful, and once you reach your goal or a milestone, you will be glad you went through the churning and ups and downs. So just trust the process, have faith in the divine, and keep moving forward.

Remedy- Donate clothes to a transgender person.

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Virgo Tarot October 2022

Dear Virgos, this month is full of travel for you, as shown by the card. Your Tarot Virgo horoscope suggests that you might organize weekend trips with your extended family and friends and even celebrate the festivals in far-off places with celebrations based on themes. You will indeed be spending a lot of money on this, which you will enjoy and make every penny count. Everything will be lavish, like the kings and the queens, and people will be talking about this for years. You will be creating memories and amazing experiences that will touch everyone’s heart. Kids will have a gala time and would want this dream to never end for sure.

Remedy - Feed cows.

Libra Tarot October 2022

Dear Librans, you will enter a deeply introspective mode this month, and it is likely that you will suddenly stop speaking and instead maintain more silence. You will save your energy and put it to better use elsewhere. Some of you may also begin to follow a Guru, mentor, or life coach to give your life some direction and purpose so that it becomes meaningful and your quality of life improves. All of this is because you finally decide to end the stagnation in your life and make a positive change.

Remedy- Donate food items to transgender people.

Scorpio Tarot October 2022

Dear Scorpios, you'll make serious attempts at fostering love relationships this month. If you're single, you should make no compromises in your hunt for a compatible partner. People already married, dating, or in a committed relationship should work on elevating their romantic relationship. There will undoubtedly be an increase in passion and romantic intensity, leaving your partner perplexed in a good way as you sweep them off their feet. They will be overwhelmed by your affection and attention and blush when they are in your company.

Remedy - Feed the cows.

Sagittarius Tarot October 2022

Dear Sagittarians, the Tarot reading for October indicates it’s time for some hard work this month. So pull up your socks and buckle up your shoes. You've had a well-deserved break, and now it's time to hit new milestones and set new records, just like you always do. You will be given various assignments with varying deadlines and priorities at work, and your management and superiors will have faith in you. You will burn the midnight oil to complete all the duties, and you will do so gracefully and effectively, shattering all of your prior records.

Remedy- Donate food, clothing, and stationery items to children.

Capricorn Tarot October 2022

Dear Capricorns, you may be tempted to participate in adventure sports or outdoor activities around this month, says the Tarot Capricorn horoscope. You won't even mind traveling to other locations for this. Age will not be an issue, and regardless of your current age or whether you have previously participated in adventure sports, you will be fully prepared for it now. You'll be talking about it with your friends, doing online research, reading reviews on various websites, and finally addressing your adrenaline rush. The best is yet to come since you won't do it alone; instead, you'll involve your close family and friends, which will lead to more family time and stronger ties.

Remedy - Donate medicines to the poor.

Aquarius Tarot October 2022

Dear Aquarians, you will develop such a passion for books that you will become a bookworm. An avid reader who reads books on a variety of topics on a daily basis. Books, as they say, are man's best friend, and there is so much we can learn from them. They are true treasures, with ocean-deep knowledge. Doing this will create an atmosphere and energy in your home that will make Goddess Saraswati happy and bless you, which your Tarot Aquarius horoscope indicates. If there are children at home who are studying, this will be a blessing.

Remedy - Donate sanitary napkins.

Pisces Tarot October 2022

Dear Pisceans, this month, you will go all out to get into that perfect shape and upgrade your wardrobe, even more so if Venus is prominent in your horoscope. According to the Tarot Pisces horoscope, this month, your entire attention will be on your appearance and demeanor, the clothes you wear, whether or not your sense of style is fashionable, etc. You will spend a lot of money on perfumes and aromas because the fragrances will steal the show for you. Not that it started happening overnight. It had been on your mind for a while, but you were busy and needed to focus on other things, so now is the right time. You will also inspire those around you to dress well and look their best.

Remedy - Donate food and clothes to old-age people.

Note - These are only generalized Tarot predictions for October 2022.

Consult Tarot Pooja on Astroyogi if you're looking for precise, individualized predictions and solutions or if you need the right direction in life.


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