Super Full Moon in Aquarius on August 10

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Team Astroyogi By Team Astroyogi
Super Full Moon in Aquarius on August 10

Aquarius, being an Air sign, is majorly related to thought, ideas and freedom. The element air describes these traits of an Aquarius quite clearly. Aquarius is mainly about the mind and flow of ideas. Along with that, Aquarians are humanitarians at heart and love to stick to originality. Astrologers at predict what changes this Super Moon transit will bring to your life.

The Super Full moon in Aquarius on the 10 of August can be seen as a great change in the lives of all of us. Astroyogi astrologers predict this period will bring out newness in you. During this Full Moon in Aquarius transit, we travel the path of change and are constantly working in order to think out of the box. We are bold and outgoing. The Aquarius Moon supports the feisty energy to be ourselves and not adhere to any stereotypical thinking, rules and regulations at this time. In Astrology, the freedom loving and independent Aquarius energy finds peace in originality yet, at this time it feels the need to discover new ideas and changes. Full Moon in Aquarius further brings the need to socialize. Your friends will be exposed to a different person in you in this period. You will feel more connected and will be able to communicate your ideas and thoughts strongly between crowds. Most of you will witness effective social networking in this time and your friends will be attracted towards you like a magnetic force is pulling them. The display of innovative, creative and inventive ideas makes positive impact on your peer groups. You can expect popularity and recognition coming your way during the time. And this is true especially for Aquarius and its opposite sign Leo.

The Full moon in Aquarius will also bring out humanitarian causes to the forefront. Active participation in social events and causes will top your priority list. Your will to contribute in the well-being of people and to a larger scale, the world, will help you connect to others in a way which will be stronger than ever. You will also find yourself strongly connected to various events and causes at this time. This change will make you feel good about yourself and your surroundings. The social acceptance will bring high levels of confidence in you and you will feel that these courses of events are exactly what were meant to be. A sense of completion takes over your heart and mind.

Occurrence of Full Moon represents the start of a time of blooming, fulfillments and fruitions. On the deeper end, Full Moon in Aquarius can lead to life changing events. Events that will have a long term effect on your life are seen. Big decisions, serious commitments, engagements and even weddings might take place. These events will show impact, not just on the present period but also on years to come.

This cosmic upgradation brings out the rebel in you. You want to break all boundaries and set yourself free. This time will be like a wakeup call of the cosmic energies. The Full Moon in Aquarius sets out good vibes to create positivity all around. Welcome this change with an open mind and heart to experience the best of it.

Last but not the least, an analysis of this powerful Super Moon, Full Moon transit in Aquarius is incomplete without the sensual delights you can look forward to during this period. Physical pleasure will rule your thoughts and sexual experimentation will come easy to you now. Your darkest, deepest thoughts are finally going to be expressed to that someone who's there to please and thrill you. The spirit of freedom will surely create some wonderful memories and delight you in days to come.